December 3rd, 2005


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elektra3 deals with a nasty customer, here.

Dear sir,

I know it must have been difficult to tell from the way I didn't immediately start speaking Yiddish or attempt to defraud you of all your money when you walked in, but I am, in fact, Jewish. And even if I wasn't, I would probably still be somewhat offended at your long, incoherent rant about how the fucking Jews are ruining Christmas.

Shabbat shalom, motherfucker.

martyfan responds:

I'm Christian and *I* was offended by that. They don't call them Biblebeaters because they beat on their's because they need to be BEATEN WITH THE BIBLE!


daleth who works at Taco Hell posts in Customers Suck about everyone's favorite topic, BOOBS!

Nor will I give you free food if you offer to show me your boobs. Especially if your boyfriend is in the car, encouraging you. Especially if all you want for it is a 99 cent order of cinammon twists. 99 cent boobs are not really worth seeing.
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A Miss Piggy Feminist

fox1013 has decided that she wants to be a Miss Piggy feminist for the following reasons (QWP):

7. She is not ashamed to wear pink. She is also not ashamed to wear black leather. She is also not afraid to ROCK THE FUCK OUT.

8. Try telling her those pants are too tight for someone her size. Just. Fucking. Try.

9. She knows how to ride a motorcycle, but only uses that skill for important things. Like breaking out of jail.

Additional reasons located in her post.
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nitessine gave us a nice prayer here:

We had the NaNoWriMo end party at Rax Buffet in Forum yesterday. It was fun. All the pizza we could eat, all the soda we could drink, all the bad jokes and questionable anecdotes we could think up... There were twelve of us present. Our third American never showed up. He would've been the 13th Writer. This thought inspired me to write something.

Lo, there do I see my novel.
Lo, there do I see my chapters and my columns and my dialogue.
Lo, there do I see the line of my story, back to the beginning.
Lo, it does call to me.
It bids me take my place before it, in the halls of Alexandria
Where the brave may write FOREVER!

I'm going to hell for this.

On life, death, and living.

indigoskynet is angry about idiots who mock suicides and depression:

I'm sick to death of some diseases being worthy of sympathy and a race for the cure, and other diseases being made light of, mocked, and those who suffer it being heaped derision upon.

We all have to share the same planet with each other. The profit in making light of a suicide you read about online is what, exactly? Feeling superior to someone you didn't even know?

It illustrates to me that it's not the death they read about on the internet that lacks meaning; it's the life of the person doing the mocking that lacks meaning...if they have to post saying how weak, selfish, what a loser the suicide was to make themselves feel better.

[public entry; QWP.]

EDIT: Living, not licing. *headdesk*
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So, slammerkinbabe just got a new cat and her other cat, Basil, is taking some time getting adjusted to the new cat's presence.

So I'm finding this interaction between Basil and Ariadne very amusing.We've taken to leaving the door open whenever we're home and awake, and they're "interacting" more. By which I mean, Ari hangs out in the bedroom, chilling, as per her usual, while Basil stares at her from the threshold and eventually comes in to stare at her. He tends to get pretty close, and occasionally he hisses, but she doesn't bother much about it; sometimes she stares back, sometimes she goes and does whatever she's going to do.
Until, that is, he gets into her space. By which I mean her litter box and the box that functions as her bed and private space. When that happens, I really like watching it, because what happens seems to sum up our cats' personalities so perfectly. Basil will poke his nose in her litterbox, or start poking around her box. At which she'll drop whatever she was doing and head in his direction. The conversation that follows goes something like:

ARI, from two feet away, in a small but firm voice: Mew. (Excuse me, that's mine.)
ARI, respectfully: Mew, mew. (No, I'm sorry, but that's my litter box and my bed.)
ARI: ::walks up close and nudges him:: Mew? Mew. (Um, no. Please leave now, okay?)
BASIL: HISSSSSSSSssssss... ::turns and walks away, stiff-legged and nursing his damaged pride:: (Hmph. I'll show you later.)

Rest of the post here.
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