October 26th, 2005

Mad Stylin Yo!

chloetude is sick

I can't breathe through my nose. I'm coughing on every other breath I take.

I feel like a warrior at Helm's Deep, without the helmet, sword, armour, Orcs, or bad hair, but with a cold. I suppose we share the fear of death.

I hope I last the night.

Now I have the image of a coughing, sneezing girl at Helm's Deep, asking an Orc for some kleenex.

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I <3 Hellraiser

apperception: Oh, look. Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 are on AMC this week.

mendaciloquent: Hey, that's good. Which one do you think is better?

apperception: Probably the second one. You get to see someone turned into a Cenobite, and Leviathan makes a special guest appearance.

mendaciloquent: That does sound good.

apperception: Although, in the first one, there's a dead guy living in the attic, and he doesn't have any skin. And the woman has to bring him dead bodies to regenerate his skin.

mendaciloquent: ... Why would you regenerate your skin?

apperception: Hmm. I suppose it's because you would be susceptible to infection.

mendaciloquent: Ahh. Health reasons.

(From a locked post, QWP)

Fun over at stupidpetowners

In relation to this post and how breeding a pure bred dog with a crossbreed will give you pure bred puppies. In specific, this thread.

gnomestress: Your landlady's friend astounds me. What part of the word "pure" does she not understand. If I take a glass of half sewer water, and mix it with a glass of purified water, it does not make purified water! The stupid, it burns.

42dirtygirl: I wonder if that style of breeding will work with furniture. We really want a king size bed, I wonder if we leave our queen and twin alone in a room they will produce a king...

gnomestress: ZOMG! Don't you knowwww?!!!!!!11 That gets you a futon!
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special buzz

Be gentle, it's my first metaquote.

A side topic spawned on deleterius from a National Novel Writing Month icon, where kapnkaty looked on the bright side.

the way i look at it is this; worst case scenario, you don't finish, then you just keep it and finish it later on your own time. best case scenario, you finish on day one and spend the rest of the month bragging insufferably to all your friends and then start giving yourself special treatment.

"I'm going to take the last muffin."
"Hey! I called dibs on that muffin!"
"Yes, but did you win NaNoWriMo? I didn't think so" *munchamuncha*

i'm aiming for muffin rights myself.

Muffin rights indeed. <3 Here.
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Said by thefamiliar  over in this post in bad_tattoos_2  while discussing a tattoo done of Robert Frost's "Road Less Travelled" on someone's forearm.

2005-10-26 12:38 am (local) (link) Select

Note how Frost's poem doesn't explicitly state that his taking the "road less travelled" was a good thing, just that it made all the difference. He could now me a meth addicted paraplegic. Just thought I'd say that, because people usually take it to be an optimistic piece.
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Re: Poems

It's the "I'll Be Watching You" of poetry! D8

***edited because apprantly my post looked "horrid"***
when silly thoughts go through my head, she don&#39;t use jelly, i shall never grow old

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Today at lunch:

MIKE: I sympathize with Holden Caulfield. We have the same approach to sex.
ME: What's that approach?
MIKE: Like, you want it, but at the same time you don't want to destroy innocence.
SARAH: That's a paradox! You could only have sex with unicorns!

It's times like these I get all wibbly about leaving next year.

- green_lipped
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Holiday spirit

javamental talks about conflicts in her Place of Employment in customers_suck, which apparently serves a whole lot of conservative religious folk:

So, having deprived myself of my much-beloved scary Halloween shit on your behalf, if one more of you Krazy Kristian Konservatives proceeds to chew my ass because Halloween is de Debil's tool, so help me, I'm coming over this damn counter to make a new Halloween decoration out of your severed head. Seriously. You've been warned.
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What happens when the ladies of Marvel get really drunk and go out for a night in Rome?

Brought to you by sages_of_chaosas always.

The whole thread is here


ros_not_a_ho to ms_tique Oh fine! I dare you to morph into the Pope and have some very public sex in Vatican Square. I shall be procuring myself a nun's habit.

ms_tique Sweetheart, if that's an offer, you're on!

ros_not_a_ho Well, I shall be the Nun you're molesting after all. Only after the heist though. Thieving makes me horny excited. And munchy too.

ms_tique "There's a clothing supply shop right around the corner with what I must say are some very styling robes. We'll stop off there between trashing the place and running from the police." She winks and grabs 'Ro's ass.

ros_not_a_hoNo. It has to be the genuine thing. I want the Mother Superior's robes straight from her holy chest. *drunken snort* There I go with the puns again...

*swats Raven's hand* Not yet, dear.
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your non-sequitor of the day

When your friends are gamers (Earth 2025 in this case), while the statement below may make perfect sense to them, it may take some time for your brain to process:

Note to self: Next time, take Monday off if I expect war.

- dulyoncourt, locked post, QWP.

On second thought, it is an admirable philosophy. :)