November 19th, 2005

Me... sort of....

Well... close enough....

From the Livejournal move blog, which, IMO, counts as Livejournal....

Ahoy There

Mischa here, I'm here in the action! The move is Serious Business! We have whiteboards, phone conferences, a forest of laptops, cables and coke everywhere, and a team of highly trained professionals. I can't see anything going wrong, but if it does I'll be providing valuable moral support.

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Interns These Days

While Mischa did say "coke", and you may have thought something other than the trademarked term by Coca-Cola Inc., he really did mean the drink. LJ friends don't let friends do drugs!

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Feeling evil

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(quoted with permission from an FO post)

norwegian_wood proves her children (two and eleven) are smarter than her husband.

"Steve is the dumbest man alive. I bought some of these mugs at the thrift store a few weeks ago (he was with me). They have liquid in the walls to keep drinks cool, and you store them upside down in the freezer. Last night I'm laying in bed nursing Echo, and he comes in holding one of the mugs. He asks, "How do you get the lid off this thing?"

There IS NO LID. The mug was UPSIDE DOWN. I started laughing hysterically, as there was simply nothing I could say to this. As I died from a laughter-induced athsma attack, he attempted unscrewing the bottom of the (not detatchable) mug, asking me why I'm laughing. After a few minutes he turned it over and said, "Oh."

He tried to say that anyone could have made that mistake. To test his theory, I called Kailleah into the kitchen and handed her an upside down mug from the freezer and asked her to take the lid off. She turned it over and asked, "Where is the lid?"
Then I gave one upside down to Echo and asked her to open it. She flipped it over and said, "Yummy drink!" and pretended to drink it."
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Mom likes to exercise

From ragingpixie

Saturday Morning Conversations With My 62-Year-Old Mother

Her: I started a new dance class last night.
Me: What kind? I thought you were taking jazz.
Her: Pole dancing.
Me: ... did you tell Dad?
Her: Not yet. I'll tell him after I learn something.
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Neil Gaiman is tired . . .

You know you're tired when it occurs to you that the reason that the phone you are holding is frustrating your efforts to dial with it by somehow not having any buttons with numbers on either side, is because you picked up the iPod nano instead.

--from officialgaiman
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"...since half of the Jewish Theological Seminary student body was in attendance this evening, and we were in the theater for over an hour before the movie started, that my friend screamed 'Hey, we know there are a bunch of Jews here - we're doing ma'ariv down front!' And we had a minyan and prayed right in the aisle."

gimmelgirl, here
swiss army gender

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"That's alright," I said, comfortingly, "You can be the gay best friend of more than one woman at a time."

"Can I?" he said, curiously.

"YES. YES YOU CAN," I said.

Let me introduce you to polygaygory, where a gay man is the best gay friend to more than one woman. You can have a V, where a gay man has two women friends, you can have an X where two women, who are best friends with each other are friends to two gay guys who are shagging, and finally, you can have the J, where a gay guy is best friends with himself, and also, very limber. It's the future.

Polygaygory. Add it to your interest lists now.

-- juggzy, here.