December 9th, 2005

Remus is Metal

It's true.

Over on ff_fanfic, meloradhahm noted something interesting about squashed 'shipnames.

I'm new to the Firefly fic scene, and I must admit that it took me a while to realize that "Rayne" wasn't a new character. Then, of course, I was really quite pleased with myself when I got who/what "Kayne" was.

It occurs to me just now that no one can ever write Inara/Jayne fic, because it would be Inayne.

Post here.
Butch Walker: Emo

My brain, she breaks.

In the midst of a "Why does everyone in the fandom love Snape so much?" essay, gunderpants inserts this gem:

Everytime someone in fandom tries going on about how smart Snape is, a kitten masturbates, because he's dumber than Paris Hilton and George Bush put together.

You can read the whole thing here!
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ursulav is having some problems with earworms...

Yesterday morning, I woke up humming the Nuckalavee song from "Bard's Tale." This A) proves my unfitness for non-geek society, and B) had a really unfortunate side-effect. Due to the rhyme scheme, which must be the earworm equivalent of compatible genitalia or something, the two songs mated.

Their offspring goes something like:

"Suicide is painless,
It brings on many changes,
O Nuckalavee, who set you free--
he really must be an anus!"

Disapproval Face
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(no subject)

you ever feel like a good indie horror film culd be made just by scrolling down certain websites? You start out at the top - which is pretty scary on its own - then as you go further down it just gets more and more terrifying. When you finally get to the end you're screaming so much you don't know what to do. prime moment for Michael Myers to jump out and kill you. One might even appreciate it.

ktempest in badwebdesign//post/comment

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The problem with being in a fandom that is so explicitly all about the ghey boy love is that you find yourself eventually so far removed from the norms of your society so much so that, in a mad fit of curiosity and randomness, you end up asking the gay exchange student whether he tops or bottoms.

From a post by slumber.

(no subject)

In this entry, darqstar writes an open letter to the snow. QWP.

Dear Snow,

I thought we talked about this last year; when there is no place else to put you, you are supposed to stop. S-T-O-P. Stop. Finish. Say goodnight. NOT continue to fall.

Don't make me send you to your room, Snow. I'm serious. Cut it out.

Oh really?
Wait till your father gets home. You will be sorry.

Now stop it.
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Rat Brains Flying Planes vs. Monkey Brain Controlled Robot Arms

Which is cooler: A Rat Brain That Flies Fighter Jets or Monkeys Controlling Robot Arms With Their Brains?

Here's the comment thread from a post in ubergeeks

[brainache's OP quotes from The Register's article about the rat brain that flies fighter jets.]

Comment from jrnlmnky: This is even cooler than the monkeys controlling robotic arms with their brains!

Comment from genepool23: Nothing is cooler than telepathic robot monkey arms.

Comment from brainache: THEY GREW A BRAIN and it can FLY PLANES. This is pretty frelling cool.

Comment from genepool23: Beyond cool, but missing the all-important monkey factor.

You can help settle the argument here.
Mad Stylin Yo!

Mmmmm.... vowels

Over here, we find cadhla talking about how filling her lunch was.

Bulgur wheat is disturbingly filling. I ate a cup of the stuff, plus a medium apple, and feel very much like I ate, I don't know, Miami. Or possibly Iowa, which has a lot of vowels in it, and vowels are very filling things. Like, I don't know, the starchy center of a large, nutritious continent. Wisconsin would supply the dairy that you need for a balanced diet, but it would probably give me indigestion, since I'm beginning to suspect that I'm mildly lactose intolerant.
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First post! I hope I've done this right.

Overheard in babb_chronicles:


Junior Death Eaters

Ah, the Junior Death Eaters' Association. Back again, in all your evil fanonish glory.

Personally, I like to call them 'The People's Front of JDEA'. I don't know why.


YKW: What good have the muggles ever done for us?
MALFOY: The railroads?
YKW: What?
MALFOY: The railroads.
YKW: Yes, yes. They did give us that. Uh, that's true.
PETTIGREW: And the sanitation.
LESTRANGE: Oh, yes, the sanitation, Tom. Remember what Diagon Alley used to be like?
YKW: Yes. All right. I'll grant you the railroad and the sanitation are two things that the muggles have done.
GREYBACK: And the Internet.
YKW: Well, yes. Obviously the Internet. I mean, the Internet goes without saying, doesn't it? But apart from the sanitation, the railroads, and the Internet--
DOLOHOV: Double entry book-keeping.
JUGSON: The arts.
DEATH EATERS: Huh? Heh? Huh...
NOTT: Cheap beer.
YKW: Yes, Yes. All right. Fair enough.
SNAPE: And the porn.
DEATH EATERS: Oh, yes. Yeah...
MALFOY: Yes. Yes, that's something we'd really miss, Tom, if the muggles left. Huh.
YAXLEY: Public parks.
LESTRANGE: And it's safe to buy goods on e-bay now, Tom.
PETTIGREW: Yeah, they certainly know how to run things. Let's face it. They're the only ones who could in a world like this.
DEATH EATERS: Hehh, heh. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.
YKW: All right, but apart from the sanitation, the railroads, double-entry bookkeeping, cheap beer, the arts, irrigation, the Internet, a government, and porn, what have the muggles ever done for us?
GREYBACK: Brought progres.
YKW: Oh. Progress? Shut up!

Contizzle, yo.
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kphoebe reports on the War on the War on Christmas.

This is a small extract, but I think the entire post is worth reading.

Apparently, there is a RISING TIDE of anti-Christmas atrocities! Christmas trees in private homes are being destroyed by anti-aircraft missiles! Nativity displays in churches have been confiscated and consigned to the flames! The exchanging of gifts and cards is strictly forbidden on pain of imprisonment and torture! And on December 25th, everyone will be forced to go to work - at GUNPOINT - just to make sure no one's celebrating...

Computer Alpha-Complex Paranoia Schol-R

The Secret to Writing Success - Drugs!

The ever-popular naamah_darling found a surprise in her word processor this morning:

Apparently, I wrote 1,822 words of gay sex last night under the influence of 50 mg of diphenhydramine. I vaguely remember typing most of it with my eyes closed, and once waking up halfway through a complicated metaphor that involved going over a bridge like a red, red pony. Sadly, I will never know where I was going with that because it isn't there anymore and I obviously deleted it during my next fugue. Probably for the best. Galloping red ponies are likely best avoided during buttsex.

Yes, I read over this Sominex-fueled opus, and it is some of the filthiest arm-twisting, pillow-biting sex I have ever written. Tearing britches, gritting teeth, piercings, verbal domination, and all.

Apparently, there's a trick to getting the conscious mind to shut the fuck up and get out of the way, and I've obviously found it. And to tell you the truth, I'm a little unnerved.

Did the sleeping pill help me get to bed on time? No. But it gifted the world with almost 2,000 words of pants-ripping buttsex. We'll call it an even trade, because if two boys fucking each other until the furniture cracks isn't restful, I don't know what the fuck is.
Me: July 11
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(no subject)

bethling said in this post about facial-recognition software, quoted with her permission:
And according to the software, I look like Richard Stallman (okay, so it wasn't a high score, but still). So, if you ever had the morbid curiosity as to what RMS would look like if he shaved, took a shower, and dressed in drag. Apparently it's me.
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Just a quick Canadian moment

From a locked post with permission.

almasi  discovers that her roommate should probably stick to watching the OC instead of  Canadian Politics.


A: *is quietly watching the news as RM comes in*
RM: What are you watching?
A: The news. Harper is such a tool. I love the political drama.
RM: Who's Harper?
A: Ummm... the leader of the conservative party.
RM: Oh okay...
A: Do you know who that is?
*points to the tv*
RM: Ummm.... no.
A: Thats okay, that was a tricky one. Thats Gilles Duceppe, hes the leader of the Bloc.
RM: Oh cool! And Jack Layton is the guy you like right?
A: Yes, hes from the NDP.
RM: So, who's the leader of the Liberals?
A: Excuse me?
RM: The Liberals, who's there leader?
A: It's Paul Martin.

*moment of silence*

A: You know, the Prime Minister?
RM: Ohh, cool!

Anarchist, MatGB
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(no subject)

1. Shopping for classical music in Brimingham city centre is like reading the Daily Express for news - it looks possible on the surface, but is completely impossible in real life.
(That's Birmingham, UK, the original one)

Context? Oh, ok, here. This is the same guy that writes thesnowinsummer for those that like blogfeeds.

(no subject)

roanoah on a certain habit some RPers have:

What is it with people using household accessories to describe parts of their characters' anatomy?

Lips = pillows, eyelashes = curtains, eyes brimming with tears = glistening orbs exuding saline liquid like the bulbous swell of a coffeepot in which condensation has begun to form, oozing and dripping down the sides and pooling into a base of the aforementioned water incorporated into the dregs of what is now a highly diluted hot caffeinated beverage.


From here:
(Me) Pixels

(no subject)

"Obviously, there is an iPod revolution and they're rising up to take over the world by annoying one person at a time." - fall_fromheaven, in reply to my iPod woes, on my journal.

My entry is friends only, but it's here.
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