November 8th, 2005

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whoamitalkingto posted in psychology

I once heard somewhere that when someone is zapped by a bolt of electricity, and they fly across the room- that's actually their mind doing it. Somehow, a reactionary reflex happens in their head that makes them jump twenty feet backwards from the thing they are afraid of.

Think of it... that could be a real life super hero. If you could figure out how to jump like that whenever you want? I wish there were smarter people that studied the mind. I wish there were smarter people that studied science. I bet cancer is cureable, and we just judge intelligence by the wrong meters.
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imperial_lunacy is slowly but surely destroying my childhood--

Dear Gepetto:

I'm afraid I no longer wish to take our relationship any further. Being a minor, I don't believe the adult acts we partake in are very appropraite. I do admit that I had genuine feelings of affection, but that does not constitute using my childish naivete to fulfill your perverted sexual frustration. Please, do not try to find me. I'm sorry it had to end this way.

With longful regret,

P.S. No, my nose is not an appropriate love toy and I am disgusted and ashamed that you would even consider demeaning me like that.

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I'm not sure if quoting two different posts from the same journal in one post is allowed, or I would have. As it is, I recommend reading her newest entry, because I was going to quote it but then didn't for the reasons I already stated. I'm from the Department of Redundancy Department... Anyway.

Anyway, the point is, sunsitenthai's journal is a never-ending fountain of funny lately. :O

Going the extra mile for love of the game, here:
The driveway is 100+ feet long, has puddles deep enough to bathe in, and is an absolute piece of crap.

So I get through the first puddle no problem. The ice doesn't even break. I go, 'Hey, this won't be so bad!' and move on to the second, bigger puddle. This is the Pacific Ocean of puddles, folks. You could not canoe across this thing. Ships will be LOST if they try to make the journey and people WILL DIE.

I was foolish. So foolish, to try it in my tiny little car.
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Can I have a Mountian Dew?

So, in som_pos, there was a discusion on 'guilty pleasures' between socktree & starofhope:
socktree Despite the tats, trench coat and 2pac hat I tend to wear often - I love role playing (DnD type).
starofhope Wow. That's awesome. I wonder what kind of character Tupac would have played...
socktree I'd say assassin. Definately a Gnome Titan - Hackmaster style. ("Say hello to my little friend....Shorty McHackHack!")
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