December 8th, 2005

[Text] Feminazi

Odd Dreams

A little while ago archangelbeth had some very odd dreams.

"Dreamt of a foreign city full of elegant bishonen sword-duelists in black uniforms, where all the politics were handled with social sodomy, and everyone carried their own perfumed bottles of lube like taggers carrying spray paint."
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red tea (by me)

"Panda: I am not a fanatic!"

ungulata illustrates the Darwin vs Intelligent Design, argument, as presented by the zoo animals. Okay, there were humans involved, but this reads so much better!

Moss Snail: Pro Darwin day, compares ID zoo tours to flatlanders at a planetarium

Nov. 23

Panda: Pro ID tirade. Creationist and proud! This Christian conservation biologist will take on all comers! Bring it on!

Tit: rises to the bait, plays diplomat: suggests everyone just get along.

Harvest Mouse: asks for cake recipe.
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Futurama - Less to say

Perfect Words for the Day...

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birman kitten

Earth Go Boom--The End

On the last day at nanowrimo, smeddley posts a screenshot here showing how she copied akirad in ending the story abruptly (and inappropriately) with a massive explosion.

In the comments, akirad responds:

If that ending was good enough for Shakespeare (Much Ado About A Giant Meteor), Dickens (A Tale Of Two Meteors) and Eliot (what do you the The Wasteland was about?) then it's good enough for you.

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from the ever-witty grifyn

Apparently, she has interesting conversations at work:

Assistant to Top Boss was talking about one of those inevitable matters that is problematic no matter what you do, so one might as well not fret over them.

AtTB: You know what they say. Que Sirhan Sirhan.

Grifyn is shaken from a day-long fugue: "What?"

AtTB: That saying. Que Sirhan Sirhan.

Grifyn thought that was what she heard: "'Whatever kills a Kennedy, kills a Kennedy?'"

AtTB: Huh?

Grifyn, horrified, retreats into office: "Uhm... nothing."

I would say I weep for the future, but this person is older than me and should, theoretically, know better. And showed no visual signs that she was attempting irony or Democrat-bashing. I looked. I desperately looked.

Ah, hell, weep for the future, anyway. And for Doris Day, while you're at it.

snowy_owlet vs. Boadie

Round One:

Owlet: *resting*
Boadie: WOOHOO LEGS AND BLANKETS! *sit sit purr purr*
Owlet: Shift it, cat. I need to get up.
Boadie: No. I'm very comfortable.
Owlet: Move. I need to get up.
Boadie: I am using my cat-fu to weigh 175 lb.
Owlet: Cat! Move it!
Boadie: Nononononononono.
Owlet: Argh! I'm putting the laptop on your head.
Boadie: You are a horrible person.

For rounds two and three, clicky.

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Right here, at ohnotheydidnt, someone posts more Before+After pictures of the incredible shrinking Nicole Richie.

ipunchkitties says "I simply can not find a woman with the body of an eight-year-old girl attractive." A couple of Nicole fans jump in with "I can" and "Me too".

To which parapraxes replies,

You and Professor Humbert.

Sadly, most people who are fans of Nicole Richie would probably not understand that they just got pwned. :(