October 2nd, 2005

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Seether's neither wank nor blight.

Over at sages_of_chaos, thenextkeaton (Sam from Benny and Joon) asked if "the people on 'fandom_wank' are waaaambulance chasers?" To which a female Doctor Octopus who's evidently a Veruca Salt fan (judging from her username, 8arms2holdu) replied, after perusing the comm, "Why are they looking elsewhere for 'wank'? They're doing it far more in their own community than they are elsewhere."
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Magical Trevor!
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phaedrusdeinus, on the perils of experimental candymaking:

…essential oils are volatile and strong, so i hadn't portioned any out beforehand. Unfortunately, i had been operating under the assumption that the oil would cooperate. It did not.

Instead of pouring, dribbling, or rendering itself into a measuring vehicle in any convenient manner whatsoever, it would only come forth in drops, and only when shaken. In my panic, i was transformed into an exorcising priest, frantically wielding an aspergill of essential oil at the boiling, syrupy mass of hell. And the syrup struck back, evaporating the cinnamon oil on contact and sending it right back into my face. This, i should have expected, given that the stuff was over 300 degrees (that's "hard crack" stage, for you candyheads out there).

Anyway, the end result is that i cinnamon. My whole apartmecinnamon. I can't evecinnamon.
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I posted this to my lj by accident. A few days ago. And just noticed. Don't I rock?

Over on bad_rpers_suck, a discussion of weird applications is happening. katiroth got a force sensitive kitten. Here's what followed:

b_i_t_t Force sensitive...kitten.

Kitten: Meow

Other Character A: What did he say?

Other Character B: He either felt a disturbance in the force or he wants to be let back into the house.

cat_mcdougallKitten: *spazzes*

Character A: "What's wrong with it?"

Character B: "Either a Sith Lord or lots of catnip."

b_i_t_t Character A: Hello fire department? Yes our Jedi is stuck in a tree, could you...hello?

Because my l33t linky skillz are not all that l33t, here's the link: http://www.livejournal.com/community/bad_rpers_suck/1843183.html

The Last Lone Voice of Reason


"There's really no end to it, is there? There's no "happily ever after", no "and they all lived a long and full life" there's not even a "and they all died several years later of painful and debilitating lung cancer." No, it just does not end: the cycle of history keeps spinning on its axis, each infinitesimal moment a lifetime of sorrow, hatred, pain, rage and above all, love. Once you exist you are trapped for as long as it takes to shuffle off the mortal coil: we are all born with the great and heavy task of dying, and some achieve it sooner than others, yet we call those the lucky ones. We scream and rage and go down kicking like babes with tantrums the moment there is a wrinkle, a grey hair, a hint of cellulite. To slow the aging process --to halt it in its tracks and so cheat death--that is the ultimate goal of this world. Others may die in other Worlds, unnoticed, but all the suffering and sorrow of this world does not add up to the sheer horror of the lined visage.


Why yes, I have been watching reality TV. Why do you ask?"

- erlgirl_9 Here
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layered, here:

I spent much of my day trying to get Alexander (which will from this point forward be called 'Captain Blonde Mullet and His Amazing HoYay Adventures') to work on my decrepid old DVD player. Seriously, it scans through about half the movie because it says it's bad. LOOK, I KNOW THE CRITICS DIDN'T LIKE IT, BUT YOU'RE JUST A DVD PLAYER. STFU AND PLAY MY MOVIE. I swear, my DVD player is possessed by the spirit of Gene Siskel.So I'm going to, hopefully, go use my brother's DVD player to watch the whole thing. Seeing as how my brother owns The Fast and the Furious, the first season of Chappelle's Show, and Anchorman, I'd say his player has lower standards than mine.

The whole entry is fucking HILARIOUS. God, I love her.
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Marshmallows a la Scott

maetang is trying to make marshmallows from scratch. It's not going so well. She wrote up her third attempt in the style of Scott of the Antartic:
We have lost track of time. Only the howling winds answer our cries. Nothing can be seen through the endless blizzard outside. The Captain has not returned. As I look back on the terrible events which lead us to this impasse, I can only reflect that making up the vegetarian gelatine exactly as instructed on the back of the packet produced a liquid which was too thin to gel the sugar syrup. Dammit.
Read the whole entry. It's worth it.
I am unreasonable

Who could say no?

kendokamel describes her weekend at a mini Star Trek convention here:

I ended up going out to dinner with a group of ten people who were in costume, and I have to say, I wish I had been taking pictures of the reactions we got from other restaurant patrons! We tried one grill pub, but it was full. So, we walked across the parking lot to another one - and ran smack into a large group of youngsters in formalwear. (It was homecoming night - awwwwww!)

At that point, two of the big, tall Klingons marched brazenly up to the group and announced, "Is anybody looking for a date?"
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In response to a German article on Harry Potter slash between "clearly defined heterosexual characters -- like a liason between Harry and Draco."

Clearly defined heterosexual? Harry? Draco?

What are you talking about? Clearly you missed that by now famous line in HBP:

Draco: "Breasts! Oh God, breasts! I love the things! Love them so much! Ah, Pansy, darling, get over here and put out, will you? I'm feeling quite heterosexual at the moment, and wish to prove it! Did I mention I like breasts?"