October 17th, 2005


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cryingink in friendlyhostile re: someone's mother choosing to support him financially (with the only $20 she had) after he comes out to her:

I wish my mother had given me 20$ when I came out. "Hey mom, I'm bi!" "Hardcore, sweetie, here's 20 dollars!"
(I was eleven so twenty bucks would have been sweet).

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silent_reverie1, making a post in tallchicksrock about some of the stupid things short people say to tall people. Her response to someone saying she should do something with her height instead of being 'tall for no reason':

Tall for no reason? Do I walk up to short people and tell them they should be coal miners 'cause they'd fit into small holes?? Do I chastise short people for not 'being all they can be' in regard to their shortness???

Ok, maybe that's only funny to other tall girls like myself, but still.
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Dead mice


Y'know...when they say there's a dead mouse in the computer lab, it really should mean that you have to use keyboard shortcuts on one of the computers, not that there's a small, furry corpse wedged between two tables. I hate Mondays.

On hurricanes and gender studies...

The ever-eloquent camwyn responds to a person raising the issue about using male names for hurricanes in this post.

They alternate back and forth between the sexes. I don't see what the problem is. And if anyone brings up the neologism 'himicane' I shall beat them to death with a herstory book and throw them to the nearest group of radical woperdaughters.

(Because, you know, 'womyn' still looks sort of like 'men', and 'woperson' still has 'son' in it, and... you get the idea.)
[etc] former first lady.

you know they miss Ari Fleischer a lot these days...

In response to 10/13's** press briefing, jaanquidam has this to say:
Scott McClellan denies he ever said anything, says words are a failed liberal program

From what I can tell, Scott McClellan's answer to everything we might ask about the White House is:
"I didn't say that, and even if I did, it's your fault--especially you, Helen Thomas--for not looking things up on your own and asking me instead, and besides, I can't say anything because everything I've ever done is under investigation and I won't know what I've done until I'm done being investigated, and even then I'll deny ever having done anything or said anything, and in fact I'm not even saying this now, so fuck you."
** : ten thirteen. i am enough of a geek that i snickered while typing that.
Top Model - Ms J


sarcastro talks about his evening last night in a protected post.

Last night, dinner with tez and cargoddess at Hooters in Laurel. Good times, save for the bit where Michael and I were brought our slice of chocolate mousse cake... and no forks. [And the cake? Looked soooo good. If this piece of cake had been stuck between Oprah and Ricki, there woulda been a braaaaaaawl!!] Yeah.
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Halloween Hair

Yay for Capt Jack!

redscharlach waxes hopeful on the Doctor Who spinoff:

So today everybody and their granny are all het up about the prospect of The Dirty Welsh Adventures of Captain Jack Torchwood, and I must admit that I'm one of them. Yeah, on the one hand, we've got the "intrinsic dodginess of spin-offs" factor. Then again, on the other hand we've got the "likelihood of Captain Jack accidentally losing all his clothes and getting covered in maple syrup for important plot-related reasons within the first twenty minutes" factor. Call me ridiculously optimistic if you wish, but I know where my money is.

The rest of the amusing post is here.
I am a girl of the future

Silly beach dog, Kool-Aid is for writers!

On statements, beachdog stated:

It is annoying to be so clueless as to know nothing about NaNoWriMo which is the topic of every third statement.

To which runcible replied:

I'm sorry to inform you, it's a cult only very few can join. I couldn't even join.

This is unfortunate for you and I.

Sounds so cool, though! I mean, I heard they're having a party in a few weeks and there's going to be Kool-Aid.

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active_apathy at her local shopping centre:

Dear "Goth",

Please take this advice from the person writing in her notebook with a black felt-tip calligraphic pen: carrying a cane and wearing a collar and leash while feeding a chronic tic-tac addiction doesn't make you look all goth.

No, not even a little bit.

It makes you look like Gregory House going to a fetish party. Please,
please reconsider.

With hope for your dress sense,


(Entry here. Also check out her re-enactment of the dinosaur scene from the Firefly pilot, “Serenity”)