November 25th, 2005

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Was today the best thanksgiving ever? no. was it horrendously internally awkward for me a few times? yeah. did I get to eat cranberry sauce? fuck yes. So all in all, it was ok. I could have used more pie and less getting punched in the arm, but over all I must say it was good. - myselftheliar makes a Thanksgiving post.

Gay Men and Babies

For my first metaquote, here's to my male friend sleepingboy, who said on my LJ (and is metaquoted with permission):

Haha, I actually had a dream about being pregnant once. It was pretty bizarre and I ended up giving birth to this baby that ended up being trapped in cake form. Psychoanalyze that Billy Crystal.

Oh who needs context, that is funny as is.

The pegasus named kawaaaaii-neko-neko-berri-chan-ne

Over on bad_rpers_suck, therikkster says this about providing motivation for evil-doer characters:

“No, really. Cackling overlords need a reason to be cackling overlords. People don't just wake up one morning, and go, 'I think I'm going to go out, and be a corrupt tyrant.'

Unless that morning tea is very, very special.”

When jun_motomiya17 asks which authors would want to redeem wonderful evil, cackling overlords, therikkster replies:

“Sues! It is those dreaded, eye-colour-changing sues! With their big breasts, and hot topic clothing-- In medieval times! Oh, they say such sweet things, then before you know it, it's marriage and off to save the world on a pegasus named Kawaaaii-neko-neko-berri-chan-ne!”

I’m not a member of the comm, I don't know the first thing about RPing, but judging from the comments, this crew seems like a fun crowd! ^_^
pretty femslash

noblerot wants to be Bill O'Reilly's enemy

noblerot wants to be on Bill O'Reilly's Enemy List:

Must you ignore me? Am I so plain? Damn, but you right-wing ideologues are divas. You imagine that, if you list enough high-profile enemies, you will make yourselves seem more important in the process. Maybe you're into team spirit; you figure giving your fans big targets for their invective will encourage solidarity. Or! It could be you just want attention. Well, it hasn't worked. I'm not paying attention to you. And I couldn't care less whether or not I make your precious list.

Why are you ignoring me?

Mr. O'Reilly, give a girl a break. Add me to your Enemies List. Don't make me beg.

The whole letter is quite good.

Hi. I'm new here. ::waves::
Oysters and Snails

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From lancerboi

On a fiasco at his former high school

Hart's football team has for some time been regarded as a city legend, the team that pwns all other teams and wins the CIF title every year or so, but who knew success came with such messy, nasty strings?

3 individuals were kicked off the Hart football team, and summarily expelled from the district, all because of a little lockerroom incident.

What went down is this: The star kicker of the Hart football team, a senior, decided that with two 400 lb. linebackers that it would be amusing to 'haze' a freshman football player. So, with the two linebackers holding the guy down, the kicker proceeded to, in my sister's words, 'dickslap' the freshman's face.

Yes, dickslap.

The reverberations of those slaps were felt around the Santa Clarita Valley. The local paper is reeling over a controversy that they shouldn't have printed the kicker's name (Paul Weinstein), the football team lost three of its star players, and this whole incident tarnished not only the reputation of that poor freshman boy, but also the school as a whole.

I must say though, that i do commend Fuller (The principal) and his cabal for their handling of this situation. They could have swept it under the rug, as they've done with past allegations and incidents of a similar nature (Though none nearing this magnititude). But they didn't, they stuck to their guns, and didn't resort to a *dick*slap on the wrists. They should be applauded for that.


trisket survives Black Friday . . .


That's the first thing I noticed about the customers today. They were starved for dvd burners and flash drives and free cheapass electronics.


That's the second thing. Their skin was this weird ashen color from being out in the cold for well over an hour before we opened. I live in Ohio. We opened at SIX A.M. Which means they were also...


No, not just in temperature but in temperment - it went right to their dispositions. Tis the season and all.

Put it together. Call the national guard. I was attacked by f'n zombies.

Full entry here.
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kill you in the morning

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The Bond addict silver_whisper has some thoughts on the latest choice for Bond. QWP

So, I've been watching SpikeTV's Thanksgiving Bond-a-thon, for which I will be eternally grateful towards said station. And I got to thinking about the upcoming James Bond movie.Daniel Craig has been selected to be the next James Bond, but I was pulling (of course) for ER's Goran Visnjic. Because, at least for me, there would be nothing better than Goran Visnjic as James Bond. It would be like if the Irish vigilante crew of Apollo 13 chased tornados, killed zombies, and owned a record shop.

... Somebody needs to make that movie. Now.
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Ah, Black Friday

Reading all of the stories on customers_suck makes me sympathize so much with those of you who work in retail. I also dread tomorrow, when I get to do bookdrop after the library's been closed for two and a half days.

Anyway, sassette726 vents about entitlement-minded idjits in a shopping frenzy on customers_suck:

See me, at the front of my store, wearing an elf hat with bells and handing out little breakfast bars and scratch-off coupons. See at least three people receive FREE breakfast bar (I work in a clothing store, so free food? Kinda special.), look at me and say "What? No coffee?" One woman said "Oh! I'd like a hot chocolate too, please." WTF, assholes?! You got something for free. Don't be a dick. And by the way, if you have any idea where I'd be making a hot chocolate in a clothing store... please let me know where you get your drugs.


Thanks for suggesting we open more registers. Of course if you pulled your head out of your ass to use your eyes, you might note that every single register we have in the store is open and currently running. Perhaps you'd like me to conjure a brand new register from the same black hole that sprouts magical hot chocolate?
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