October 28th, 2005

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3/4 of a bottle of riesling wine convinced me to put my old yaoi gallery back up.

Feh, it's fugly.
Gaudy. Bright. Generally horrid.

I should redo it sometime.
But, I'm lazy.
And quite drunk.
This is not a good combination to make less gaudy HTML.
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Fairy: Shhh

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malinalda, here, on living in a city where one knows very few people:

What we really need is some sort of friend import service, where one can have cool people shipped to a city of one's choice for hanging-out purposes. "Hi, Friend Imports? Yeah, I'd like to order a couple of gaming geeks, a musician, and a theatre nerd. Extra smart, hold the egos. Oh, and can I get a side order of people who make really bad literary puns? Fabulous. Put it on my Visa. Thanks!"
singular love affair

It's kind of like the laws of conservation...

So, right. One of the unofficial mottos of the University of Chicago is "Where Fun Comes To Die." I am currently hissing and spitting about the fact that my cold has gotten worse the day Rufus Wainwright will be playing on campus. suddenleap explains why I always get sick right before something awesome is about to happen:
You go to the U of C, silly. IF THE FUN WON'T DIE, YOU WILL HAVE TO!
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Somebody posts in firefoxusers asking for help fixing their vacuum cleaner. Yes, you read that correctly.

Chaos ensues.

If your vacume cleaner doesn't work then the result is you don't suck.

Does the bag need emptying? Go to Control Panel; Sucky Devices, select your vacume (if there are several), then right click and select properties. each vacume manufacturer has their own layout but look there for the "Empty bag" button.

The other thing is that some vacumes come with "fused" leads - you have to find where the fuse is, then either replace it with a known good fuse of the same rating or go out and buy a "fuse tester" (about 200 dollars from any good DIY store) and you can see if your existing fuse is OK.

Note: There may be some sections of the above post that contain irony - if you are allergic to irony then please do not read the post ... go away ... shoo.

If you don't know what irony is then you can look it up in a dictionary.

If you either don't own a dictionary, or don't know what one is then Microsoft Word provides a "thesaurosis" Any of various diseases caused by accumulation of foreign or abnormal substances in the tissues, esp. the lungs ... no wait that should be "thesaurus" function which may assist you (then again, it may not).


I haven't got much expereince with vacuum cleaners that run FreeBSD, but the following bash shell script (run as root) might be helpful:

# A script to fix a vacuum

#Go to where the problem is.
cd /usr/bin/vacuum/bag

make distclean

#Set it up again
make install

#Your vacuum should now suck just as much as it did before.


Metametameta! On Voldemort-baboons!

From a thread on Harry Potter logic puzzles. Here! twisted logic ahoy

I am now picturing Voldemort mooning Hogwarts with his bright red posterior in order to establish his pack dominance. - dkellis. Actually, the entire thread is pretty amusing...
(Edit: HTML fixed. It should link to the user now. *hangs head in shame* Thanks for all your help. I now know a new thing.)
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Anarchist, MatGB
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On real crime scandals

cargoweasel here
Everyone needs to calm down. Nothing the Republicans did was anything out of the ordinary. Please. A little perspective.

It's not like any of them got a blowjob. THAT would be real crime.
In response, waterotter
I say from now on, anyone caught in a political indiscretion should be sentenced to give Clinton a blowjob on national television.
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Yesterday my mother and I had the following conversation.

Me: [re: Jared Leto] He was Hephaestion in
Mom: I don't think I saw that.
Me: Or if I wanted to be really crude, it was Alexander in Hephaestion.
Mom: ...
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