November 2nd, 2005

Sims - Harley's LJ Update

I wonder why Bones never talked about this problem....?

While pondering the future of fetish wolfishgrin delights us with the up and downside of each...

Captain Kirking... aka triple-x-traterestrial. Sure, it could be construed as bestiality... but it doesn't count if their intelligent, and from a different planet.

Upside: To boldly go where no man has gone before.

Downside: If the common cold killed the aliens in War Of The Worlds, imagine what Alien Syphillis could do to you.

From nina321...

From this post... a conversation she had...

Josh says:
would you be able to put some songs on my ipod?
Josh says:
Nina says:
maybe.... probably
Josh says:
Josh says:
i want as hard core metal rock as i can
Josh says:
Josh says:
i really like that kinda stuff at the moment
Nina says:
haha, ok
Josh says:
like limp buiscuit and blink 182?
Josh says:
if u have things like that
Nina says:
i'm not sure I have anything quite SO hardcore...
Nina says:
Josh says:
Josh says:
Josh says:
u have system of a down
Josh says:
or are you takin the mik?

Well, it amused me, anyway... *chuckle*
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Rats, husbands and companionship

Over herd on ratties in a post by nellorat

"You only have one husband? Husbands are very sociable and intelligent creatures, and if you have only one, chances are he's lonely. It's not really more expensive to have two husbands than to have one--at least as long as they're employed--and they can keep each other company when you're busy. It's best to introduce them slowly, in a neutral area; sometimes it helps to bathe them and put a little vanilla on them, so they smell more similar. A little dominance scuffling between husbands is quite normal at first, though they should be separated if either one draws blood or if the fighting creates abscesses."

a number of other funny comments follow in the post.

faustus <3

From nerdork's journal with her permission. She was talking about outside classes and how they interfere with her learning...

"It threatened to kill the good mood that usually accompanies discussions of Doctor Faustus -- a man whose LiveJournal would totally PWN my own. I mean, just think about it.

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i totaly sold my sole 2 the devil!!1 i m gonna go 2 hell. :-( i haet myself. what should i do now? take my poll plz!

Poll #603295
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how 2 use my totalli cool powers

-mess with pope (lolz)
-bring back awesum dead people
-eat grapes!!1 out of season!

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In A.D. 2005, Halloween was beginning.
Pirate: What happen ?
Ghost: Somebody dress up us the costume.
Ninja: We get called.
Pirate: What !
Ninja: Porch light turn on.
Pirate: It's you !!
PARENTS: How are you children !!
PARENTS: All your candy are belong to us.
PARENTS: You are on the way to destruction.
Pirate: What you say !!
PARENTS: You have no chance to gluttony make your time.
PARENTS: Ha Ha Ha Ha ....
Ninja: Pirate !!
Pirate: Unwrap every 'Mars Bar'!!
Pirate: You know what you doing.
Pirate: Eat 'Mars Bar'.
Pirate: For great sugar rush.
Top Model - Ms J

A moment of prayer.

gullinbursti starts his morning with a prayer to his lord and savior.


Let me take a break from my regular prayers, and even the more important topical prayers like the one for the Pagerparish, to make a tiny little very selfish request:

Please please please please pleeeeeease let that man be gay. And let him be working on a project such that I will run across him a lot more.

Thank you.


(Ohemmgee. 6'3"-ish, red hair and goatee, blue eyes, union construction workerbear, amazingly cute, and kept glancing over at me at Wawa. Not quite as much as I was glancing over at him, maybe. Not feeling ultra-confident this morning on the heels of a crappy night's sleep, so I didn't stare outright. But I'd stare. Ohhhh boy.)

(I don't ask for much, Jesus. And yeah, I know I have the awesome husband and stuff. He'd like him too. Thanks again.)
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Fanficrants wins at life again. This quote is from this post.

yellowspikegirl complains about authors reprating themselves several times, using a few lines from an FMA fic for an example. Then the following happens.

beccastareyes: Read it in Mojo Jojo's voice for maximum effect.

caelum: Edward Elric, which is to say the Fullmetal Alchemist because that is his State name, but who was named Edward first, was late, and he was tardy, and furthermore he was not on time. Roy Mustang who was also the Flame Alchemist because he was given that State name in the same manner that Edward, who was behind schedule, was given the name Fullmetal, was annoyed because Edward Elric had not arrived at the predetermined time. Also, Ed was late.
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In the comments to This Post about disappearing testicles:

theladycrimson: What I really want to know is where the ever loving hell he blacked out. Cuba? Who knew stealing a liver was old news. Apparently testicles are the new liver.

eduthepenguin: My bet is on psychotic squirrels (redundant, I know).

"We shall take these nuts... FOR SQUIRRELY JUSTICE."

cmzero:Or an ex-girlfriend with a voodoo doll.
Phone sex

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snoggered had this to say about this picture:

How come white supremacists never have nice home furnishings? Always with the bad wallpaper and things tacked to the wall. They should stop hating gay men for just a weekend and let someone redecorate.

True, true, but then, everything clashes with Klan members.
Two Heads

La Nausée

mippy is feeling very jaded, here:

I get scared when I'm in this sort of mood - it's like having Sartre sitting on your shoulder like the devil in Tom and Jerry cartoons, telling you that life is futile so you may as well create an art statement by jumping off Hammersmith Bridge in a green ballgown. The angel would probably be Dorothy Parker telling me that rivers are damp so you might as well live. Bless her.
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From a public entry by dusith:

Why is it the cats go crazy when they hear a can opener? It's not like they hunt 'beef diced with gravy' out in the wild. Even if your cat has never had wet food, they come running anyway.

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This was found over at house_cameron Asking about a particular song during one of the episodes. As a Who fan, I had a good chuckle after my initial "WTF?" moment.

starlynth7388: 1.. In one of the episodes with (i think his name was Vogler?) the big pharmacy guy, House was listening to music and he was tapping all around his desk like he was playing the piano. I was wondering if any of you knew what song it was he was listening to. Sorry i don't know the name of the episode.

mystery_chick25: The song is The Who by Baba O'Riley
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vaguely shares her thoughts on "Lost" and ABC's hype of it, here.

But then, wouldn't it be great if ABC got some cojones and made an advert that said "This week only about half of one question will be answered, but there will be gratuitous shots of Evangeline's cleavage, delighting both viewers and Dom Monaghan..."? I'd be grateful for that.