December 15th, 2005

life is an adventure
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geek_mentality on catching up with her reading (QWP, from a locked post):

Re-reading the interminable Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Forgot how easy a read it is, I'm on book 4... but he's up to like, book 11. I don't think I can go all the way with you, Mr Jordan. 11 BOOKS IS TOO MANY UNLESS YOU'RE THE BABYSITTERS' CLUB, K? Thx.
Ariel sunglare

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josh2blonde knows the true meaning of Christmas. In a response to my comment that everyone at my college is from Lynchburg, VA:

It's true. Jesus is from Lynchburg. Bethlehem is just a suburban community and he was actually born under a trailer home in one of our many trailer parks. He then gathered a bunch of old fishermen to be his disciples from Smith Mountain Lake over in Bedford, and proceeded to rip Jerry Falwell and various other pseudo-religious demagogues around here to shreds. But they had him crucified on
one of the many elaborate steeple crosses around here and so now they own this city and God is sad.

QWP, from a locked post.
Furry Computer Mice

Whiskey... Tango... Foxtrot...

Today... ah, today I scared even myself... Today i am horrified, and yet tickled with humor at my latest find... Not even among my fellow furry fans would I have imagined finding this. The comments alone bear metaquoting today. Be it from chiaaysa:'s not often that something involving Care Bears makes me feel the need to cleanse myself with bleach and a cheese grater.
Or mabye awakening1:
*cries into her pillow and walks away slowly*
I never thought you could top the Clown porn. You did it. LOL

Or, as villrot said, "The crack is strong in this one."
None the less, let's have sannion explain it himself, what he created...
Many of you laughed when I said I was writing Carebear porn. Many of you were stunned into horrified silence and secretly worried about my sanity when I said that the porn also involved the characters from Hellraiser. But no one thought that I was serious about it, or that I would ever publish it here in my livejournal. Oh yes, that day has come. Behold, The Hellbound Heart in all of it's gorey glory!

As said before, the rest of this can be seen HERE. So not work safe. So not brain safe. So not sanity safe. But I'd metaquote the whole damn story, if I could. It's that OMGWTFBBQ...
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athenagrace on celluite:

It looks like I'm smuggling gravel out of the country in my ass.

So when EXACTLY did the cellulite fairy decide to come and molest my rear? My butt was not like this a few days ago. WTF? Did I accidentally leave a Twinkie under my pillow which somehow called the dimpled butt fairy bitch forth?

Damn you world! Go pick on someone your own size!

EDIT: Locked post, QWP.
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hija_paloma has this to say about alternative holidays:

I've been celebrating Christisntspringhereyetmas every day this week, with the traditional chiseling of ice off the car, muttering the ritual chants of "OMG can't feel my fucking fingers," "Could be living in Texas you know but NOOOOO," "85 degrees in San Juan this morning just in case you were wondering," and my personal favorite, "Oh, yeah, GREAT IDEA, Dad, let's move from Australia to North HELL. BRILLIANT."

I'm sure the neighbors all think I'm crazy out there mumbling to myself, but I'm not. I'm talking to the dog, who is securely zipped up inside my coat.

Merry freaking Samx.

(so by this logic, I have been living in North Hell for 22 years...)