December 6th, 2005

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All work and no play.

From alphabeter, who seems to be getting more and more edgy as the day goes on:

I love my family. Murder doesn't solve anything.
I love my family. Murder doesn't solve anything.
I love my family. Murder doesn't solve anything.

And I wouldn't get the insurance money even if I wasn't convicted.
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In a friends-locked post, QWP, by littlekfru

"I ordered you a house full of naked men to redo your apartment in luscious neon colors and zebra and tiger stripes." Dad is ordering me gay men for Christmas. Since they're of no use to me after they've decorated I guess he gets them? hmmm...don't believe we'll be contemplating that.
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six albino dwarves who can juggle and ride unicycles

thatwordgrrl speculates on the kind of things an assistant to Quentin Tarantino might have to do in this entry:
"Dude, yeah, hi! Listen, I need you to get me six albino dwarves who can juggle and ride unicycles. Oh and 12 pairs of XXL lederhosen and a Chinese gong. And see if that chick with those gazongas is available. Yeah, yeah, the one in that porn movie. Anyway, I need it all out here in Fresno in about half an hour. Can ya manage that? Dude, man, yer the best! Thanks!"

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My lovely friend kicktothehead on the unique feminine joys of living up north in the winter. . .

"My body is doing what it does every winter. It senses the cold and goes "OMG! We're going to freeze! Quick, retain everything! Water, fat, pieces of lint from the couch! We must prepare ourselves!!"

And much like an inflatable raft my ass goes *FOOOMP*"
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Parking lot sherpas

From a post a while back, in which spiderfarmer discusses having to take her son to the hospital (I only just got the comment notification)

Where they told us to park (Let us call it Point A) was the other end of the 47 mile maze that is the path to admissions(Point B). A Sherpa guide may not have been out of line...that's my point.

So, I'm carrying 40+ pound Boy, Boy's stuffed dog (think Calvin and Hobbs), a sippy cup, his jacket, crayons, paper, books, my purse, and the hopes and dreams of a generation, when we get to admissions. Naturally, they want insurance cards and driver's license and the blood of my firstborn. (which was handy, since I had him with me...ok, I made the blood part up...but the Sherpa, that part was true.)
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arimunami lives beside some very affectionate college boys. QWP.

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Ari sits, reading. Scuffling noises and boyish giggles emanate from behind the wall. Sounds like a proper tussle, which she's all for.

Suddenly Random!guy pipes up: Now you be the girl!

ARI: ..... !!!!!!

Noises continue. Ari's imagination provides the rest.

And right at this moment, Ari can hear boys shouting. And just what are they chanting?

BOYS: Get it off! Get it off!

ARI, again: .... !!!!

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