December 14th, 2005

Puck Xmas, Christmas, Blues Traveler

For the Angel fans out there

aethel brings us this slice of life:
This morning the train's power went out as we were rolling through the tunnel between New Jersey and New York. Soon a voice spoke out of the loudspeaker: "Obviously, the power went out. We're contacting the Powers That Be to find out why. Sorry for the inconvenience."

I can't help imagining the conductors holding an impromptu seance.
(entry quoted in its entirety, as it's short, and all contributes to why it's meta-ed here)
Mad Stylin Yo!

Wherein The Blonde dresses for the season

Once again, it's Seanan bringing us seasonal joy.

In her list of Ten Good Things About Today, we have this gem

10. I am garbed for battle, or at least for sanity, in (from the inner layer out) stripy black and orange Halloween socks, orange undies with happy witches on them, a black bra, thermal pants, jeans, my 'Nightmare on Elm Street' shirt, and my heavy orange zip-front cardigan. I may be over-stressed, but dammit, I am living in a time-warp to Halloween, and I like it here.
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dark goat

de Nim

dukesy reads "Seventeen" magazine:

So i pick it up, flip through 2 pages, just 2 pages mind you, and i see 2 ads for denim.

"Denim" i exclaim? "don't tell me Denim is back in style"
sure enough i turn it over and the magazine is from 1989. [...]

Denim jackets
Denim shorts
Denim shoes
Denim dresses
Denim bras
Denim panties
i even thought i saw a Denim tampoon.

man.. 1989.. sad sad times.
dear me
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Talk about insult to injury.

musesfool is having a day.

Dear co-workers at Big Evol MegaCorp:

No, we don't have any more cups. No, really, I'm not hiding a secret stash under my desk, we really don't have any more cups. No, I don't order the cups, as I was told not to order pantry supplies. No, I don't know who does, as the person who used to is gone and hasn't been replaced. No, I don't know when the situation will be rectified. Yes, BEMC did make $XX billion this year, but that did not magically translate into more cups. It would, if cups were ordered, and maybe they have been, but as of right now, no, there are no cups. Yes, maybe you should invest in a mug.

no love,

PS: My name is not Veronica.

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The Shit

(no subject)

Sayeth bloodfyr after being given a religious tract by a woman who'd previously given them hell after saying 'Happy Holidays' rather than 'Merry Christmas'.

"I dunno...where to spend an afterlife is such a huge decision. What are your options packages?" She stares at me confused. "I mean...Valhalla's got mead, roasted boar, and busty Viking women. Not to mention some of those bearded warriors look kinda hot. What've you got to beat that?"

Originally posted here.
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harley \\ soft

(no subject)

But, even though I am not Ferranz, lord god of movie theater machinery, a few of you customers continue to give me shit for our butter machine's inability to, for the moment, live up to its name. Suddenly, our butter machine is now an unpatriotic subversive, not dispensing butter for all the freedom loving masses. Our butter machine must obviously be a liberal, a communist, a fascist, or secretly a waffle machine, or a liberal-communist-fascist waffle machine. But since butter machines cannot be attributed to political parties, or is, in fact, not a thinking creature at all, you choose to bitch at me. And by using the butter machine, I am linked to it, so I guess I must be a liberal-communist-fascist waffle spitting humanoid robot.

millym, here.

If only there were more liberal-communist-fascist waffle spitting humanoid robots in the world. If only.
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(no subject)

I know it's an RP journal, but it's not very injokey so~
annihilator (real journal: fluff) is surprisingly deep. (QWP even though it's public.)

And assuming you're supposed to decorate your home like the Paris red light district, put a tall, live pine tree in your house and decorate that, PLUS you have to buy people gifts.

Explain to me what it all has to do with the birth of Jesus Christ...?
{STOCK}✿ sunflowers!

Only you can stop keyboarding abuse.

Eightofhearts looses patience with the illiterate folk:

Alright, another ranty journal. But it just... I mean someone just needs to say it. Okay, here it is. You ready? All ya'll? Okay. Here we go.


This is descrimination! DESCRIMINATION, I SAY! Why wont you use it! Why wont you touch it? Does it have COOTIES?! COME ON, there's got to be SOME reason! I mean, seriously! Make a friggin paragraph break! They're friendly! They pet kitties! I don't know what the return key said about your mother that you wont give it the time of day anymore, but you know what? It was probably TRUE, so just kiss and make up will ya? Or is it that you don't know what an enter key IS? Because in that case, it's the big ol' button right next to the ", okay?! So use it! It LIKES use. It craves it. For the love of CHEESE.

...On a related note, I will be discussing the racism against lj-cuts in my next journal entry. There is some serious cruelty to lj-cut going on. And you know, that has a trickle-down effect! It DOES! It only hurts everyone stupid enough to be FRIENDS with you! Because it clogs their screen and floods their friend's page and makes their slow connections SCREAM with agony and their eyes BURN!!!!!

So, be kind to these little friends of text, will you?


That is all.♥

-eightofhearts, here. QWP.
Anarchist, MatGB
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Collapse )jonnynexus's recent entries to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody:
Ten Screen-ian Rhapsody

Is this the ten screen
I see in front of me?
Coming to Hounslow
With movies there just for me?

Open your eyes
Look up to the skies and see-
I’m just a poor boy, I need my movies so
Because I’m a movie man, movie fan
Film buff dude, film buff fan.
Nothing less than ten screens matters to me
To meCollapse )
here. We like.
rosie zombie, zombie rosie

bridesmaid dresses from hell...

crevette has some amusing things to say about nipples on cold days and her sister's wedding in this post, QWP:

Collapse )

and on her sister's wedding...

First she chose a godawful taffeta. It was dark green woven with black, so it was the stiff shimmery stuff. It was then flocked with black velvet in a brocade pattern. I swear it looked like someone shot a wh*rehouse and skinned it.

Picture me standing in the fabric store and saying… “Uhm… are you SURE you want this?”

“Oh! Yes! It’s so shiny and pretty!”

::sighs:: “It’s your wedding…”

Then she chose a pattern by Butterick. I remember it well. It was a scoop necked, straight skirt, empire waist with puffy sleeves.

It was the kind of dress cut that would look absolutely repulsive on a supermodel. Give it to a woman with a normal figure and watch her weep. Put it on me… Let’s just say that I still haven’t recovered and
it’s been seven years. Add in the taffeta wh*rehouse wallpaper print and you’ve got a pretty good idea what Evil would look like if it were to walk the earth in a textile form.

There were a few other slight problems. Butterick patterns are obviously made by a group of renegade anorexic gay pygmies who hate women, or more accurately hate ME.
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X-mas lovin

(no subject)

In response to being told that what someone writes is ripping a little piece of their heart out, angabel suggests a less recomends the health benefits gained by Xeroxing:

"Instead of ripping out a little piece of your heart, you should just make a Xerox. We don't need the original... [drama removed]...

Plus, it's probably better for your health.

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