November 23rd, 2005

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On bad_rpers_suck, a really bad catgirl profile is sporked. tarig_kamal responds fittingly;
How does a human brain even think up that sort of utter, disgusting, cringe-worthy drivel?

Oh, I don’t know. You study hard, learn the ropes, hone and master your craft until it is as sharp as a samurai’s blade, understand what separates the great from the merely good…

...and then you make sure that what you’ve learnt stays in the rear-view mirror, and floor the accelerator until it becomes a little tiny microscopic dot on a dot, quintillions of light years away.

And then you hit an asteroid. Made of used tea-bangs, effluvium and the stuff tubgirl was swimming in. Voila, instant anti-masterpiece.
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A long time to hold it.

jumbach, visiting Epcot at Disney World:
We spent a very full day at Epcot, riding all the rides, seeing the shows, and visiting all the countries. (My favorite line: "Man, I gotta pee. The last whiz I took was back in Norway, and now we're all the way over in Japan!!")

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torindkflt posts his christmas list, which includes:

  • A fully functional Naquadah generator and/or an undepleted ZPM, plus any necessary adapters and converters to allow it/them to operate my computers and other equipment
  • A Goa'uld Ha'tak (Mothership)
  • Xanatos' gargoyle armor suit
  • An endless supply of Pokéballs (Not to catch Pokémon, but to throw at people who annoy me so I can make them disappear)
  • My own holodeck
  • A Klingon Bat'leth

Among other things.
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More actual dialog

In this post, lost_in_my_room tells a Very Special Thanksgiving Tale:

Background: Mom, Ross and I are moving a table in place for Thanksgiving dinner. there is a plastic tablecloth on the table. Mom starts putting a second plastic tablecloth on the table.

Ross: What's that?
Mom: it's the table cover
Ross: but you have one on the table already!
Mom: this is to make sure the food doesn't ruin the table
Rob: it's like wrapping the mattresses in hotels up in plastic so when the hookers die on them they don't leave a stain.

all table setting pauses for a moment

Ross: Happy Thanksgiving!
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Anarchist, MatGB
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Mapp's inner voices

mapp is pimping promoting his Changeling Larp again. I have no interest in attending whatsoever, silly game, but I always read his plugs, there's always something funny. He is, once again, explaining the event to his inner voices.
I Tremble Before You And Your Towering Intellect, Oh Mapp!
Oh, I'd forgotten about that. Um, yes, now.. err.. be gone, lest I smite you. Or something.

You Don't Sound Very Godlike, You Know...
I am a vengeful yet sleepy god. Now sod off and let me have a cup of tea. If you know what's good for you, you'll be gone by the time I get back.
I heartily recommend reading the whole post, for a better idea of how nuts the boy is.
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From megapope with permission:

From 'Ten Reasons I hate Cats' (a list in his LJ):

1) It's considered some kind of social faux pas to eat them.


6) Dogs would be pirates, whilst cats would be ninjas. And pirates totally beat ninjas.


10) Dogs have the decency to have sex quietly. Cats sound like someone raping a violin.
Yup. Writing.

Attack of the motorcycling machine-gun writer!

In a recent post, cupidsbow describes how, at a writers' boot camp, she was intimidated by a very, very fast worker. To which stephen_dedman commented:
What really got me was not that chaosmanor wrote 10,000 words in that time, but the speed with which she began. The rest of us were still staring at our screens when suddenly this jackhammer started up on one side of the table and just kept going. She has a very loud keyboard, and when she's typing quickly, it feels as though you're under machine-gun was rather like turning up for the Tour de France and finding that one of the riders is on a Kawasaki Ninja.
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I can't help it, he's so quotable:

gatsbys_regret says in a locked post, QWP,

On the second leg of my journey, I lay my book down and pass the time sneaking glances at my fellow passengers. I make up little stories about their lives, fantasize about what they'd tell me if they walked into my office at SGHC for a session. The girl near the front, with the dark eyes and hair but very fair skin, the one with a bit of a flush in her cheeks- she's desperately in love with someone her parents don't approve of, and feels guilty for keeping their relationship a secret. The older guy sitting in the emergency exit row, with the long grayish hair- he's a recovering heroin addict looking for meaning in his life post-recovery. The lady in the pantssuit with the dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes, she's...hey, she looks like Dr. K., a therapist at TC on whom I had a crush for about a year or so (I'm a sucker for pretty girls with graduate degrees; that crush gave up the ghost, however, when I realized that she was sufficiently neurotic herself to make an individual session with her justifiably billable as group therapy).
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