October 20th, 2005

the squid song...

A quote spawned initially by the inimitable ursulav, on Christmas carols and random songs...
I lapse involuntarily into a tuneless little song that goes "I'm a squid...happy squid...wiggly squid..." to the point that those also stoned and playing opposite would begin coming in at "Happy squid" because...well...y'know.
byackley and otterkin then ran away with a comment thread, to the tune of `Joy to the World`.
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Also, first metaquote. I hope I did it right...
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Kermit and Ms. Piggy...

me: You have a friend named Kermit? As long as he doesn't date someone named Piggy, it's all good I guess...hah.

timba: </span>I usually have to say "So Kermit - no, not the frog, yes that's his name - and I..." And, dammit, if only his wife ate alot or something. I'm waiting for her to get pregnant so I can use that joke. I mean, its RIGHT THERE....

Context here.
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The Stupidity Of Professors Amazes Me

After having been penalized for missing classes due to a recent development of pnemonia, practicallyfame has used her insightful wit to write a sarcastic plea to her stingy humanities teacher.

"Oh come ON. I've got PNEMONIA. I'm CONTAGIOUS. I CAME to school to GIVE you the NOTE. I APOLOGISED for having missed classes. I'm MISERABLE. I'd RATHER be HEALTHY. I LOVE my humanities lectures, and the readings, it's too bad you're a terrible TEACHER or I'd love the seminars too. But as I'm never expected to exercise an OUNCE of CRITICAL thought in your class, I'd RATHER be working on this PAPER, which you'll grade lower ANYWAY not because it's late, but because I THINK outside the BOX and deviate slightly from the DIRECTIONS - I DID what you ASKED but then I did MORE. I LOVE being in this school, I LOVE the education I get from every other instructor. I'm not going to APOLOGISE for questioning the course materials, questioning the paper outlines, asking if I can DO MORE THAN EXPECTED OF ME. But I do APOLOGISE for taking YOUR seminar, because frankly, you don't LIKE me. My GRADES are going to suffer as a result. The other STUDENTS might learn from me and will then suffer the same fate. I promise NEVER to take another course with you again. I'm SORRY I can only sit down and shut up whilst you propagate your regurgitative babble to the point where my intellect is questioned. Once you've questioned my dedication to my EDUCATION I would rather cut off my tongue than bite it."

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Stetsons are cool

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magic_wanderer provides an informative guide to UK newspapers...

The Daily Mail: Everything Will Kill You - Europe wants to Eat your Babies - Gay Man Kills Vicar: Well, He Might

The Daily Express: Diana Was Murdered! Murdered! Poor, Perfect, Beautiful Diana! Listen! Look! This Man Said So, It Must Be True! - Foreigners "Shifty" - I Saw One Eat A Baby

The Guardian: Ich bin eine Berliner - Interesting Interview With Tom Stoppard! Labour: Rubbish But At Least They're Not The Tories Exclusive.

The Times: If People Didn't Know Murdoch Pwned Us, They'd Think We Were Quite Good

The Torygraph: If People Didn't Notice We Like The Tories Lots, They'd Think We Were Quite Good

The Independent: No Real News But Lots Of Thought Provoking Arguments, Probably

The Mirror: Like The Guardian, But Without The Interesting Arts Pages. Or Good Writing.

The Sun - Mitchells Back! Breasts! The Sun Says: Bad People, Such As Baby Eating Man, 47, Are Naughty. Look, This Lady Has A Nice Bottom And Sometimes She Goes Outside. Cage Evil Sir, Then Don't Lynch Him, But Think About It.

The Star - Look At All These Nice Ladies' Breasts!

The Sport - Baby Eats Foreigner! No Sport! No News! Bottoms, Bottoms, Bottoms! Boobies, Boobies, Boobies!

The News of The World - Top MP Shame: Spanked Nightly By Transexual Cocaine Pusher

The People - Top MP Shame: Spanked Nightly By Transsexual Cocaine Pusher
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