October 4th, 2005

Sandman - Next Little Drink
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"Never send a monkey to do a ninja's job"

slyddur finds solace in facial hair after being shot down. QWP of course.

slyddur: Thus is the life of me
slyddur: never a ninja when I need one
slyddur: I never win
slyddur: at least I can twirl my mustache and cackle

What context there is includes monkeys, feces, ninjas, & religion.
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Maddux Portrait

Yay! First MetaQuote!

The lovely watch4whales is having some...*ahem*...problems with waxing

So, now I'm stuck to the bottom of the tub as though I had cement-epoxied myself to the porcelain!!

Go...read the entire post here, and make sure you're not drinking anything when you do. ;)
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10-4 Good Buddy!

kip_w takes the initiative and tries to get a new internet holiday started based on today's date...here's today's entry in his journal:

Okay, so, like, this is "Try and Talk Like a Trucker Day," Good Bud-- Good Neighbor. Put the hammer down and watch out for Smokey in a plain wrapper on your front porch. Bring the better half and... uh... oh, to hell with it. ARRRR, mateys! I be bored already! Scupper me scuppernongs, Rubber Duck!

Well, it was a worthy effort while it lasted...
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sages_of_chaos keeps bringing teh funneh!

a_cimmerian: I have slain the blancmange! [a type of pudding - Ed.]

Where, then, is the kidnapped princess or terrified priestess that, custom dictates, I have thereby rescued?

quetzalcouatl: Mention was made of a chocolatl dish, I notice. Perhaps it was that noble confection you rescued?

a_cimmerian: Hah! Tremble, oh ye demons of the nether hells! I am Conan of Cimmeria, saviour of chocolate!

Here, if you must have context.
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(no subject)

The best boyfriends will always laugh at your cheesy jokes. That's how they reel you in. They laugh first, then when they know you for a while they finally tell you that no, you aren't that funny, and that you have this weird mole on your back that seems to wink at him when we're sleeping.

-oh_oh_sheila on her personal journal.
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(no subject)

Context: ikaruszino is annoyed with people who watch a movie and then say that they want X hours of their life back:

If you didn't like the movie, I'd much rather hear you say "This movie sucked cowballs ala mode" because it's now an opinion and not a stupid cry for something you can NEVER have back. Besides, what would you have done with that time if you had gotten it back? That's right. MASTURBATE.

With friends like these...

I love my Creepy Internet Friends dearly, but time like these they make my brain ache. Today, it's acsumama's adventures in cooking:

Earlier today I was making a recipe that called for cream of mushroom soup, which I didn't have. So I threw some sour cream and mushrooms in the blender. The whole time I couldn't stop myself from thinking "blender blender blender blender blender blender blender blender MUSHROOM MUSHROOM blender blender blender blender blender blender blender blender MUSHROOM MUSHROOM ..."

My first metaquote!

Responding to an entry about President Bush's newest choice for the Supreme Court, sugar spun wrote:

George W Bush brings all the Prince Philip to the yard. It's like watching the new freshmen drinking tequila. You know the outcome's going to be awful, but at the same time it's so entertaining that you can't bring yourself to stop watching before you get puked on.

Thread is here
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looking into the light

The things you learn in college.

so i'm watching "america's next top model," and there's this beautiful girl wearing a moss silk shirt, draped on a fence, posing for the camera with a buckskin horse. she pokes the horse in the face, and the horse raises its upper lip in curiosity. the colors are brilliant. her top is falling down.


-blackmarketpony, who is currently in college for a horsey degree. (Equine Sciences, I think)