December 4th, 2005

Kill Bill - Elle
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Over in wtf_inc, zilac wonders why the fetus dolls are wearing clothing:

grey_wolf4 - Well god, you wouldn't want them to be showing their naked FETUS BITS, would you?!
zilac - Yeah but it's not as if they have a freaking wardrobe to choose from in the womb. The website is, in fact, advertising how realistic their models are.

grey_wolf4 - You mean my uterus doesn't come with an in-womb wardrobe?


.... *cries*
babyslime pops in with: Well, they do have an in-womb wardrobe, it's just not as pretty as the clothes we put on them on the outside...
grey_wolf4 - Maybe they deliver...

*knock knock* Womb service!
babyslime - Fetal clothing line: Womb with a view!

concerning GoF and spoilers ...

colorwhirl said in this post about spoilers: If they don't know already, the people on your friend's list won't care about being "spoiled" for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire because they've had five years to read the book, read a summery, read fanfic, hear cultural references, and see SNL skits about it. There are NO plot twists in the movie that someone who read the book would be surprised by. OMG! Cedrick dies! We've been mouring Ced for 5 years now!

Composer Academy Awards

Oooops, I am a dumbass and didn't realize the post was locked. Forgive me, please.

Again, QWP.

In which cibeles has a weird dream:

I had this ridiculous dream last night about the Academy Awards, but they were for Composers. Mozart won most Touretty Composer, Beethoven won Angriest (to solidify this, he punched the man who gave him the award), and Tchaikovsky gave a very moving speech for winning Best Russian Composer (which I thought was sort of ridiculous because I like Rimsky-Korsakov a lot, and Rachmaninoff sometimes). Liszt won Most Ridiculous and there was an uproar because Mozart had been going for that, and was angry. Best Gay Couple went to Liszt & Chopin of course, but when the Best Virtuoso Pianist thing rolled around, actual blood was shed. I hid under my seat with Johann Strauss, who kept tapping 3/4 time. Waltzbastard! I don't even know why the hell I had been invited, unless to give awards or play in the orchestra, which doesn't explain why I was sitting with Strauss and the Bachs.
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Had you told me that my first act this morning would be to draw a brain wearing a fez and a Groucho mask, in order to illustrate part of a point about whether or not you can anthropomorphize a brain, as part of an argument that astoundingly had nothing to do with furries, I...well, I would've believed you. I'll do a lot of things when I'm arguing.

The ever-quotable ursulav. with drawing in question shown here.

lesbians! lesbians!

On this post from little_details, cantspell asks the community how much a 13-year old in the mid-1970s would know about lesbianism. Users responded with their own experience.

fernwithy: In 1981, Billie-Jean King admitted to a lesbian affair, but she was the first major figure to do so, as far as I know. (And I remember being baffled, because I'd really only heard the word "lesbian" per se in regard to mythology and people from Lesbos, and the headline read "King Concedes Lesbian Affair" or something like that, and thinking, "King of where, and what did the Lesbians want from him?")

S.L. Viehl doesn't have a LiveJournal

...but she does have a blog with a LiveJournal feed, over at pbackwriterfeed.

[quoting from an article]"Looking to turn off customers? Hoping to overwhelm business partners? Enjoy confusing your suppliers? Then try one or more of these seven deadly sins of newsletter writing."

Does everything have seven deadly sins now? What's next? The seven deadly sins of mascara application, or cupcake baking, or parallel parking? And why are they deadly sins? Why can't they just maim the sinner, or maybe give him a bad cramp?

This is not the context you are looking for.


Okay, it is. Sorry.
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reonyea on the result of her being metaquoted:

By the way, my new icon (which I love) is made by namey ...there's geese and Stalin, but no sex. (I want to add 'much like my life...but there's no geese or Stalin in my life either. I'm actually kind of grateful for that.)

From flocked post, QWP.
bang bang you're dead
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Over here, allpootoo comments on roleplayers who can't separate real life from the game:

Because everyone knows that I ride to work in an X-Wing Fighter, Snape is my boss, my kids go to Sunnyvale High and my mother in law is a demonic, blood sucking vampire.


Okay, the last one is true.
huggy the clown
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Bugs and dialogue in "City of Heroes"

In the city_of_heroes community, players of the "City of Heroes" PC game discuss the various bits of unfinished or haphazard coding in the text-based aspects of the game that leads to weird glitches in in-game text and dialogue:

Also from the CoT:

Behemoth Overlord: You will feel little pain!
Victim: '

or alternatively.

Victim: !

I submit to you that "!" is a perfectly valid comic-book-dialogue response to something like being told by a horned demon god that you won't feel much pain. :)

I wonder if the Help text for various things still says stuff like, "FIXME: Maybe something here about teams recommended in hazard zones?" :)

I would agree with you. When uttered by a civilian in the prescence of a villian, "!" is comic book dialog for "I am no longer wearing clean underwear."

Context here.
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Anything but THAT!

ninjagaijin's take on genitalia...

"So a certain someone told me recently that most girls don't like guy's balls, because they are weird. But what I'm sayin' is, chicks have more goddamn parts in their junk than a V-8 Hemi Engine, and they all have names that sounds like Map names from "DOOM 3".

You are now entering THE LABIA.

Edit: Friggin' sweet!"
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