November 11th, 2005

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So, silvercougar found herself a 'real' winner when she started surfing her favorite message board:
And the idiot list just keeps building and building... Someone asks...
"I know people will hate me for this, but this was a discusstion I had in class
Should the U.S bring back the slave trade. Think of the positive outcome it might have on our socity. I am welcome to all comments."

Now... *sighs* Here is someone so out of touch with reality it's not even funny.
I don't even think I can fathom what to say about this. It's just mind boggling that someone would think that forcing people into slavery *again* would be a good thing. He says he doesn't mean black people... ok so who then? Who do we arbatrarily deside who to make into slaves? How about idiots. People who think that slavery should be brought back... we'll make them into the slaves. See if they like it.

Friended, but QWP.
freeze ray

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noobin, on how you know your job sucks:

"You know your job sucks when you're laying in bed at 3 in the morning, (and you have to get up in two hours), trying to think of ways to give yourself enough energy to make it through a twelve-hour day, and the thought of using a taser on yourself actually crosses your mind."
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littleminx, CSI slash fan extraordinaire, reports on her day:

Tonight's CSI episode. Someone please tell Nick that the Village People already have a cop. Erg, the Worst Mustache Ever. (but, much giggling over Greg's "Hee Hee, Grissom said skid marks")

Am reading "The Collapse Of Globalism and The Reinvention of the World" by John Ralston Saul right now. pg.62 "...Only slashing could save the day." Laughed until i choked. Girl sitting next to me eyed me, eyed the book cover. Gave me THE LOOK. *glee*
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don "no soul" simmons

Snack time for gwyddfid!

Locked post, QWP.

Holy consumerist bullshit batman, I’m looking at my packet of Snak-a-tas and on the side of the box it actually says, “91% guilt free!” Since when did guilt become a measurable component of a foodstuff? Or a measurable component of anything? I mean are people really sitting around, chowing down on snak-a-tas and saying, “hmm, I suddenly feel approximately 9% guilty”? They should hand them out at Communion instead of those Jesus disks they have, imagine how much that would change the Catholic faith!

They have Intarnetz?

bpcslave has an epiphany about the folks on the "other side of the International Date Line."

and I quote:

They do? You mean they're not all sitting on rocks, wearing furs, ripping pieces of meat from raw animal joints and using smoke signals to communicate?

(White puff of smoke for 1, black smoke for 0. You can use it to try to send pictures, but it usually takes a couple of weeks to let the recipient know whether it's a .jpg or .gif)

The entire post is also worth reading--a couple good threads to read.
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tahlulah stumps a crank caller:

I just got a crank-phone call at work:

Me: Good afternoon, BDO!
Him: Hi... uhm... can I .. can I .. smell your panties?
Me: uhm, no.
Him: Well, why not?
Me: Because I'm not wearing any.

Then he hung up on me!!

< snicker >

friends locked post, QWP
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From scans_daily, my constant source of amusement. In the comments to this entry:

timemonkey: So, why does Cass keep hitting Steph?
cmdr_zoom: To get Steph's attention so that she'll give chase, of course.
Haven't you seen playground flirting recently?
timemonkey: Nope. Never seen that kinda thing before, heard about it though.
If they start pulling hair does it mean they wanna date?
vzg: When they dislocate an arm, it's love.
timemonkey: It all makes sense now.
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Pat Robertson

greeneyes_rpi came up with this gem about Pat Robertson's latest blatherings:

"Everytime this man opens his mouth I have to remind myself that he does not speak for the Christian Community. Of course, he does speak for a large group of Christians, but I comfort myself in the belief that, if there is a God, He hates Pat Robertson."
OT3 1776

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In response to this article, onesyrinx says this:

Now just watch poor Dover, Pennsylvania experience the seven plagues of Egypt while experiencing lake effect snow before an asteroid smacks into it and releases billions of little outer space bugs that terrorize and eventually colonize the earth. It's bound to happen. And why? Because God takes a personal offence to seeing His own kicked off the school board. Oh, the wrath.

This is just further proof that I really need to live in an Oceanside hut in New Zealand.

The comments are also wonderful, and since it's friends locked (QWP) I'm putting them here.

nemesisbecoming: I thought God's Wrath was more wingnut Republicans...

onesyrinx: Well, possibly. Whenever I think of God's Wrath I think of flying frogs and locusts. Perhaps God has updated his Wrath in the modern era.

nemesisbecoming: an upgrade to Wrath 3.0 (or is it XP now?)

onesyrinx: Oh, XP Pro. Because God uses only the best Wrath.
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creative_excess talks about Pink Floyd with her orchestra teacher

V: Come to think of it, they don't have any really fast and upbeat songs, do they? The songs are all kind of those slow ones that you sit around and get stoned with your friends to.

Me: (not really paying attention at this point) Yeah, that's a good song...

Oh, right, context.
Quistis is smarter than you., Because I&#39;M the genius here - that&#39;s why

Tour of my dreams! and other joyful noise

In this music-today-sucks-so-I'm-gonna-get-all-witty-about-it post, kaneda_khan, lydaclunas, leighdb and trueflight get into a discussion of bands that should tour together.
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OK, just saw this, decided not to spam Flists and comm, so here comes the edit!

Another meta-meta, this time from here. chaobelle brainstorms on possible additions to the venerable menu of RenFaire food.
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[donna noble] and i think my time machin

Double entendres here we come!

It was inevitable with the theme of this weeks ljdq. I won't tell you - you can figure it out yourself, considering the quotes that happen below. But when chaosvizier did the Thursday reminder post with a picture of a male chicken and valmontheights made the irresitable comment, "CV eats cocks!!!!! *juvenile laughter*" suddenly all hell broke loose:

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Oh, and check out the Quotes Game they have going on below. And, as always, do the Quiz! Do it, Rockapella!