November 1st, 2005

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Oh Canada!

"Folks, it's cool that you like my icon, but it's kinda depressing that one person out of 42 comments actually commented on the quote. You know, the reason I posted in the first place? :)"

thm lamenting on the fact that nobody seems so concerned with what he's posting as they are with what icon he uses when he posts it.

From this Metapost.
Sunshine flag

From lady_deirdre:

I don’t know, but right now I’m grasping every chance I get because dude, I need chances like a mouse needs cheese. And an anti-cat missile. And one of those Lego helmets in case he runs into Christopher Walken in Mousehunt. And… oh hell, I just *need* them, okay?

From here.
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In reply to me welcoming her back calsita has this to say:

I knew it. I'm so perfect, you have to welcome me.

It seems you bring out the egotistical cheerleader in me... well, okay, not the whole egotistical cheerleader. I'm still digesting her legs


(Yummy. I heard that Pom Poms are good fibre.)

Shake Djibouti

Dancing Perverts!

briarose333 had a bit of a problem this homecoming with a guy...

we go out to the place where we danced, and he was there again, and at least he asks this time "Do you wanna dance?" holding his hand out and stuff.
But I go "I'm a lesbian," because he seems kind of lost, even though he's a slut + manwhore. But then--get this--he asks five more times! But then Angel and I start dancing in a way that if anyone was behind us and was of the male gender, would never be able to reproduce again.

and later, the reason for his persistence (this happened with a lot of other people):

Later on, we find out through Alison that the reason he's doing this is (exact quote!)
"So I can tell all the other guys that I dance with a lot of girls."



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[c] hark! a vagrant! - eat a dick
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in the replies to a post where i complain about the charactisation of the main character in the mini-series mary bryant, kirke_novak comments with:

I have no idea who ‘Mary’ is but I can beat her up for you if you want :) The fact that I don't know her will make it easier.
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The humor was unintentional, I'm sure.

In the LJ news community, ljkrissy wrote:

Speaking of changes to the navigation bar, revmischa and veroz have been working hard at improving our portal feature which helps you personalize the way you interact with LiveJournal. It's called My LJ (special thanks to members of the lj_feedback community for helping us with the name).

ETA The humor to me was that they needed an entire community to come up with such a blah name.
sport for our neighbors

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From amvhoward in this post:

Me: You know the Bible passage, "Wherever two or three are gathered..."
Greg: *snickers*
Me: What?
Greg: Two or three, no more no less. Four thou shall not gather, and five is right out.
Me: Clear scriptural proof that Jesus hates polygamy.
Greg: But threesomes are all good!
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hedge maze

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Over on fandom_wank, spleen says:

It took me a couple of episodes of House to get rid of the "but wait, he's Bertie Wooster!" mindset. I kept waiting for Stephen Fy, in full Jeeves-wear, to step out from behind the Whiteboard of Differential Diagnosis and say, "Might I suggest an alternative solution to this lugubrious mystery of Mrs. Dribbleknicker's malady, sir?"
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Baby's First Metaquote: On Meth

This, while not actually written by Hikaness herself but by a non-LJ friend of hers, is quite amusing. If this is against the rules, though -- I couldn't determine myself, but it isn't really her own writing -- I'll remove this right away.

Anyway, hikaness's friend, Mitch, has this to say on meth users:

I mean, even if you do manage to get these losers off meth they'll find some other equally stupid way to get their kicks, like jumping into the way of freeway traffic or wild bear slapping.


Since these people seem to have no real self-control most of them will probably overdose in the first few hours. The ones that survive will then become paranoid of all the other addicts and then they will start fighting each other. Eventually someone's going to cause sparks to fly and the whole warehouse will go up in a brilliant inferno. The kids should like that a lot, I know I would. Then the last few stragglers will be tormented by what I like to call the "loud horn and flashing lights jamboree."