November 29th, 2005

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fire_splinter witnessed this at a french restaurant...

Woman: Can I have a bacardi?
French waiter: It's not a french drink madam. However you can choose from our range of NICE french apperatifs
Woman: So this fish... 'ling'... is IT french?
Waiter: (without blinking) yes of course madam, a french fish. Only found in france.

Woman 2: I'll have the steak
Waiter: How would you like your steak madam?
Woman 2: Well done please
Waiter: Madam, I have to tell you, the meat... it is already dead. There is no need to kill it twice!

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Syndicated accounts count right?

Anyway, Rick Mercer pwns. Check out the feed here -- rick_mercer

Of course I have to mention Belinda. If it wasn’t for her this government would have died months ago and me along with it. Some people in the press have referred to her as my guardian angel, I prefer to think of her as my political defibrillator. Even to this day when I see her coming I want to tear open my shirt, put Vaseline on my nipples and yell CLEAR!

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It's a bit of an old one, but I was rereading old conversations, and found this. joshbrown, in a comment to a post in jnsa:

Now we know! The mystery is solved! The reason James Dean disappearred is that a socialist confused him with a printer cartridge!
I just wonder how many pages he managed to print out this way.
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"I found a tumbleweed today. I named it Remington and took a picture. And then I said to myself, "Self, how often does one find a tumbleweed in Los Angeles? What the hell, I'll just take it home with me." So now I have a tumbleweed named Remington, along with a rock named Plymouth, and a sea shell named Jean-paul."

quixoticsailor, here

Mod Post - New Rule.

After talking about it with the mods available, a new requirement is going to be added to quoting livejournal posts.

Some of you (not most of you) like to quote posts and just leave it at that. Ok, yay for you, but the mods here have a hard time checking to see if it is a real quote or not. We can't really check the Friends Only posts, but the posts that come from public places are very hard to find when you don't link to where you saw it.

So until further notice, all Friends Only posts MUST have QWP (quoted with permission) tagged on there (like we do hope they have been granted permission to quote anyway), and all public posts MUST have a link to where you found the quote.

Posts can/will be deleted without question by the mods if this rule is not followed.

Seriously people, I know not all of you do this, but to those that do, think about it. If you can take the time to copy and paste something that someone said, how hard is it to also copy the link and paste that too? Make our lives easier please.

Thank you, drive through.
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Don't worry, they'll retreat come spring.

Somewhere in an announcement in this very community, timemonkey shows off her default icon.

To which fishantlers replies:

Please withdraw your Air Force from my pond, they seem very attached to it even though it's time for them to leave. Thanks!

Alas, it is not to be, for terired informs Fish that:

They have conquered your pond in the name of Canada. You will soon be re-educated in the ways of Hockey and Celine Dion.

PS Could you feed the ducks? The military budget has come up a little short kthksbye
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The joys of Christmas, and men in general.

blissirritated has a fight with her boyfriend about buying the Christmas tree, and he returns with flowers!
"I bought you this. The woman who sells them was closing so I ran up and told her she couldn't yet until she sold me flowers."

"Did you pick them?"
*tears welling up in eyes*

"No. I just asked for the cheapest one there."

The little voice in the back of my head told me that this was a step in the right direction, so I just nodded and thanked him.

It's a step up from "I was going to buy you a pot plant, but I didn't."
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