November 14th, 2005

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Meta Meta!!

</a></b></a>chaoticerotic ranting here about the newest episode of "Trading Spouses"

"I couldn't avert my eyes any more than if I had witnessed a resurrected
Bob Fosse in a tutu doing a pornographic musical number with nude men
atop a flaming train wreck."

Just too much

Full post Here
for context of course

Fire. Just a lot of fire.

shessocold posts in mock_the_stupid something she read on her friend grape_cyanide's journal about a wonderful family activity: brush fire making. 

"The level of stupidity in my house has just been increased exponentially.

So we live in the middle of a forest, right? Right.

You know, trees everywhere.

My parents get this idea. "Let's have a brush fire." Good idea, right? No, not really. But if they move everything to the driveway and do it, everything should at least be safe.

So they decide to leave the pile next to the trees. That's not a bad idea, though, right? ... Right?

And then they decide it's a good idea to feed the flames with gasoline. And they plan to put it out with a water hose. That'll work, right?

So my dad is putting gas on the fire with his little gas tank. BOOM. House shakes, trees shake, fire gets huge, dad runs away screaming and throwing his coat off.

And then they keep doing it."

Mock the stupid post can be found here. :)
springtime the pony

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girl_wonder, in a comment to get_medieval:

if I ever got to go into space, everything would be prefaced by "space." I'm in a space-ship going to a space-colony to meet space-people and we're gonna eat space-food and have a space-party. I am gonna space-hurl so bad but make sure you get a picture of my space-puke so I can post it in my space-LiveJournal for my space-friends. Hey honey what's your space-number? Oh, you just- hey, I'm cool with just being space-friends... space-frigid bitch...
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Old Vs. New

winter_in_asia posts his daily rant about random stuff.

And don't even get me started on clothing manufacturers who have started producing "New Retro" clothing. New clothing is not "retro." New clothing is new. Retro clothing is in the dollar bin at Goodwill and is filled with holes from being eaten by moths.

and a comment by yellowmoonlight:

[portion of above quote is referenced]
That's gotta be the best thing I've heard all day.
Bob dylan

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quicksilverclaw is excited about her new carpet.

"We got new dark blue carpet in our living room, which is exciting to me because our old one was like twenty years old and bore the battle scars that come from raising two kids and four dogs on it, none of whom had the carpet's best interests at heart. Now it doesn't look like our family is made up of a bunch of occult Satanists who sacrifice live animals in the living room as part of a bloody ritual to honor our dark lord anymore! I'm exaggerating, but only a bit. Kool-Aid stains never come out."
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chibicelchan, in a comment on this geeky post about Star Trek: The Next Generation, is upset that no good Picard/Data slash exists.

So far, the only Picard/Data fic I've ever found was linked to on some badfic community, and pretty much went like:

Picard: I am a terrible person. I suck as a captain. *angst*

Data: No, you don't. It is I that suck. I will never be human. *angst*

Picard: That is not true. You are more human than me and you rock.

Data: You rock as well, Captain.

Picard: Let's have sex!

Data: Oh... JEAN-LUC!

I laughed.

Attempted Balloon-icide

mom_almighty does it again.

Authorities responded to a distress call from Casa Crisis yesterday, only to discover an all-too-familiar grisly scene of toy brutality. Called to investigate a "balloon emergency", the authorities found household youngster Boy Wonder (BW) standing over a star-shaped blue helium-filled mylar balloon, which was lying on the floor, perilously close to permanent deflation. "Balloon go up!" an obviously distraught BW was wailing, "Balloon go UP!". BW's parents, eyewitnesses at the scene, reported that the blue balloon, a recent gift from a man known only as "Papa" and claiming to be BW's grandfather, had been losing helium more rapidly than expected for a mylar balloon. As BW ran through the crime scene whacking the ailing balloon with the cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels, BW's parents explained that they had witnessed BW conduct several vigorous experiments on the balloon in the desperate hope of helping it regain its flotation abilities. "He threw a few tennis balls at it," noted Daddy, "and when that didn't work, he used the Kite Technique, and finally, the Point-and-Yell Maneuver. Nothing worked. He seemed really upset."

Full post here.

mom_almighty just rules. ^_^

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icarusancalion's college offers are getting interesting.

Colleges are starting to send me recruitment info.

Just got one from a very famous university:

- no application fee
- automatic scholarship consideration
- no required essay
- quick admission consideration

Tulane University.

New Orleans.

Tell me, do they have any teachers left?
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pirate_eggie tells us her opinion on vegan shoes

The concept of vegan shoes vaguely disturbs me, not just because they're not actually made from real vegans (ba-dump-ching!), but because if they are in any way manufactured from any sort of plastic derivative/polymer (being synthetic leather, this is likely), then they are derived from oil, which is, guess what, probably derived from DEAD DINOSAURS. Won't someone please think of the dead dinosaurs?!

-QWP, the whole post is worth checking out
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funwithrage comments in fanficrants:

Insert speech about how one person's standards of taste aren't everyone's, how it's not a bad thing to enjoy sex and your body, and how being overly prudish is as grating to me as the scandalous dirty dancing is to you. Insert disclaimer about how, if the specific media from which writers take fanfic dictates a given society, writers should stick to that society; however, if they do not, it is fair game. Insert query about misogyny inherent in the "...women will stop being WHORES" of first sentence, plus suggestion that poster remove pole of unknown make and weight from orifice.

Then get all hot and bothered from using the word "insert" so much, don tube top and miniskirt, and head out to club. Sadly, must bump and grind minus eyes, which are lost due to excessive rolling. Very sad.

Context is nevar needed!