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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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train_in_vain wrote in metaquotes
deadsong is not having a good workout session:

Cut for those with delicate sensibilities to four-lettered words and/or people who are at work and looking at LJ when they shouldn't be.Collapse )

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firerosearien wrote in metaquotes
In reference to a video clip I posted (f-locked), and my friend saying that the shaking camera didn't bother her:

raelana I sure hope wobbly parts don't bother you. XD
Well, I thought it was funny =P

Great Wisdom
mareserinitatis wrote in metaquotes
primrose had some great wisdom to share in response to one of my rants:

"People are pretty much impossible and rather ridiculous."

because there's nothing about Narnia yet... :o)
[Outlander] Sex
chale wrote in metaquotes
from thunderemerald... Narnia conversations.
literary fun!Collapse )

in a public post, here

-Tammers, Deven's Ambitious Freak

The Best of Method Acting!
ahsirakh wrote in metaquotes
In a report on the romance film Brokeback Mountain:
"Ang Lee recounted in several interviews that when Michelle Williams needed to film a scene in which her character is devastated to discover that her husband is involved with another man, she asked Heath Ledger (her off-screen, as well as on-screen, love interest) and Jake Gyllenhaal to stand off camera and make out for her benefit. Ledger and Gyllenhaal agreed, and when she thought their kissing was not involved enough, she asked them to intensify it."

When you’ve found a hot man that will willingly make out with another hot man for your benefit, that’s how you know you’ve found a keeper.

(no subject)
thereallyle wrote in metaquotes
Several quotes from drderanged...

Don: How could you lie to me? Lie right to my face!
Co-worker: It's hard to lie to your face when you have your pants pulled up over it.
Don: Kiss my face.

How long will it be before corporations start "sponsoring" scientific finds like the naming of stars or dinosaurs just like they do sports arenas and Nascar prostitutes. Instead of long, almost incomprehensible names for stars like RX-BJ-690047823; you'd have the Coca Cola White Dwarf. The Red Bull constellation. Sailors would find their way by the Nordictrac Star. The Milky Way galaxy. (Oops. Forget that one. They get enough free press as it is.)

Conversely, you'd have the Askjeevesaurus or the Deltadactyl.

I think the alarm clock is the worst, cruelest invention ever devised by man or devil.

Rivaled only by the necktie. (Admittedly, the alarm clock actually serves some purpose. I think some pretentious little bastard with an autoerotic asphyxiation fetish probably invented the tie.)

(no subject)
amalthya wrote in metaquotes
Me and meredith_eats love our expat lives, minus the weird freaky fetish-thefts!

A poltergeist in my favorite internet cafe causes the strange appearance and disappearance of shoes. Last week, when it was time to go and get my last train, I turned around and discovered that one of my shoes -- one of the nice, big girl high heels that always get compliments -- was gone. Nowhere to be found. I had to explain to the staff, but what to say? I know lots of Japanese words, but never the right ones. I stammered out "At 10 p.m., I had 2 shoes. Now midnight, I have one shoes. Help me please!" Maybe it was the words, maybe it was the emphatic gestures with my forelorn single high heel, but soon we were on our hands and knees peering into empty cubicles. I found it after 5 minutes of weighing whether my shoe or the last train was more important, in the middle of the floor six cubicles away. I hope it wasn't ravished by a foot fetishist. Japan has a lot of those, apparently.

Entire post here. QWP.

(no subject)
fleurdelista wrote in metaquotes
Regarding this article about Paris Hilton being the centrepiece of a Christmas display (by some deranged guy), uncut_diamond says:

Oh, I don't know. Paris Hilton reminds me a lot of Xmas.

For example:

1. The only clothing in sight on Xmas Eve are stockings, Paris is often seen in that or nothing.

2. There are lots of pretty boxes with ribbons and lace, but you don't know what's inside. Paris looks pretty in ribbons and lace, but you really don't want to know what's inside of her.

3. Ho. Ho. Ho.

Found in an unlocked post of mine, here.

Shaunbeard To MySpace!
newdance wrote in metaquotes
Dear Tom,

It has come to my attention once again Myspace.com has blown a fuse yet again, which it does about every 3 days or so, and when it's not keeling over the audio is down.  Now, I'm not that tech savvy, but we have this magical little thing we call bandwidth, which determines how much space you have to do most everything on a site.


Things my English teacher never taught me...
blackpoplars wrote in metaquotes
From the ever-amusing ticca in a public entry.

I've mentioned him in passing in a recent entry, but I've never really talked about how much I have grown to love Jonathan Swift. My adoration of him is almost as great as that I have for Kant, although slightly more explicable: Swift was a scandalous rumour-monger. FABULOUS.

Cut for teh funny.Collapse )

(no subject)
lintilla wrote in metaquotes
jedine has a bastard of a customer over at customers_suck:

He comes in again, I swear I'm going to teach him the fine art of bobbing for french fries.

(no subject)
cuntcumber wrote in metaquotes
From beatnick138, here.

I don't think I could ever rape a dog to death.

(no subject)
KH - OT3
urplesquirrel wrote in metaquotes
Over in fanficrants, This exchange occurs

taiga_ameca: It's even funnier when they send you nasty e-mails after you wrote them some critisism claiming they will curse you with their "fifth degree Black Wicca powers".

our_innocence: What, wiccanism has a belt level too?

"You have successfully cast a hex on your next door neighbour. Advance to yellow wand status and eat a baby."

... I snarfed a clementine.

statements is love
Bear Nuts
six_crazy_guys wrote in metaquotes
jianna says: I can't decide if this song makes me feel like dancing or shopping.

cabbage_ruffle comments: You could do like my dad does - when he hears a piece of muzak he particularly likes while shopping in a department store or whatever, he attemps to sweep me, my mother, or any other nearby female into a ballroom dance with him.

Dear lord, and I have half of his chromosomes.

I thought that was worth sharing. I'd love it if my stepfather was like that. If only for the mock potential.