October 13th, 2005

No Evil

On Harriet and GW's secret club...

Because everyone knows that simply being Christian means one suddenly becomes competent enough to sit pretty in the Supreme Court. It's completely stupid for Bush to defend his choice in such a "BUT ZOMG SHE BELEIVES IN MY INVIBSILE FRND TOO!!1!111 PLZ 2 B VOTNIG 4 HER KTHNX LOL <3 U!!111" way.

jaig, here.
Artsy me - by Micha
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there is a firedrill going on in my building and I am playing the injured ankle card and not leaving

but everyone else is gone

what should i do to their stuff while they are not here?

putting spare change in their floppy drives was a bad prank. jesus will walk the earth again before these guys need those floppy drives.

mrflagg at shitty_advice
hope is all we have

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Because thorne_scratch always has the World's Greatest Final Fantasy VII-Related Conversations:

FlidgetJeromeEsq: ...I can just see Zack and Reno getting in to a drunken argument about who'd top who if Tseng and Sephiroth ever ended up in bed together. And thus ensued a two month terror campaign to try and set Sephiroth and Tseng up just to get a definitive answer.

ThorneScratch: It would end with both of them being sent on a six month punishment mission to someplace really obscure.

ThorneScratch: Zack: The paper says I have to go to the Crater and... make sure it's still snowing. Run extensive tests.

twigcollins: Zack: Without pants.

ThorneScratch: Reno: Mine just says I'm supposed to wander around aimlessly in the sewers.

ThorneScratch: Reno: It doesn't say anything about pants but I'll take mine off anyway.

twigcollins: Reno: Just in case.

(Being British, the mental images I got from this were even odder than the ones intended.)

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monousakura regarding the rain in New Jersey
I swear to God, we're just gonna one day leave school and see some guy with a long beard and a staff asking for two mosquitoes

and later in the entry
I get home cold and wet, but it's not like, "WINDS! LET US GRAB THE 100 LB GIRL AND THROW HER INTO THE RIVER!"
lf_farewell - Hayden


The ever-brilliant zoe_trope speaks as a knitter:

I spent $35 on yarn and size 19 knitting needles. People who say making your own shit is cheaper are full of crap. I'd never pay $35 for a scarf, yet alone one that I'd have to assemble by myself. Dammit. Well, at least I now have huge needles with which I can stab people.