November 17th, 2005

agent may is unimpressed

On the usefulness of My LJ

A little late, but here's my favorite reaction on the introduction of the My LJ feature:

'My LJ'? Interesting and informative. Except for Frank at the lower right-hand corner. There aren't enough options. I want a Kwanzaa Frank (even though I don't celebrate that). Maybe an Ebonics Frank that says 'Bashizzle, my nizzle' or some such. Maybe even just a black sheep. Or a light brown sheep; that'd be closer to the truth.


And even better, her reaction to my asking to MQ her:

Second, go for it. I should have put more a's in 'bashizzle', though...

Vegan Rider

petre isn't asking for too much; s/he just wants an ecologically-sound option for transportation:

I'm looking for a vegan bicycle. Like with steel and aluminum and alloys that didn't come from the ground or from a mountain top, displacing [and killing!] millions of ground dwelling vermin and insects. The lubricants shouldn't have come from petroleum products because, if you aren't christian, petroleum come from little teeny tiny dinosaurs and planktons. Bio diesel options don't cut it either cuz they came from a field where the harvesters killed trillions of insects and hundreds of mice to harvest the crops. The tires I don't want made from vulcanized rubber because that's just natural rubber and the man with the machete and the chisel probably has stepped on a lot of bugs and scared little fuzzy animals in the process of gathering the rubber [not to mention hacking into the tree, youch!]

I'm a level five vegan, and I don't want to ride a bicycle that casts a shadow, please don't hate me because I'm better than you!
I'm the daddy.

I am her fangirl.

rex_dart, being her usual glorious self:

It's one of the best crowds I've played with, even better than the one on DrunkenMasters where I usually play. They were all very good-natured and actually quite literate, and none of them had joke names that get old really fast like "Jabba_the_slut" or "ASSVADER" or "Puke_Ewokhumper." Okay, actually Puke_Ewokhumper will probably never stop being funny, but those other two just get annoying.
boots - carefree

And lo,

a new voice was raised in the land of Loonie Leftism and his name is:

The Snoww-man.

WARNING: Cut for rampant Bush-bashing, some anti-war mongering, and possible but unintentional 9/11 disrespect.

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The whole post is here for those of you who are really into that whole context thing - but honestly, this is about all of it.
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Pretty piggy

Community Announcement

Hi, it's me, the Mgmt. I have some favors to ask of everyone.

A) Would anyone like to be a mod? Sadly jaie is offline for a while, apocalypsos appears to be busy with other things, and I need someone to watch the comm, particularly during my nighttime. (I'm US Eastern Standard Time)

2) When posting something that's friends-locked, please, Please, PLEASE tell me you've gotten permission. So far I haven't banned anyone permanently for quoting FO posts, but I will delete the post and ask the person you're quoting to okay it when resubmitted.

III.) If a post sucks ass to most folks, say so. There's been some crap recently that's only funny if you're totally into obscure Full Metal Alchemical Romance Pottrid biographical anime minimovies or whatever. Metaquotes should be stuff everyone can at least get, not just your fandom buds. (Edit: Substitute grad school, NaNoWriMo, AIM conversations, etc...)

Thank you, please pardon me if I don't answer any questions until tomorrow, I have to take the kid to see Beauty and the Beast, the Musical. I will think of you all as I throw popcorn at Belle's head and yell things like, "Don't try to change him girl, just RUN!"


EDIT: joshualore has been added on for tonight- be nice to the new guy- I'll be back in the morning. Be nice to the new guy. Okay, I'm gone for real this time.
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unfabulous_me  is my hero, and she will be yours too. QWP <3

Self magazine is officially both my hero and the bane of my existence. I'm rewriting the exercise routine they give you for a SEXY UPPER BODY LIEK OMG ROX0RZ."

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now excuse me while I die of amusement.
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