October 23rd, 2005

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Grim Monster

hiddenleaves has had an odd night.

"At about 7am this morning, I woke up and hallucinated that a small female dwarf was beckoning me to walk across the room, to what end I don't know. It was definitely a moving hallucination because I could see her hands and face moving. She seemed like a very happy dwarf. Slightly disturbed, I turned the light on and it turned out to be my umbrella. Yesterday I had a shot of whiskey in some lemon and ginger tea, and some chocolate. That doesn't normally morph umbrellas into living, breathing, beckoning dwarves. So...

What the hell is going on?

[protected post, quoted with permission]
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Xander's shower

blackperson makes me smile for so many reasons...

I buy a teddy bear every time I can because it is not socially acceptable for a
twenty one year old woman to carry around a stuffed animal unless it was
recently purchased. In an ideal world, I could carry a teddy bear everywhere,
matching them with my outfits. I would demand that others acknowledge my bear
with a welcoming kiss followed by a warm greeting using his full name. Each of
my bears has a fascinating back history and interesting opinions on topics
ranging from the weather to politics so I expect everyone to remember at least
on detail about him because there will be a past/fail test later. Failure
results in severe hissyfits and pouting. It is the one strand of childhood
innocence that I have left and I intend to keep it.

Pooh Bear and I say "Right on!"

Covered with fuzzy bits, but I asked permission.
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(no subject)

Perhaps it's something to do with proving one's virility. Yes, look at me, I'm tough, I live with a cactus. At any moment I could accidentally trip or drunkenly topple over and gently touch my arm to this spiny death-trap disguised as a knickknack, a gentle touch from which I may never recover. Yes. I flirt with danger. Aren't I butch?

--mezzogiorno ponders the deeper meaning of cacti as houseplants in a locked post.
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raven_feathers in response to sarcastro's comment on the popularity and distracting qualities of the hypno!icon:

you just need to save it for special occasions.

you: dear flist, i'd like to thank each of the twenty three of you i've shagged this week. just thought you should know i have syphilis. and leprosy. also, cooties. have a nice day!

flister1: zomg! ur icon!!
flister2: icon love!
flister 34: wow, that's some icon!

Context? Scroll down the comments here, y'all.
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spawnsong has a slightly misogynistic dream involving cooked meats:

"Last night I had a dream that I was having a ménage à trois, when suddenly one woman in the dream was replaced with pork ribs and then the other, after a brief moment of consideration, with roast chicken, presumably, my subconscious ruminated, because it's better to have some meat from two different species of animal than to have more meat from the same species."

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In this post over in baseball, I commented about the annoying habit Fox has of showing Joe Buck and Tim McCarver in the broadcast booth. hesaiddestroy asked, "Did you see the start of the broadcast where they opened with that super closeup of Joe Buck, and he tried to be all sexy?", to which deathbytamarind replied: "My tubes tied themselves."

I suppose you have to know who Joe Buck is to find it funny. But still.
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Amusement abounds...

I always imagined some kind of dreamworld where all bathroom graffiti was written with the greatest elegance in mind. Someone would write with a feather pen, in beautiful cursive "Dear sir, I do believe I had carnal knowledge of your sister last night. She is quite the strumpet." Then someone else would respond "Then it should interest you, my good friend, that I know for a fact that you can only afford to employ the company of your right hand."

millym in customers_suck, full post here.
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