November 5th, 2005


 I want to be in the darkness with him ... with my evil one.

tviokh finds that dividing line between normal human fandom and "you need drugs to stop you from thinking" fandom. The discovery being this blog and this one.

 But they don't understand. I know that if Sephiroth were a reality, then he would very likely be a threat to everyone's existance on this planet. But for some reason I am selfish when it comes to him. He is all I care about. And I still would wish for him to be real if I had that one wish. I don't care what he does to the world. I don't care at all ... in fact I would be there by his side to support him every single step. I still want to be in the darkness with him ... I want to help him destroy it all ... I want him to rule everything ... my Sephiroth ... oh great one ... you are the eternity. My dark lord, I love you so much. ... ... ... But now I am diverging from what I was originally saying, that happens to me when it comes to my wonderful Sephiroth. But I do wish that one wish could come true, regardless of what he would cause. I just want to be with him ... to hold him so close and to kiss him passionately .... and to take him for eternity. I love him so much. More than I can even express on here. 

My brain has already been slightly cracked reading through your blog; I can't say I'm unhappy that you haven't updated since last year.

You're nuts, and not in the harmless amusing way; by your own admission you've been in fights with people after becoming jealous when they jokingly would say that "Sephy" was theirs.

Lady, repeat to yourself: Final Fantasy 7 is a video game. It's not real. The characters are not real. Sephiroth does not long for you in another dimension. They make medication to stop these sorts of delusions.
Get help.

The whole post of tviokh can be found somewhere over the rainbow... or right here.
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Today's Lesson From holy_whatever: How to Annoy Your Mother.

This is a Quoted with Permission Production (tm)

So, my mom was freaking because she and my dad had a friend come over for dinner tonight. And she was telling me how she wanted to make sure all the rooms in the house were clean, because said friend is a realtor.

Me: So, what, just because she's a realtor she's going to look through every room in the house?
Mom: Well, she might want to.
Me: If she were a mechanic, would you expect her to look through the cars?
Mom: Maybe.
Me: If she were a food inspector, would you want her to go through the fridge?
Mom: Well, no...
Me: If she were a gynecologist -
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from a post at

taeryn_legata And I was just thinking today about how much I miss my Mom. :(

manos99 Hey! I miss my Mom too. High five!
*raises hand*

taeryn_legata w00t! *high fives you* Let's start a secret club!

manos99 I was going to name it Mom Lovers!, but apparently there's already a group by that name.. And, WOW, the people in it are pretty weird. ;)
So, instead we'll go with North American Moms (r) Best Loved Always.
Yeah, NAMBLA is the way to go.

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From here, QWP. This is the whole post, though.

Dear Shakira,

I've heard rumours that Jesus could walk on water and then turn said water to wine, but I assure you, even he could not say,
Mejor te guardas todo eso a otro perro con ese hueso y nos decimos adiós, quite that fast. Kick it down a notch, bitch. My Spanish isn't that great.

Guilty with love for your
fine ass,
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AVG Hawkeye Quiver

oh so very true

From the inimitable mintwitch, quoted with permission:

Also, I'm not so upset about Sony being a tool of Satan. I knew this, actually, and now I'm just waiting for Sony's inevitable defeat by the Teenies. Because they will prevail, oh yes they will. Armies of pimply computer boys will be defeated by the copyright protection virus, but a 14-year-old girl in Buttfuck, Egypt will render it null and void the minute she can't download her celebrity crush's latest masterwork. In Teenies, we trust.

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sunsitenthai is a true LJer:

... I just put my car in the ditch.

My very first thought after, "Wheee, I'm spinning in circles~~" was, "Yay! Something else to bitch about on LJ!" (I kid you not) and my next thought, as I sat there with water coming up through the bottom of my car, was, "Damn it feels good to be a gansta!" and then, "I had a thought... but it's gone now."

From here.
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my friend lupanotte got drunk last night. and being the good friend that i am, i encourage her to try and write drunken porn. ((because she's easily influenced under the influence, and it's just funny.))

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locked post here. quoted with permission, of course.
i was amused.
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Okay. Did you ever discover underwear in your drawer that you were pretty sure wasn't yours, and have no idea how it could have got there?


On the plus side, they're my size, and comfy!

Mork = win!

by lordmork is then followed by a comment from neurotica69:

I think maybe the dryer "sock monster" turns the lost socks into underwear.
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by littledrummrboy

I now have Party Cheese. Party cheese is pasteurized processed cheese food in a can, a la EZ Cheese. See, what had happened was, Club crackers were on sale, so we got some. and I thought that we needed some EZ Cheese. We saw the Party Cheese, which apparently is Southern Family Markets' store brand. I was almost adamant about the purchase of EZ Cheese. Then it dawned on me that I was being picky about processed cheese food in a can and realized precisely how dumb that sounded.
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