October 27th, 2005


Funny in a Sad Way...

I guess this is sort of a quote of a quote, but I have a source, so oh well.

So ladyfalcoln is talking about going back to visit the teachers at the high school she graduated from last year, after a rocky first year at college:

Honestly, I hadn't reckoned on how uncomfortable it would be. My friend David said that he figured the worst part of failure is having to explain to accquaintences why exactly you failed, and he's right.

From here.

Not exactly funny, but I, at least, felt a pang of recognition.

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In an locked post, systris ponders the commercial potential of an alternative to Chuck E. Cheese:

Gothi D Spair's - where a goth can be a goth.... Have a DarkWave birthday party complete with animtronic puppet versions of the cruxshadows and sisters of mercy singing their greatest hits, and have you and your friends run around playing arcade games like Whack-A-Raver, Heroin-OD Simulator, and Pin the Blame on Your Parents!

locked post, qwp.

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Comment made here bymini_kelpie in response to a convo about f-locked communities on darker_spike (which happens to be a friends locked community*g*)

Quoted with permission.

"I've noticed on a few different fandoms there is more locking but i assumed it was to keep out the kiddies and the monitor the serial nutters more easilly. it's a bit of a pain for lurkers like myself- we have to SIGN UP onto lj and THEN lurk. aah the horror.

(emphasis put by me)

(She also added this which might have been more funny in context (but seeing as how I was sort of a part of that whole convo I can't quote that bit*g*)

btw i don't have any goats but i've got some leftover chicken wings, will they do for sacrifices?"
it's magic

The Secret Life of Cereal Mascots

Even cereal mascots can be emo: Snap (one of the Rice Krispies mascots) (ohh_snap_its_on), long thought dead by his companions Crackle and Pop (cracklinpop), has recently returned to his friends and is out for vengence: "What's the best way to take out a cult based in a tree? I wanna get the whole operation, and the red-hatted demon at the top. Those Keeblers're gonna pay."

In the meantime, there was a touching reunion with his very surprised friend Toucan Sam (followj00rnose): "...Snap, I thought you died! We had a funeral for you and everything. Count Chocula said the eulogy... it was really quite touching. I couldn't follow my nose for weeks, I cried so much."

Ah, Nexus, without you, who would break our brains so prettily?

((ETA: The Nexus, for those who don't know (and for shame, you really should by now :P) is the in-game name for places like sages_of_chaos, where fandoms collide and we all eat far too much sugar.))
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CFUD crack

Itachi and Lee discuss the dangers of... A pink waterwang.

greenbeast__rar: It has already begun its dastardly work in Yzak's mouth! Which one of us is next, Itachi? How many more have to suffer before the wang is brought to justice?!

strongeruchiha: ...He couldn't just bite it?

greenbeast__rar: The point isn't what Yzak did, it's what the waterwang could do! Imagine: you're sleeping some night, alone, supposedly safe, dreaming of frolicking through fields of alfalfa -- and suddenly, under your blankets, something creeping...


Once it has you under its squishy pink thrall, there is no escape!!

strongeruchiha: ...

Or I could stab it.
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Mahna Mahna - Muppets
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free_of_whip says this regarding the next supreme court nomination:

Next up: President Bush nominates Miss Beazley to be a Supreme Court Justice, instead. In his nominating speech, he praises her as "even more of a White House lap dog than Miers." He responds to criticism of her qualifications by saying that his critics are simply being sexist.

Of course, Miss Beazley was only his second choice after Miers withdrew, but Spot was, unfortunately, disqualified for office by dint of being deceased.

(f-locked, quoted w/permission)
girl reporter: Lois Lane

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foresthouse has a list of Dos and Don'ts of Hallowe'en Costumes:

1. If you are going to a Halloween party, you MUST wear a costume. Otherwise you are LAME. And BORING.

- 1a. If it is the kind of costume that requires eXtremely minimal effort, it must be either a) somewhat original or b) clever in such a way that at least 7 out of 10 people of normal intelligence, if they really tried, could guess it.

2. If you put more effort into it, there is not as big a penalty if it is slightly less original. Basically there is an inverse relationship here, is what I'm sayin'.

Rest of the list, and story of trials and tribulations of an attempt to find a blue dress for "Devil in a blue dress" costume, at her LJ here.
hopf fibration

Metameta! Dumbledore is Voldemort, QED.

I actually had this conversation last night.

1. Everyone is afraid of Voldemort.

2. Voldemort is only afraid of Dumbledore.

therefore, Dumbledore is Voldemort.

Since everyone is afraid of Voldemort, then Voldemort is afraid of Voldemort. So Voldemort is afraid of Voldemort, but also is afraid of no one but Dumbledore. Therefore Dumbledore must be Voldemort.

-riddlev, here.

What? It makes sense to me.