November 22nd, 2005

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Meta meta and liquid condoms

Two quotes. In this post about some Potter character, shaysdays says:
Yes- that's a quote from Good Omens. I mention this only for the Unknowing, so they may partake in Pratchett/Gaiman love... of the literary kind.
to which marginalia responds:
OMG point me to the Pratchett/Gaiman love of the non-literary kind! Okay, wait, maybe... don't. But wow, that's a mental image for ya. Gaiman = yesyesyes, Pratchett = erm, no. Point me to the Gaiman/someone interesting yet young and sexy, then. I see (oh google, you are the root of all evil) there's apparently Neil/Tori/Trent Reznor fic out there somewhere... no, I'm not compulsively seeking it out, really. No, really. Really. Don't judge me.
We're not judging you. If you do find it, let me know? A friend would love it. I'll merely find it amusing...

In the meantime, flemco is talking about liquid condoms, and toxico has a moment:
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The response and offer of having his babies can be found here.
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Defense mechanism fangirling

corialis on defense mechanism fangirling:

The defense mechanism fangirling is what happens when I am completely disinterested in something but need to pay attention to it anyway, i.e. Crime & Punishment. Sex makes everything more interesting. So Crime & Punishment becomes interesting by extension if I develop a massive crush on Raskolnikov.


I'm trying to make this strategy work for Physics, but the idea of developing a crush on my Physics teacher still weirds me out. I could do it, sure, but I'd feel dirty.
cake or death


From a locked post in which danielmc reports having received an e-mail ostensibly from the FBI:

moonandserpent: Scam tasitc, when the feds want to talk to you, they don't ask you to fill out a web survey.
kniedzw: I've heard that the CIA makes extensive use of Quizzilla.
drydem: that's the NSA actually, why do you think the "Are you illegally passing information out of our country?" quiz is so popular.
The CIA is much more deeply entrenched in OKCupid.
Anarchist, MatGB
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I'm sorry, this has to be done.

In response to someone accusing me of being impolite by metaquoting without asking from a public post, I put up a poll. mapp, the person who I'd quoted, responds...
I say "no" but, umm, there's nothing more amusing than randomly seeing yourself on MQ. It's kind of funny. In fact, it's very funny. In fact, it's like being a geek celebrity.
I'll stop now. Honest.
School Days

But what shall become of the children??

This is my first entry here in metaquotes.

This comes from lance_prevert's journal, in which he talks about this year's annual report on the most dangerous toys.

#10 – “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Energy Beam Blaster”

It shoots silly string. If a kid is at risk of being hurt by silly string, he or she is probably not going to survive too long in this world. Parents with this concern might also want to keep their children away from other dangerous objects, like Kraft Singles, and pillows.

The rest of his post is equally hilarious.
Mad Stylin Yo!


Our resident record-holder, active_apathy strikes again.

In the topic about asking permission for public posts, I said "Case in point: Making permission mandatory for metaing public posts would completely undermine this."

To which our heroine replies with a NEWSFLASH!

Paradox Causes Moral Dilemma

LiveJournal community </a></b></a>metaquotes is in the grip of panic today, following calls by some to require permission when quoting from public posts.

The cause of the panic is that some paradoxical postings of quotes from the future make it difficult to get permission beforehand, possibly owing to the authoress not having written the text to give permission for.

One LJer, who prefers to remain anonymous, was imagined saying "What do we do? Do I have fun posting quotes from the future, or do I respect the flow of time and ask for permission afterward?"

Theoretical physicists are divided about the suggestion to require permission; while some are intrigued by the possibilities of thoughts, ideas and sayings coming back from the future, others are pessimistic and see only the harm of letting well-meaning researchers scour the Internet for next year's Lost recaps.

It seems that other persons may be interested in protecting time, with another LJer imagined confessing "Stephen Hawking has sent me threats, saying that if I break causality again he'll send someone back in time to kill my grandpa."

Mr Hawking's office was unavailable for comment on the issue, but said that they'd have a statement on these allegations prepared sometime yesterday.
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I am a girl of the future

Dinosaur Scale of Movies

ghostgecko discusses movies, as he often does:

"I should mention my Dinosaur Scale of judging film quality (no pun intended, I detest puns). It's very simple. Can a movie be improved by adding dinosaurs to it?
Take TITANIC for example. Imagine how much cooler it would have been if the iceberg the ship struck had a frozen Elasmosaurus* embedded in it. And the impact cracked the berg and released the plesiosaur, which revived and started snatching people off the decks of the ship. And instead of sinking artistically into the deep, DiCaprio was dragged screaming down by a Kronosaurus?
Yeah, I thought so.

* Yes, techincally not a dinosaur, but it's big, reptilian, and prehistoric. Work with me."
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