November 24th, 2005


i <3 squirmy wormy larvae...

Once again, mom_almighty manages to turn the mundane into something totally hilarious.

Gamely, I got down on the floor near the heater and started looking around, envisioning an upcoming discussion with my husband ("When I left here, he was deeply, almost maniacally, entrenched in love for his blue balloon. I leave him alone with you for three hours and suddenly his new favorite toys are flesh-eating dipterous LARVAE?"). I couldn't see anything, so I got lower down and hesitantly stuck my hand under the heater, wincing. I felt around a little, my hands touched on an object, and I quickly pulled out ...



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30 Rock Tina Fey whatevs

The spirit of the holidays

A holiday memory from janesy:

She was alive, but her head was surrounded in a corona of vomit. It was rather artful, and perhaps her tip of the cap to Jesus the Christ's birth.

The entire post is hilarious but if you have a sensitive stomach, perhaps you'd best not read it.

This is my first metaquotes post, I hope I did this right!
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me weeme

First timer

As spotted on finnfan's journal in an open post:

can we wipe the word love from the English language? Seriously,
it's beeing abused by all the native English speakers who love
everything from their undies to the person sitting next to them. *being
a grumpy non-emotion-expressing Finn*

Context here
shifty eyes

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From my buddy appishnae:

I got completely soaked today, twice. Once, walking into university from the train station. A second time, walking home from the train station, when it also started to
hail. Stupid planet. That's why everybody's poisoning you with greenhouse gases and other pollutants: the minute they step out of an air-conditioned metal capsule and try to do you a favour by using their own two legs, you start to piss on them!

The Truth about Turkey Day

I usually try and bring the funny, but I thought this was pretty deep.
Cut for whole post; quoted with permission.

ETA: This is a rant, peppered with historical facts, by a Native American author and historian, who is an LJ friend of mine. She is not expressing hatred toward white people, so much as anger at the whitewashing of history. If you just want to focus on the positives of the holiday, I respect that, and ask that you please don't click the link.

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Performing a public service, one crotch-shot at a time.

In response to a not very demure piccie I posted in _dangerpants_. (Probably not worksafe, btw.)

I am in the middle of writing a term paper about the intersections between research marketing and Kierkegaard's existentialist philosophy. You have no idea how much I needed to see that guy's balls hang out of his shorts! Thank you, seriously. ♥ ♥ ♥ - jeppa
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