October 21st, 2005

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When Superheros Need Help, Too...

rubynye over in scans_daily  makes a suggestion I find no fault with:


And obviously, Bruce and Clark need to sleep together. Then they can comfort each other through these night terrors.

...What? Why is everyone looking at me like that?


timemonkey  replies with

Clark: Common!!!
Bruce: No.
Clark: Please?
Bruce: No.
Clark: We both need it.
Bruce: No.
Clark: *superpouts*
Bruce: *sigh* Fine, but I have kryptonite under the bed so if you hog the covers you will pay.

Clark: *supercuddles*


The whole thread is worth a read, it also involves mocking of grade schoolers, and shiny, shiny Robin thighs.


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not storing nuts for the winter

le_cloitre writes here:
a point of incense: i cannot stand when the media refers to the stomach of a pregnant woman as her "bump".

marketing has simply gone too far with this. why must we make everything diminutive & sterile? her stomach is swollen because there is a living fetus suspended in amniotic fluid just below the skin, not because she is storing nuts for the winter, or keeping her knitting yarn at arm's length.

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ginmar has evil cats. More evil than usual, anyway.

"MORGIE! GET DOWN OFF OF THERE, YOU LITTLE SH----God, it's like getting tag-teamed by Jezebel. I swear, I have Catholic cats. They do bad things, then I wind up feeling guilty when I yell at them because then they both snuggle up to me and purr. Loudly. adelheide was completely fooled by this, but at least she wised up before taking one of these psychotic little hairballs home with her. That would explain, at least, how she managed to mistake North Dakota for Wisconsin: "Officer, I had this cat wrapped around my eyes and...."

"For three hundred miles?"

To which the only possible answer would be: "Officer, lemme introduce you to Jezebel." Pause. "JEZEBEL! GIVE THE GUN BACK TO THE NICE OFFICER!"

Seriously, if anyone has a cat, read the post and the comments. It's just hilarious.
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spiritof1976 writes:

I've been trying to grow my hair long.

After two months without a haircut, my hair currently resembles a cross between a mullet and a haystack.

I name my current hairstyle, the Silver Ravenwolf.

Because it's kinda fluffy and kinda shite.

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Beech leaves

OK, so maybe if we put the women on special offer...

For fun, I think I'll let people try to figure out what the hell the context was before they look at the original post, in response to which sam_t said:

Everyone I know that's looking for partners at the moment seems to be looking for men. It must be the off-season for women round here, or something, unless it's the effect of people in John Lewis* advocating the abduction of infants for use as lingerie accessories.

*UK department store
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In a comment regarding ordering the m15m book from UK Amazon, robyn_ma had this to say:

I got the cute 'Your order has been dispatched' email from Amazon.co.uk a couple days ago. :) I love ordering from the UK because even their email notices sound like Giles: 'We've just now dispatched your book. This transaction has, indeed, been lovely for us, and it is our greatest hope that your experience with us has been similarly fulfilling. Have a most splendid day.' In the US it's more like 'Your order shipped. Thanks. *burp*'

I had to wipe the spit from my laptop screen.

Context hereabouts.
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magic wand

My friend Infi talks about her new pet...

infi_chan talks about injuries sustained at her Karate class.

See Rachel.
See Rachel's arm.
See bruise on Rachel's arm.
See bruise grow.
Grow bruise, grow.
See bruise change colours. Red, purple, green, more practice, back to red and purples. Pretty colours.
See Rachel think.
Think Rachel, think.
Rachel determines that bruise will probably be a consistant/recurruing element to her right forearm due to throwing roundhouse punches for people to block.
Rachel decides it needs a name.
The bruises name is Thomas.
Hello Thomas.
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Surprise kitty

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thesicksadtruth on customer relations here

Every annoyed customer who calls seems to think I have super powers. Here's a typical exchange:

Typical Annoyed Customer Call:
AC: Annoyed Customer
FDG: Front Desk Goddess (me)

AC: So you're the BRANCH ADMINISTRATOR! Wow! That must means that you can fly! Can you fly and find me the person I want to talk to?
FDG: ...uh, actually, I don't have the ability to fly. I can hop in place, if that will suit you.
AC: Man... You can't fly? Well, how about psychic powers? I KNOW you have psychic powers! Here: guess what I want because I'm too lazy and argumentative to tell you...
FDG: Actually, I don't have psychic powers. I'm really good at surmising which department a given caller wants depending on the information that they provide me with, though.
AC: I have to actually TELL YOU what I want? ::aggravated sigh:: Fine. Okay, I want [hapless co-worker] and I DON'T WANT VOICEMAIL.
FDG: Um...okay, I'll try to connect you.
::connect caller::
::caller zeroes out::
FDG: I'm sorry, but I have over 500 extensions and I do not have a way of telling if someone is in or not, lacking psychic abilities and all.
AC: Surely you can SUMMON them?! Do your magic spells!
FDG: Uh... I don't have any magic spells.
AC: NO MAGIC SPELLS?! AND YOU CAN'T SUMMON?! What good are you?!
FDG: I'm good at hanging up on people. ::click::
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staff_of_truth comes up with the perfect sequel to upcoming film Snakes on a Plane:

Snakes on a plane 2: Snakes on an EVA.

Sypnosis: Shinji Ikari, pilot of a giant mecha, goes in for a routine Angel extermination. But to his horror, he encounters a snake in the cockpit. With nowhere to run away to, he must become friends with the snake...or PERISH.
Rated NC-17 for snake/human relations.

I don't know the fandom, and it still made me laugh a ridiculous amount.