December 2nd, 2005

agent may is unimpressed

On the Dead Letters

You've been dead for roughly two thousand years. A lot has happened since then. We have cell phones now! Just yesterday, I thought of you when I saw a "Jesus Is the Reason For the Season" bumper sticker on an SUV. SUV's are these big... remember camels? They're like two camels strapped together, only they take up too much desert and they don't conserve resources at all. In fact, they tend to use too much gas. Remember when you turned water into wine to entertain the troops? Imagine if Paul decided to be an asshole and drank all the wine himself, only to turn around & ride two camels and get in everyone's way... That's an SUV... sort of.

--velocityboy, writes a letter to Jesus and Nietzsche. But not in the same letter. Because that would be silly.
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Our Daily Dose of Neil

Neil Gaiman does it again here.

New Format means "not printed on that cheap yellow newsprint with the old dot Sparta printing process but instead printed on nice white paper with a printing technique that will itself be superseded any year now by the kind of colour printing that they have in comics today."

Just for everyone out there who loves comics.
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Schizophrenic ouroburous

Snippet of a post from the_bearded_one (emphasis is mine):

We've not mentioned the Delusional Egomaniac before. He wants certian things done, but wont do anything about it apart from sending pissy emails every few months. Then, when the things don't get done, he uses that as evidence for his delusions that people are out to get him... And these delusions help feed his ego, by making it clear that he's important enough that people would be out to get him. And the bigger his ego gets, the bigger the delusions get.
It's like a schizophrenic ouroburous.

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From apocalypsos :

My Pandora just played "If You Want Blood" by AC/DC. I really wish the government would make gay marriage legal already so that society can collapse and the world can end and kittens and puppies can rain from the sky like they're supposed to when that law passes, because then I should be able to get away with marrying my Pandora. You know, right after I divorce my toaster.

Edit : From this post.

On Cows, And Academic Department Chairmen

The wise and witty ozarque explains:

It is easier to move a department chairman than it is to move even one cow. Fire a .45 over the head of a department chairman or drive straight at one with a pickup truck, he (or she) will move; a cow will not. I have tried both of those tactics any number of times, and no cow has ever so much as budged. It's not just a matter of saying, "Shoo, cows!" Trust me.
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QWP, just in case...

dmusicat remembers some amusing things said by her college English professor, and shares them.

“Suddenly, Mary was getting as much play as God and Jesus. Did that sound bad? ‘Ohmygosh! I was in English today when my teacher was struck by lightening – he just disappeared!' 'Yeah, the ground opened up, and Satan came and pulled him down' '‘A’s for all of you!'’’

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Heh. Teachers like that make class fun.
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poshcat: Funny *and* Sexy

The ever-amusing poshcat laments the difficulty of being a grammar nazi in a public post...

It's hard being a grammar nazi. You always have to be super-vigilant that if someone is going to say "then" when she means "than", it's sure as hell not going to be you. You can lose your street cred faster than a gangsta being caught reading in a library. We've all witnessed those unfortunate comments wherein someone scathingly snarks, "Learn some grammer, why don't you?" Wince!!! And then everyone makes fun of them, and it ends up on Fandom Wank, and their cyber lives are effectively over. Being exposed as a grammar-lover wanna-be is definitely something I want to avoid at all costs. Who knows? Today I may forget to say "the girl who was there" instead of "the girl that was there", and next thing you know I'm saying "alot" and "your the best" every second sentence.

The rest is funny, too, if you want to check it out. Also, later in the post, she mentions me! Okay, not by name, but I still know it's me.
Bear Nuts

[meta-meta] as for apocalypse...

In this entry's comments, rex_dart and gizmometer points out a troubling fact about christianity:

rex_dart: The fact that fundamentalist Christians are predicting the apocolypse due to the legalization of gay marriage nowadays is pretty funny, since the Romans were probably predicting the apocolypse over the legalization of Christianity 1700 years ago.

gizmometer: Well, the Romans got their Apocalypse, didn't they? I don't hear Latin so much these days.

rex_dart: I suppose they did. Kind of says a lot about Christianity, if you look at it that way.


dharawal obviously had fun with her cats last night.

Mrooooooowwww.... See Bucky

Mrooowwwwwww.... See Bucky Run

Mrowwwwwwwww.... Run Bucky Run

Mrowwwwwwwww.... Watch Bucky Run

Mrowwwwwwwww.... Run Bucky RUN,

Away from the mad sleepless woman at 4am in the morning who doesn't like a F1 GP
being staged in her bedroom by Larry, Curly and Moe.

entire post here, if you need it.

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Daria - Sick Sad World


gregmce and his office buddies had a lee-tle too much time on their hands today.

Every year, Jones Soda (whose Cream Soda is outstanding) comes out with a five-pack of "holiday sodas" (and the proceeds go to benefit St. Jude's Children's Hospital). And every year I've looked for the five-packs at my local Target and never seen them. Until this year.

Despite having bought said sodas on Halloween, I only just managed to bring them into the office for a taste-test. You see. the flavors this year in the "National Pack" (which is what Target sells) are Turkey & Gravy, Wild Herb Stuffing, Brussel Sprout, Cranberry Sauce, and Pumpkin Pie. How could I possibly drink these on my own? Oh no, I needed the office handy.

There's more... including reactionary pictures that are... well... just fabulous.

There was just no way I could NOT share this.
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fire your (snow) cannons!

from this post by grrliz, in which she abuses the christmasization of the holiday season and offers "snowflakes" as a non-denominational symbol, rainwen replies with this snarkism:

Snowflakes are a tyranny of the north! Too long have we stood by and let your frozen water define our December holidays! Our voices will not go unheard! Down with snowmen, icicles, and your frozen regime! VIVA LA REVOLUCION!


There's a meta

ockhams_shotgun, in response to ye olde Twu Wub Metaquote:

"Of course, there's the inherent problem that there's no point in saving your true love if the world will then be destroyed, because then you and your true love will be destroyed as well.

Anyway, saving your true love instead of the world is romantic and means you'll get laid.

But you'll get *more* laid if you save the world because *everyone* will owe you their lives


thorog replies: "I would step in to argue with you, but you're doing so well on your own... :P"