October 25th, 2005

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quasilie and her boyfriend recently celebrated their anniversary. She muses on how lucky she is to have someone like him:

"And [he's] a true romantic, too. Today I was laying on the bed as he was doing something on the computer, and all of a sudden he looked at me and said: "Awwww, you look so cute when laying there. You look like a really cute little..."

I thought "A really cute little what? What is he gonna come up with? A cute little fairy? An angel? Some cute animal?"

And then he decided on an appropriate word.

"...sausage." "
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I love halloween. I love the Nightmare Before Christmas. So when I saw holeinthedonut lamenting the state of the world, I had to share it...

It's not the hurricanes, mudslides, floods, earthquakes or tsunamis. I know the world is ending because Mom shared her appreciation for "The Nightmare Before Christmas" over the dinner table.

Mom, who made me a fugative for seeing the movie when I was 13. Who used to chime in whenever someone preached about the Evils of Halloween. The lady who couldn't *begin* to understand the appeal of a kids' movie that had shrunken heads and singing skeletons, and branded anything animated as sub-par entertainment. "Except the Smuffs." "That's Smurfs, Mom."
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Do you ever feel like you walk that fine line? That fine line between say being a regular kind of person who gets up, goes to work, goes home, and being the kind of person who goes to work with a samurai sword, slaughters everyone in the building before masturbating in a pool of blood?

Maybe it's just me.

Quoted from thisismusic, whole post is found here.
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In other news, I saw mint-flavored lube at Walgreens today, which I found rather repulsive. When I think of mint, I think of that cool, refreshing, and slightly disgusting taste you experience after a vigorous round of tooth brushing or Listerine. NOT WHEN YOU’RE GOING DOWN ON SOMEONE. - bethfrish, here
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french_zombie constantly cracks me up. And she's funnier in real life...but in her most recent post she says:

[I] had a good weekend, had an even better day today because we have to write a story in Narration about princes and princesses and Annika and I are really going to embarress ourselves when we have to present it (we're both a little crazy and ended up with a weightlifting princess who eats escargots, one of which continued living in her stomach and now talks to her, his name is Antonio . . . he's Italian). . .

ANY WHO I also wanted to impart to you how aggravating it is to be constantly getting hit on for various reasons. Apparently a lot of the Morrocans are looking for a green card and a lot of the French guys are looking for something else entirely. It has gotten to the point where I don't even stop to see what people are trying to ask me anymore. Unfortunately, these guys are more wiley than I thought and have discovered ways around that. The other day, for example, I was walking down the street minding my own business when this group of guys started walking towards me. The one closest to me was staring straight at me, very obviously trying to get my attention. I was looking straight ahead and, very obviously, pretending not to see him. Not to be discouraged, he jumped RIGHT in front of me. For my part, I didn't want to bother encouraging this behavior by stopping, so without slowing down I shoved him out of the way and said, "I don't care what you want, go away!" I didn't dare turn around to look, but I knew he wasn't following me cuz his friends were laughing hysterically at him for being so forcefully rejected. I have to admit I smiled the whole way home.
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American Tradition from the eyes of a state worker shleb

Included in a rant about basic americana from the eyes of a state worker, cryticalvision discusses the american traditions, including idendity theft, baseball , and apple pie..

Apple Pie. The Thanksgiving and Christmas wonder. Crispy flaky crust filled with chewy and spicy apples chunks. Why is this a tradition? Who knows. Maybe it started when Johhny Appleseed got hit on the head with an apple and thought he was Issac Newton discovering gravity and was sure he had to help everyone find it so he tried to cover the country in trees. Too bad Paul Bunyon was right behind him with the GAWDDANG!AXE cutting them all down again. (Sub Tradition. Bedroom Communities!)

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(Quoted from friends only journal with permission)
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Follower of Christ?

In sinboy's journal, this exchange took place in the comments to this post:

sinboy: So it looks likley that President George W. Bush's first Presidential veto ever will be to overrule a near unanimous Senate vote to prohibit the use of torture.

Someone explain to me how this man calls himself a follower of Christ.

redbird: He's following Christ the way a mugger follows an innocent woman who looks like she has money in her purse.
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