December 16th, 2005


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From this thread in the fabulous world of customers_suck namegirl brings new joy to the holiday season.

"But yes, buying her this perfume will cause her to be gay. It's like...a gay spritzer. Wouldn't that be fun to have at a mall in Texas at Christmas?

*spppppfftt* surprise! you're gay!
*sppppraaayyy* welcome to the world of tongues and dildos!


I know what I want for Christmas!
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Awesome me

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clayin  is taking the day off and comes across a new intrest...

...Oh, and then I watched TV while I was sorting the laundry. Bad TV. Bad, bad Sci-Fi show called Beastmaster.

Why is the Beastmaster running about in only a loincloth when everyone else is dressed like actual people? Or is it a part of his powers, you know, "I can't talk to the animals unless I'm mostly naked"?


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Over on the LJDQ, insanity comes in picture form. Highlights of chaosvizier's running rampant through the reminder post:

Evil. It's spreadable, like butter!

An overanalysis of blinking leads to a fear of structures and objects:

I prefer the uncivil engineers. They get all drunk and rowdy, build a big huge bridge in the middle of nowhere, set up tollbooths on either end, and curse and spit at the cars that pass by. Those guys are a hoot.

Well, it amused me.

tianamalla in a post about a conversation she'd had:

People think they're SO openminded, but when it comes down to it, they're not. Okay, so maybe they can't QUITE see through a keyhole with both eyes like some people I know, but that doesn't make them saints.

Ah, metaphors for narrowmindedness, how we love thee.

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briarsequinox got a myspace.</span>

"But at least I chose a sloan song as a username. (in my defense, I sometimes pause to consider the ramifications of networking on adolescent social development and how the construct of childhood is evermorphing. so buttz you! it's all for science! and stalking. which is mostly science anyway!)"

From an f-lock entry, qwp

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WTF Snowmen
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annakovsky was not enjoying her time stuck in Logan International Airport:

God, the girls sitting behind me are having a conversation about pregnancy and surgery and female issues and I SWEAR I want to tell them to put it behind a TMI cut tag already, THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.
sly shnoz :)

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That is the LAST time I guzzle a pint of chocolate soymilk right before bed.

It was like, chocolate soymilk in, chocolate assmilk out, knowwhatimsayin?


You can thank the fantabulous eamontoplease for this little piece of quotable heaven.
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Let&#39;s Go Crazy
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Here's what joshualore posted here. QWP, though not friendlocked.

-listening to a song from hypofixx-
Gramma: Who's that? I never heard you play that song before.
Me: That's my friend hypofixx.
Gramma: Who?
Me: You know.. the guy that called you and asked you to bring me a pen?
Gramma: Oh that really sweet man! I always thought he sounded hot.
Me: -blink-
Gramma: Really sweet friend of yours.
Me: ... You can leave my room now.
Gramma: Why do I have t-
Me: Now.
Gramma: Well wait one seco-
Me: Out.
Gramma: B-
Me: Now.
Gramma: Fine.
-door shuts-
Me: Creepy bitch..
Gramma (Through Door): Shut up you little faggot!
Me: !