November 6th, 2005

What's your superpower?

Let the icon orgy begin!

fortuna_juvat: I think we just need to have an icon-love orgy on metaquotes at some point. Everybody can <3 and Lurrrve on everyone else's icons, and all go back home to our vanilla default icons in our own journals satisfied.

Of course this means that apocalypsos' icons are going to go home sore from 3 icons trying to "love" on them at once, the nuclear war "but I am le tired" will wake up next to OMG Racecarblingbling and find out it has syphilus, and the newest NaNoWriMo is going to get all bent out of shape when people only pay attention to it for the first five minutes and go back to making iterations of "MyHed iz Pastede on".

This has been a MetaMeta Production.
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QWP from a locked post

The lovely ankaret has this to say about adventures with a new computer in the house:

Peter has a new computer. This means he is spending a lot of his time in the room next to mine shouting 'WHAT?' and on one occasion 'GIT GIT BASTARD GIT' at the screen, and occasionally summoning me to ask how he gets the task manager up in Windows and the like. It'll all be fine once he's got whichever flavour of Unix it is installed on it, I'm sure, but at present he's working with the Windows installation and it's all a bit like being on holiday in the backwoods of Brazil with a professor of classical Portuguese literature who refuses to use a phrasebook on principle.
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"The road to hell is paved with iPod minis."

My former college, wwu, has a lot of tech savvy kids with a lot of silly gadgets, which provoked this post by cheesetarget:

I'm worried that the school administration will find out that I don't have an iPod and place me on academic probation. I was thinking of making a dummy iPod out of a cigarette box and some wire, but that feels a little dishonest. What do you think?

An anonymous user replied:

Just buy a $5 pair of white earbuds and fake it. Bonus points if you proclaim your love for all things Apple.
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lon chaney
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(no subject)

On a post by ursulav talking about a recent dream, nefaria wrote:

At least you get to be heroic in your dreams. I recently dreamed that I was Batman. The Joker gave me a microwavable plastic pouch full of frozen gray gravy and told me it would be good for me. I cut it open with a knife and started sniffing it, then I remembered that The Joker gave it to me, so I probably shouldn't be sniffing it.

I think my subconscious was trying to tell me that I wouldn't make a very good Batman.
Anarchist, MatGB
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Mapp vs The Forty Five Minute Laziest Set Of Them All

mapp, an occasional club DJ, is in a lazy mood.
Temple of Love by the Sisters of Mercy (8:07), I Know You're F*cking Someone Ese by Type O Negative (15:01), Bella Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus (9:37) and then Love Never Dies by Apoptygma Berzerk (14:27).

Not that I'd ever play this kind of set, but, by golly, it'd be an easy set to play. Forty five minutes of music in four tracks!
Personally, I always give up on Bella at about the 3/4 way through mark.
Rockstar Keira

Portrait of an Artist as a Young Lunatic

Quoted from behindpyramids.

So from time to time I like to look back at old things I've written, see how much I've changed (I like to think I'm like fine wine, I improve with age.) I do it when I feel depressed. Oh look, you used to be a moron, now you've moved up the scale a bit! You're a classy moron!
YAY! And there is much rejoicing and some amount of..oh wow,

( Because Sometimes Imagination is Ten Times Better than Crack. )

K, be honest- how much fun would an Ovia action figure be? I mean, it'd be round, it'd be plastic, and it'd just sit there. Whee..whee...Ovia saves the world...not. On the other hand this is the generation of the easily amused...

It's a bloody good thing I never have enough time for NaNoMo.
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*cracks up*

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agent may is unimpressed

Hoisted by my own petard

Have to quote myself to set this up. This is from a recent post of mine, decrying the "Women are Gamers, Too!" article at the Escapist.

trishalynn: I think that since ST [webzine about comics] was founded, the magazine has evolved beyond the "Ooh, here's what girls think about comics" niche and broadened out into the "Ooh, here's what some intelligent, funny and well-written people think about comics...btw, they're all female" one. And that's the spot that every niche market magazine (whether it be an anime mag, a gay gerbil breeders one or whatever) should aim for.

jbmcdragon: ...a gay gerbil breeders...? *blinks* Are the breeders gay? Or the gerbils? 'Cause if it's the gerbils, I have some reasons why the breeding might not being going so well...

Score one for my f-list.
Achewood, Tequila


happy_kittens in mock_the_stupid in response to a tiramisu box misprint here:

Drawing straws is the old way. You know what you SHOULD do?

Make them dance-fight, like in West Side Story. It would be dessert AND entertainment. Everyone wins!

(Note: The losers don't win. Sorry to mislead you.)

That part at the end slayed me. (Note: don't eat first-timers. We don't taste as good as seasoned metaquoters.)

(Corollary to Note: No pun intended.)
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