September 30th, 2005

Bunny gone bad. D: {My Melody}

Want to see MY Long Wang?

Hahahaha, dude, Taiwan is going to get hit by a strong typhoon
(this is relevant to our life because Dan's mom is there right now and her flight might be delayed due to it)

The name of this typhoon?


It means "Dragon King" (or King Dragon, if you prefer).
And a description of Long Wang?

"Being in charge of water and rain, the LONG-WANG can dribble themselves into dewdrops or come in floods."

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how we dance

From pacdude

Mike: I had a random thought in the shower just before
Mike: I think I was still half asleep
Mike: if you smacked a kid in the face with a bottle of johnson's no more tears, would it create beautiful irony?
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does this man never stop?

Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean in a interview. God I love them.

Do your separate projects make you appreciate your reunions more?
Neil: It's a nice position to be in. Very few enjoy it. We're like Simon and Garfunkel.
Dave: We're not like Simon and Garfunkel.
Neil: What I meant is Ike and Tina.
Dave: Tom and Jerry.
Neil: Exactly.

in the ever quotable officialgaiman

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From the harried college student ase:

NCBI is evil gargantuan. I love it as the sailor loves the ocean, only with more pounding headaches and typing muscle strain and less drowning.

For those not in the know (and I was one of them), NCBI stands for National Center for Biotechnology Information which has whopping great databases of biomedical and genetic informations.
dresden men in lingerie

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david_deacon really amuses me.

It's amazing. I just realized what a high percentage of women on my LJ Friends List like to be told what do in bed. (No names, please.) I don't (necessarily) mean anything "outré"--I'm not (necessarily) talking about bondage or BDSM or anything that extreme. I'm just talking about taking direction well. I'm certain of one name, and I'm reasonably certain of three more, if I'm any judge of character.
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"It makes you wonder why the Harry Potter books haven't deal with abortion. You'd think with all the namby-pamby that goes on between the magical species, someone who's expecting would start to have second thoughts."
-- skyblade, here
elfquest, leetah

El Baño de Terror!

isquiesque is looking for a hotel in London, but cheaper isn't always better:

  • Expected more cleanliness and to be able to see out of the windows.
  • We didn't mind the paper-thin walls and noise or the maze of stairs we had to cart our luggage up - for the rate, we expected that. What we didn't expect was the inability to sleep because the springs were LITERALLY coming through the horrible mattress
And finally, my favorite:
  • horrible; la peor estanciade mi vida: habitacion de peli de miedo, sucia, ruidosa, el baño de terror

Roughly translated, with my own added emphasis, it reads: Horrible; worst stay of my life: living in danger and FEAR(!), dirty, noisy, the BATH OF TERROR!

Yeah. What they said.

In a recent discussion in mock_the_stupid I mentioned my bewilderment with all the new republics in the former Soviet Union, since the coup happened in my junior year of high school and I haven't kept up since. chesh had this to say:

This whole trend of peaceful revolutions (and a failed attempt) in Kirgistan, Uzbekistan, WeRanOutofPrefixesistan, etc makes my head hurt. I'm starting to hope they all settle back into being complacent again so I just don't have to care anymore.

Um, yeah.

ETA: To the Russian Studies commenter, is OK, I don't think you're an asshat, and I should have remembered that these republics aren't technically new. The USSR was around for, what, over eighty years? It's easy to not know, or to forget, what came before.