September 27th, 2005

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chime teaches English in Japan, and he decided to have a bunch of his students write sympathy cards to Katrina victims. Some of the results were... interesting...

They have a very poor handle on the idea that words can't be split over lines except in certain cases with hyphens. So, I had one kid write:


Goddamn it, 11 years old, and he's already lording Japanese physique over us fat gaijin.
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goodbadgirl read the news this morning, and she is shocked. Shocked!

"Kate Moss is my friend ... I think it's like everybody is being bad to her"

A) Models do coke?!?! OMG, I totally had no idea. It's like everybody is being bad to their body to be skinny and stuff! Next you'll tell me Liz Hurley is cranky from lack of protein! Oh my god!

B) In other "News..." Anyone know anything about that Osama Bin Laden guy? We still lookin' for him on account of 9/11 and stuff? No? Don't know? Any ideas about that Downing Street Memo and the fabricated reasons for dragging us into a nightmarish quagmire that is absolutely draining every last cent which we totally don't need in case of catastrophic natural disasters, huh? No. Okay.

C) Kate Moss: The New Evil Doer. She's way prettier than Kim Jong-il and we think W. stands a chance against her because they have the same dealer.

Sweet dreams Metropolis. Continue singing the "It's Ok" song until you fall asleep or score some blow. If you score some blow call me -I'm working on my figure.

(QWP, in its entirety, from a locked entry)
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lord_alexander is not impressed by the sudden grotty turn of the weather...

I can see you getting worried there, Autumn, I can see you trying to be a good girl. So be good or it'll be always winter and never Christmas, and you'll be ancient and raddled and full of soggy wet leaves.

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Is there something I should know about haikus and today?

EDIT 9/28: Um...I've just realized I screwed up my own haiku. Sorry, I do know how to write one.

Haiku from a friend
a will63
Katamari fun.

lima_pcp: I think you're turning Japanese.

will63: Turning Japanese
Think I'm turning Japanese
I really think so

lima_pcp: Very good haiku.
I remember that song from
when I was quite young.

will63: Can't stop playing game
Katamari Damacy
I am addicted

lima_pcp: Addiction is great
Especially to cocaine
makes you so hyper.

Found here.

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paperbirds talks about HER (edited--ooops. :) ) evening, which included a considerable amound of sake... the whole post is worth reading, but this was my favorite part!

after about an hour my empty stomach was like, "hey guess what? i don't want to be empty anymore!" and i was like "god daggit, i am not cookin' shit." and so my stomach was like, "look, dood, just go across the street because you love that cafe and they have the best tomato basil soup you have ever tasted and you can get grilled cheese with roast beef and also a hot chocolate. oh, and you can also get these coconut chocolate macadamia nut bar thingies for dessert. and while you wait for everything to be put together for you to bring home, you can drink a mack n jacks."

and i was like, "dag stomach, i wanna have your baby."

heh.  hope you enjoyed!  :)

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Hey, why the hell isn't skateboard in this Latin dictionary?

Comment by satyrblade in a recent mock_the_stupid post about stupidity regarding the Latin language. Apologies if you have both communities on your friends list (as I do).

Doofus maximus skateboardium.

Ah, those 2nd-century skateboards... Nero had one, you know. He used to hold pipe-freaking contests in the Colosseum. Then the Christians outlawed them in 302 AD. Damn spoilsports...

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