September 25th, 2005


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From a friends-locked post by tania, in which she was relieved that her monthly complaint did not start until after a weekend-long trade fair.

"As it turns out, it waited 'til the trade fair was over. It waited 'til I was back in Brisbane; waited 'til I'd had my nice anniversary with Robbie... and then started when I woke up today.

I feel like giving my uterus a standing ovation. THANK YOU, UTERUS! :D"
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Kushiel's Legacy: Rainbow Love.

Dan Brown meta-meta.

Meta found here; hellpaladin2183 makes an excellent comment on The Da Vinci Code.

I liked the story, but the writing needed work. Not work like "Oh I think a few sentences need rewriting, akin to the facade of a building needing fixed", but work like "The structure is full of termites, the HVAC is rusted over completely, the windows are broken, half the siding is missing, and someone has parked their car in the kitchen while using the living room as a driveway". Dan Brown needs to learn foreshadowing. "He would get exactly what he wanted in a few short hours" is NOT foreshadowing.

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SGA - McKay funny face

Genius Pile-up on TV!

In a recent post wax_jism considers the proliferation of eccentric geniuses in television:
These geniuses are neurotic, obnoxious, arrogant, lecherous, dysfunctional, blunt, deathly sarcastic. They're also often a bit outside the central casting beauty standard, physically, in some cases extremely so...It's where they feel safe to cast personalities instead of faces, since there's no pretty clause...Of course, they're always going to be my favourite characters...

Alas, in this illustrious group, Charlie1 is by far the least appealing to me. Sorry, Charles, you're just not weird enough. It's really not enough that your hair is so very curly and your eyes so very mournful and your voice so very bedroom. I'm choosing Dr Data2 over you! Or, by choosing, I mean that Dr Data is closer to the top of the genius pyramid. (The apex of such a pyramid, in this and all other universes, is Rodney McKay.3 He's being held up by a lecherous, dashingly handsome dwarf4 and a triple-PhD FBI agent right now.5 While the demented, tormented Cylon collaborator6 looks on and giggles hysterically.)

1. Mathematician Charles Eppes (David Krumholtz), NUMB3RS
2. Dr. Nigel Fenway (Brent Spiner), Threshold
3. Astrophysicist played by David Hewlett, Stargate: Atlantis—see icon
4. Mathematician/linguist Arthur Ramsey (Peter Dinklage), Threshold
5. no idea
6. Evil(?) genius Gaius Baltar (James Callis), Battlestar Galactica
season of grace

OT: For those who knew Kielle...

...and want to share their stories and their memories, there's a cross-fandom message board set up here. It does require registration, but the process is very simple and any information will be kept strictly away from spammers and the like. Her friends thought it would be a fitting tribute to a woman who managed to create communities wherever she went, to have one central place where people can share their LJ posts, and talk and learn more about the sides of her they didn't know so well.

Thank you for your time and apologies for the spam.

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Here, ellixis has a problem with the Lima Beans...

The bag of lima beans says "100% GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK." Guaranteed to what? Explode in a fiery ball of doom?

"Dear Vons Corporation:

The lima beans I bought at your store this past week utterly failed to detonate explosively, before, during, or after cooking. I am deeply disappointed. As per your guarantee, I would like my 83 cents returned to me.

A valued customer."

On the origin of man...

From the churchoferik community.

...we agreed that obviously women came before men, theologically and biologically, and she observed that of course we all come from the Giant Spaghetti Monster, with which I had to agree. So women came first of humans, but the Giant Spaghetti Monster came first above all.

But obviously Erik comes above all else, and he's male, so that screws up my feminist theology.

Of course Jerrod Hogle points out that Leroux presents Erik as having androgynous qualities (the siren in the lake, etc), so I suppose I'll just have to see his Divine Presence as being beyond gender.

Phans, eh?

I'm one, so it's okay if I make fun...