November 20th, 2005

agent may is unimpressed

Since it worked so well the first time I tried it...

...I give to you seangaffney's recap of a classic Warner Brothers 1934 cartoon:

Those Beautiful Dames - A fairly odd cartoon about a poor girl who walks through blinding snow to her little hovel, falls asleep, and dreams (or is it a dream?) that various toys come by, turn her home into a palace, and dance around singing the title song (which sets a new record for having absolutely nothing to do with the cartoon itself). In the end they all eat ice cream for dinner. She never does wake up, so I'm presuming the toys are really there and that's it's not 'we cut to her dead, snow-covered body the next morning'.

He's actually going through and doing recaps/commentaries on all of them. You can see all of his commentaries here.

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In which mayhemwench gets an odd return at the library (post from customers_suck):

Today, a patron returned a bag full of acorns. I guess, to be fair, I should mention that it did contain one book, which was completely trashed and didn't belong to our library, but...acorns?

There's, like, no possible way to respond to that.
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After moving house from California to New Mexico, archanglrobriel says, in a locked post:

Actually NM has always been blue before this last presidential election and it's probably a 60/40 split of Dems to Republicans ordinarily. The fact that it went red at all is still hotly contested and debated around here, along with the words "election fraud" and "cabal" and other fun words as well.
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Neil Gaiman strikes again

Neil Gaiman proves, once again, that he rocks:

So I don't think that "the public should be allowed to make up their own mind" when the choice is between something perfectly imaginary being reported as news, without even the possibility being reported of the thing being wholly untrue in the first place. Yes? You ought to be free to wonder whether glow-in-the-dark meat is indeed safe to eat, but not to need to wonder whether it exists in the first place; free to wonder whether a jet-lagged Bush really did attempt to escape from a Chinese press conference, but not whether there really is a George Bush and whether he went to China or not.


There are good journalists out there. It's not all descended to the level of American Broadcast News ("Something YOU use EVERY DAY may KILL YOU. Find out WHAT in TONIGHT'S NEWS.")And I don't think that apathy, or leaving news reporting in the hands of people who don't care what they write or broadcast as long as they get paid, is much of a long-term solution, if you wanted to be one of the good ones. Ideals are good things to have. When you abandon them you start dying. So if you want to be a journalist, then you should be. Just be one of the good ones.