October 7th, 2005


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I had a very hard time deciding what part of funwithrage's recent post to quote, because frankly her username fits her far too well. I recommend reading the whole rant; it's entertaining and educational!

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The world would be a much better place if that committee formally existed.
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Stoned love for the Tubbies

The ever-quotable screamingintune confronts her addiction to the Teletubbies and a perceived injustice:

screamingintune: Man, the Teletubbies must have pissed off the bookers, because their vaccuum cleaner is always pushed as being smarter than the actual Teletubbies.

Context? We don't need no steenking context.

When granting permission to be metaquoted, she also had this to say:

screamingintune: It's kinda funny to follow up my porn-defending rage with my stoned love for the Tubbies.
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The ever-quotable moltare says in a locked post about work (QWP):

...okay wut

I must have kissed the Blarney stone while not paying attention, or gained powers of mind control or something, because I've just got approval to implement my Projects And News Tracking System.

So now people are going to be in my PANTS on a regular basis (although I'll have to limit the number of people with access to my PANTS so as to maintain good information hygeine). In fact, the sheer amount stored in my PANTS will make it a major resource once it's complete.

I'm off to fill my PANTS now.

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In which pyrotech_c3h8 makes a bad mistake...

Let's hear it for akward ways to end a business call...

About 3:00 today-

Technician - "EMTA Online and blocked up, dial tone present"

Me - "Ok, you're at 45 Upstream, -0.2 Downstream and 26 signal to noise. Do you need to provision anything else?"

*Note to self, when wrapping up a business call, don't start thinking about calling your girlfriend after you get off the phone. Bad things can happen.

Technician - "No, I think we're good here"

Me - "Ok, I love you"

Technician - [...long akward pause...]

Me - "Uhm..."

Technician - "Look, I'm flattered but I don't want to ruin what we have with our friendship."

(Yes, I know he spelled awkward wrong. It's still funny.)
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Batman's dog: why not a Scooby Doo vs. Krypto cage match?

Batman's dog hacks Batman's journal - _darkknight_ - and posts on sages_of_chaos, proposing a cage match between Scooby Doo and Krypto, laying odds on the winner, in a voice uncannily like that of his guardian.

Thus follows much hilarity, in particular an exchange between Terra of the Teen Titans and Bat-Dog:

_darkknight_: Bat-Dog has vexed a talking clownfish. How will Bat-Dog live with the horror?
markovincognita: "Talkin' clownfish"? What?
_darkknight_: Bat-Dog refers to the photographic representation of your persona, all the evidence he has as to your identity. Perhaps Bat-Dog has been overly generous in judging you a loquacious tropical fish. Bat-Dog believes you to be delusional.

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Subtle subterfuge indeed. Both posts and all threads are great reading.
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My younger sister (pixxxieofdoom) sheds some light on our peculiar childhood, talking briefly about the upcoming Narnia movie:

There was a cartoon movie out when I was little that me and Steph were obsessed with. We ran around slamming our faces into closets after we read that book.  Always thought it would have worked if I were a British orphan. Good fun.
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In her latest post, helenish discusses the latest episode of Alias, Collapse )

She also shares a few thoughts on Smallville:
When Smallville seems to make more sense and be more coherently written than Alias, you're in trouble. Papa Kent's hair looks pretty. Clark looks pretty. The fist fight with all the purring and breathless hatred and single drops of blood sliding down Clark's chin is possibly the dirtiest thing I've ever seen on television. Also, Chloe's cleavage is not fucking around, man. It's serious.

Context, if you must.