October 8th, 2005


Magically Snarkalicious

grey_and_purple opines:

Today's Hartford Courant features the headline, "Estate Taxes Irk The Rich".

I suppose that's just because they didn't have enough column inches for "Substandard Housing, Inadequate Access to Health Care, Unequal Access to Legal Representation, Ineffective Workplace Protections, Discriminatory Law Enforcement, Unsafe Neighbourhoods, Crumbling Schools, And Contemptuous Attitude Of Rich Irk Poor".
oh no you di'nt
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"I'm imagining motorcycle cops roaming the streets, pulling over pregnant women. 'Hello. Out ALONE with our unborn baby, are we? No MAN with you, I see. And I suppose you conveniently left your gestational license at HOME. Can you and your foetus walk this straight line for me, please?'"

--seangaffney regarding wingnuts in Indiana, here
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Beech leaves

Actually, it does say "Adam and Steve". That's what you get for reading the translation

A troll has been spamming some of the religious communities with a link to his quiz for Christians, which is obviously and crassly attempting to knock Christianity. The following exchange happened between us faith_feminists gals. Yes, I know I'm in it, but I didn't write the punchline:

garpu: Haven't you heard? It's hip to rip on Christians. Especially if they're Catholic, because obviously they're fag-hating, undersexed, and think women should be barefoot baby machines.
catandfiddle: I know - I get tired of this. Especially so when they assume that in order to be a Christian one has to interpret every single thing in the Bible literalistically. Like that "who did Cain fuck" question. Really annoying.*
elettaria: The bit I really liked about that question was the way it implied that Cain and Abel between them would have been able to produce children.
garpu: Well that settles the whole question of "Adam and Steve" then...

*The question in the quiz was: 2. In Genesis the first humans are Adam and Eve. They had two sons, Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel. So who did Cain fuck to begat the rest of the human race? Quoted verbatim, he evidently didn't know that the correct tense would have been "beget".

'Tis the season for amusing trolls, it seems. It's too long to start quoting from and I've already been "intellectually blacklisted" (oo-er) for banning the offender, but the prize trolling episode of the month is here, and it's actually the funniest thing I've read in a while.

ETA: Back in the original post, mashoogina has just declared her personal motto:

I'm not a pompous ass! I'm just bitchy.

while goblinshark has suggested:

Trolling LJ communities is a sure sign of needing to get a hobby. I enjoy baking, may I suggest you learn how to make a mean cloverleaf roll?
Knowing Myself - Spikeface

Bragging rights

My friend nerdcakes, in this post, delievered this little truth:

Also, I think those roadsigns that say, 'humps for 750 yards' exist solely to amuse immature pedestrians. I kind of want one for my door. It's more bragging than informative, really.

I want a sign like that. It might be one of those things you take down before mom visits, however. *snerk*
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Custom - Sleeping In

Voodoo is a no-no.

From liberateourtime's journal and QWP.

Scene: Her dad is in New Orleans and he calls her on the phone. Found here.

Dad: Hey, Margaret.
Me: Hey, Dad.
Dad: So, there's a voodoo store a few buildings down from where I'm staying.
Me: !!!!
Dad: Yeah, I called to see if you wanted anything.
Mom: *listening in* NO VOODOO DOLLS!
Me: Mooo-ooom!
Mom: And no spell books either. I don't want you raising the dead.
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high key denial

does that even count as bestiality anymore?

One of the many perils of babysitting dogs named after Star Wars characters:

Today I decided enough was enough and throwing the food-scoop down on the counter, I snapped, "Anakin! For God's sake! Would you please stop trying to rape Chewbacca!"


The rest of the story, as told by memlu, here.
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