October 22nd, 2005


Not meta. But she was never a big believer in rules stickling anyway.

But it seems improper to not mention it on the place she founded.

kielle aka _redpanda_
10-22-1972 - 9-22-2005


First, since people have asked, Kielle was diagnosed earlier this month with colon cancer. She had the surgery and came out the other side. She was seeming to recover, but then took a turn for the worse. The end came swiftly thereafter. Her husband posted at 3 in the afternoon his time, and then posted she had gone on around 11 the same night.

Second, since the mod has asked, I have post-dated the entry so it stays on top. I have chosen the date of October 22, 2005 for several reasons.

It's kielle's birthday.
It's her husband's birthday.
And it will be the day of her wake.

Her husband says they are looking forward to seeing what kind of crowd turns up and out to sing her onward. I'm not sure I can swing it yet, but I dearly want to.

ETA 2:

Remembering Kielle is a message board for links and such for people to indicate they remember the woman known across fandoms, across the internets.

I call her loss the Netquake.
boxy noel

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eye_of_a_cat wrote the following:

Just outside my house, I got attacked by two little kids wielding plastic lightsabers. After a fair amount of theatrical dying and mock hand amputation:

Me: Wait a minute. Are you two Jedi or Sith?
Kid #1, with blue lightsaber: I'm a Jedi, because I'm Obi-Wan. But he's Count Dooku [*nodding towards kid with red lightsaber*]
Me: Then why are you both attacking me?
Obi-Wan, to Count Dooku: Yeah. Why are you attacking her?
Count Dooku: *looks ashamed*

No wonder the Jedi fell.
Mad Stylin Yo!

Salvation for your clothing

Something of a tangent happening over in dot_poly_snark

moonshadowdance: I hope someone remembers a christian tour group called 'Up With People!'

lysana: Yes, I remember them, damn it. Though as I remember it, they were Christian in a far more subtle fashion than some groups. They felt more like a touchy-feely experiment in hippy philosophy washed clean of the patchouli.

How they got the patchouli out, I'll never know.

cumaeansibyl: I hear the blood of Christ makes a great detergent.
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son_of_paladin is hip with current events:

CNN.com says that Alicia Keys just came out with a new "unplugged" album, and that got me thinking.

You know who really needs to come out with an "unplugged" album? Terry Schiavo.

Coming up next: A Titanic joke (while I'm hitting these things in their prime)

Here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/son_of_paladin/80801.html
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Over at customers_suck,millym shares a truely bizarre story about a truely bizarre child...

When I played pretend, things made a lick of sense most of the time. If we had a freeze ray, then goddamnit, you had an invisible freeze ray in your hand and you made the appropriate sound effect. IF you had a bazooka, you were not allowed to hold it like a pistol and never tell us that you're holding a bazooka. I never engaged into the 7th seal mysteries of wiggling my fingers underneath my chin while decked out in Ecko and G-unit clothing, bounding about with all the grace of, well, a 5 year old after a boxful of sugar, and never explaing what the hell I'm doing, and why I'm doing it in front of a concessions clerk.

Would you like some context to go with that insanity?

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caatinga's views on obscenity and the government's attempt to crack down on it in the form of a comment here: (and now without the cut, as requested)

I agree. What a ridiculous allocation of resources. I couldn't give a flying fuck if consenting adults are publishing pictures of themselves being sodomized by rose bushes while having candle wax dripped on them by five members of the Cheney family. I'd rather that money were put...oh, about anywhere else. Education perhaps?

Lame-asses. Just wait until they find Bush's private collection of golden shower pictures.

Good god

In customers_suck, jackalite posts about idiotic hicks attempting to buy Gamecubes.

"Crazy Hick: Do you need to have a TV to play this thing, or can you just plug it into the wall and go?
jackalite: O_O;;

No ma'am, no television necessary. It comes with its own black hole to the fourth dimension so you can actually step inside the game. Quite the experience, let me tell you."

See the rest of the post here.
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more wonderfulness from customers_suck

from: the_infector said (in the comments reagarding his/her post)

"I mean, I was telling the guy about how he can get a FREE coupon book [they're normally five bucks and have a ton of coupons to nearly all the stores in our mall, which there are a lot of!] and he has to go and act like I just told him he needs to gut his first born, wear the entrails like a tutu and dance a kooky dance in a circle while chanting the lyrics to "The Bad Touch." in Yiddish.

For the whole of the post
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More Batman Crack

Who needs context when we've got Batslash?  http://www.livejournal.com/community/scans_daily/979659.html#cutid1


A particulalry controversial post in scans_daily  involving Batman, kidnapping, and clild abuse via bitchslap, arxh takes us behind the scenes for a look at Bat's To Do List:


so batman landmarks
kidnap 12 year old boy
call him a retard and state your identity in the process
drug him
hit him
hit him again if you must
take him into your "cave" and stick him in tights
make him fight crazy bastards
if this boy should quit hire another one thats even more messed up but looks almost identical to the first.
lather rinse and repeat


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cimorene by pentapus
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This Is Courage In The Highest Degree

Quoted with permission.

"SEXUAL ABUSE exists because of secrecy. And yes, I said it. In bolded, 6-point print even.

SEXUAL ABUSE. It happens in homes. It happens to children. They don't say anything and they grow up afraid and ashamed.

SEXUAL ABUSE thrives in secrecy. But hey, why does it matter? Who wants to talk about sexual abuse? Do you want to? Isn't it something that should rightfully stay on a TV screen until the details are too squeamish and the station has to be changed?"

"Planes fly into buildings. People mourn, they get angry, they pull together, they begin to recover. And that's how it should be.

Hurricanes hit towns. There are relief efforts, donations, charity concerts, requests for national aid. And that's also how it should be.

Millions of childrens are molested and abused. Millions of secrets are kept. And that's not how it should be.

At this point, after looking at Cole's interview, after researching more on the net, after talking to my therapist the bajillionth time about feeling completely alone in the world, I've made a decision--I'm telling my parents. And should I ever be in a position to spread a message--be it through my photography, through my writing, if I ever become relevant in this world--I'm going public with my story. It's not even a choice for me anymore, it's a responsibility."

Read the rest here