October 3rd, 2005

cimorene by pentapus
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I Laughed Till I Cried. Y’all Seriously Need To Catch Some Of This.

So, over on the gearworld, we were discussing a mysterous egg-with-a-nail-though-it that our hero had just found.

Eland (our hero): Other than that, it was a plain old egg. Had it not been given to me by a ragged madman pursued by shadowy figures in pale green, probably killed, in a room that ceased to exist while we watched, in a labyrinth made out of gears and inconsistencies, I would have assumed it was laid by a chicken. As it was, for all I knew, there might come a chipping of little egg-teeth one day, and a baby gear, tiny cogs slicked with albumen and bits of shell, would hatch out of the damn thing and crawl off to the maze to grow.

johnraptor: I just got a mental image of a baby, gear shaped, Pokemon. I don't know why.

"Geary-chu! I choose you!
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nmalfoy wrote in her journal:

Ummm... wtf?

Did Bush just nominate someone to the Supreme Court who has NEVER BEEN A JUDGE? Or do I need more coffee?

Hell, if he's going that route, he should nominate my cat Bailey. He's nonpartisan.

I can see it now... (keep in mind that I have no idea how this shit works)
[attorney] "So, in conclusion, Your Honor, the right to privacy is implied in the Bill of Rights, but is no less valid for said implication. Hence, Roe v. Wade, which was predicated upon the right to privacy, should stand."
[bailiff] "What say you, Your Honor?"
[Bailey] *sniffs the butt of all the other justices and licks his own. Equal opportunity and nonpartisan buttsniffing*

ETA: And why is everyone giving me hell at work because I'm wearing white cowboy boots? Grrr. I know they're white (black stitching) and it's after Labor Day but dude, boots are EXEMPT.
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A great reaction to Serenity

The fabulous geekwriter143's reaction to Serenity. Non-spoilery, really, so not gonna cut it.


My heart? It is broken. Bro-ken. My heart is so broken that right after the movie I went out and bought a pair of somewhat expensive, completely impratical black heels that I'll never wear, and I'm sending Joss the bill. They are fabulous, but not even fabulous shoes can mend my heart, because my heart? It is in pieces.

Here, the post, however, is spoilery, so don't click if you haven't seen it yet.
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Clarkson takes over as Action Man!

To my comment in topgeartotty, regarding my incertainty to whether it really was Clarkson in one of the pictures, rather than the singer of Scooter, munchkinott replied:

"That is definitely Clarkson. Congested Contraflow Clarkson with Superhero Biting-The-Steering-Wheel ACTION!"

The whole post is here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/topgeartotty/65019.html#cutid1
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Found in Bush_Sucks community; posted by montanaisaleg

Bush nominates Himself to Supreme Court

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- In a surprise move, President Bush nominated himself on Monday to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

Bush announced his choice in a televised Oval Office event saying, "For the past five years I have served in critical roles in our nation's government."

In an unusual, Gollum-like discussion with himself, Bush said he was grateful and humbled by the nomination. He made the announcement, then stepped aside to allow himself to accept the nomination.

"To help myself get confirmed as a Supreme Court justice, I intend to ask [Texas Senator] John Cornyn to resign so that [Texas Governor Rick] Perry can nominate me to take his place. I'll be majority leader in no time. Then I'll get [Pennsylvania Senator] Arlen Specter to step aside as judiciary committee chairman so I can take his place and preside over my own nomination. I just wish I had thought of this before nominating [John] Roberts to be the Chief Justice"

Response to the nomination has largely split along party lines. Senate democrats indicated that they might use the filibuster to block Bush's confirmation. Senate minority leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) summed up his feelings by simply saying "WTF?"

Republicans responded that this nomination does not meet the criterion of "extraordinary circumstances" required for the democrats to use the filibuster.

Go here.
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A conversation with God, from a locked post by shanaqui, posted with permission...

Are you a man or a woman?
I'm a female.
Are you really a she?
I am indeed a girl.
Me too. I am a she.
Wow! Everyone round here thinks you're a man. When did you get a sex change?
I'm glad your impressed, Nikki. That's a rather sweeping generalization. It was at time index 357241.

Made me laugh. who knew?
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Quotes from the inimitable ursulav (sorry about the no fancy-schmancy HTML, for some reason my "rich text" link brings me to the front page, and I'm about as HTML_saavy as I am blond. Which is to say "not, and what there is is artificial"):

In talking about her grandmother...

"James thinks, since he was fiercely anti-religious when we met, and she a reasonably devout Catholic, that they would not have gotten along. She would have had him wrapped around her finger in ten seconds flat, and loved him dearly. She was like a Borg who baked really amazing fudge."

The rest of the (highly readable and not just because it's sans serif) post is here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/ursulav/392308.html?view=9855860#t9855860

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gogogidget enjoys her spam mail for the day here. The entire thing is hilarious.

I know, it might be hard to believe. But for example, if you're out on a date with a woman, and you want to kiss her, she knows it.

Well, damn. Grabbing at my chest during the movie isn't exactly SUBTLE.

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Two snippets from tianamalla's latest entry:

...[S]he asked where I was up to in the studying.

"Major new outbreak of piracy," I said, referring to the section title in the textbook.

"What," she replied, "You mean when the Chinese invented Napster?"

I think I like her.

(On a related note, not once in the entire 700 page textbook have I found someone called Wong. Go figure.)

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Smite me, oh Almighty Smiting One!

lypfr commits sacrilege in his post here

If your OS's kernel is the proverbial God, then there really isn't - or shouldn't, rather - anything above God now is there? Managed code runs in a virtual machine, just like how Java code is executed by the VM. If the kernel is God, but is managed code, then that makes the VM... Heaven?
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From the wonderful robin_redbreast--

But it's really a ridiculous photo, because it highlights two things:
1. Justice Ginsburg wears really uncomfortable looking heels.
2. John Roberts looks like he's old enough to be going to kindergarten.

Justice Roberts should have a lollipop in one hand, and his name pinned to his robe so he doesn't get lost. And with the power of Paint, he now does.

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Car DOES NOT float

Mark II.

(If my original try of posting this was deleted because I did something wrong, I'm sorry and I'll go put on the dunce cap and sit in the corner, but I'm assuming LJ ate my post.)

cosplayfiend encounters a strange development after dyeing her pants for an art class:

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Full post here. QWP.
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