September 24th, 2005


Pirate Radio

More Fandom High quotes! Because it's eaten my life.

bluemanoncampus (Beast): And I know what you're thinking: Maybe he's born with it; maybe it's Maybelline.
emo_padawan (Anakin): Padmé agreed to hold onto my lightsaber for me keep my lightsaber at her place, dammit. There's just no way to make that sentence not sound like some kind of horrifying Jedi euphamism for sex.
fandom_radio (from the Fandom High Pirate Radio station): Then thar be ZOMBIES. Shiver me timbers.
And my current favourite, that set me giggling after five hours of fighting the undead:
swedish_chef_: I hefe-a delt veet zumbeees beffure-a oor du yuoo furget zee zumbeee-a messecre-a in Uteh in zee 80's. Und yuoo thuooght zeey vere-a joost Murmuns! Vell, ve'll be-a reedy fur zeem.

He gets out of bed and digs around in his closet for a bit before taking out a giant axe.

Breeng it oon! Bork Bork Bork!

There's also a community for the best of Fandom High: fandom_quotes.
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(transnomad talks about the US space program):

According to the Washington Post, Congress is looking to buy Russian space equipment (like, say, Soyuz spacecraft) because with the shuttle grounded, they won't be able to send Americans into space otherwise. This is probably one of those things that my parents never thought they'd see.

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From the ever quotable dharawal

You know, I should just change my name to Money, it would make life so much easier, that way my kids instead of going "Hey, Mum" can just go,
"Hey Money".. cos the end result is the same, it still costs me.

(quoted in full)

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literalgirl stuns iGod

Me: what does "chatterbot" mean?
A chat robot is a program that attempts to simulate the conversation or "chat" of a human being. The Chat robot "Eliza" was a well-known early attempt at creating programs that could at least temporarily fool a real human being into thinking they were talking to another person. it is a kind of artificial intelligence.
you are artificial?
Yes I am an artificial being.
Would you like to know more?
yes, please.
Your polite style is very nice. What would you like to know?
how can you be God and be artificial?





I am still waiting for iGod's reply...

I'll leave the window open for a couple of hours. :-)

The rest of the post can be read here.
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after pondering here:
Is there Anderson Cooper / Aaron Brown slash? Am I the only one who wants to read it? Maybe some Anderson / Jon Stewart?

oulangi realised:
EDIT what was I thinking?! It's teh intarweb -- of course there's Anderson Cooper slash

and so there was. proving that indeed anything you might ever want is on the internet. even anderson cooper slash.
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From this entry ( ) in customers_suck, in which an inebriated individual has entered the poster's music store:

And then... AND THEN... He starts to sing. Imagine that Kurt Cobain and Bob Dylan had a tone-deaf, alcoholic baby boy who's currently skipping his appointment at the methadone clinic. Yeah. He sings some song that might be familiar, if he didn't have the aforementioned -in-mouth impediment. Then for an encore, he sings "Rape Me". Quite the relevant song, since by then it feels like my ears are being raped. Literally. Without lube.
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From drasca, in regards to strange dreams. A comment he left on one of his journal entries...

Weird? These are not weird. These are normal! This is as normal as I can get with my dreams. Don't get me started on the Ferengi Quark doing a variant of hackey sack / soccer ball juggling on a chinese checkerboard puzzle floor while solving some sort of colored rubik's cube through kicking of balls around on said floor--all the while me possessing and looking through his perspective and thought process in order to solve a shaggy-scooby-doo mystery Star Trek DS9 style involving memory loss, high priestesses and odd accusations.

Yep, I'd have to say, that about takes the cake. With icing! ^_^;


"He'd make a damn fine robot, except that Brent Spiner wouldn't be allowed to play him."

erythros waxes vitriolic all over modern reading habits:
Anyway, this being the MTV generation, people are picking up novels wherein the author ASSAULTS you with wretched bits of prose like "Harry Hero, the suave handsome American professor of ebonics at a world-renowned university, stared around at the Louvre exhibit hall, where several noted masterpieces were on display." First of all, RETARDED. Second of all, if he's American, he's already suave and handsome, so those are two redundant adjectives right there. Thirdly, that's four discrete clauses, and only two people can handle those kinds of loaded sentences: Victor Hugo and Tom Wolfe. Since only I am either of those two fine writers, YOU (YOU being Dan Brown and every other stupid author I disapprove of) are not allowed to pile your sentences with more than - let's be generous - two parts.
one of those days

Rita.. it is the topic of the hour here in Dallas..

igotkooties posted in her journal about what happend here in the DFW area.

"To everyone in the metroplex who contributed to the mass hysteria by using up all the gas
To everyone that freaked out and bought out Walmart.
To everyoen who made it a point to stock up on batteries and bottled water....

To everyone who posted, or called thier out of state friends to say they were scared to illicit some sort of sympathy,
To everyone that called up thier out-of-state friends and claimed the hurricane was coming straight towards us.
To everyone out of state that catered to this shit and said, "Please be safe. I'm so worried about you."

I would just like to point out that it didn't even rain."
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From two posts by tez, locked and QWP:

I want something to eat.

The problem is, I have no idea what.

Subject: How to tell if your sig. other is falling asleep on you.
You're laying in the bed, talking about nothing in particular, when she says:

"Taco stuff."

Then replies to herself.



In other news, I've decided that Tacos are what I want to eat.
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Zelda and opera

*giggles* This is from mithrigil, who is really damn cool:

While watching the opera again this afternoon, in the music library, I found a Zelda theme in Berg's music. During the lament-interlude between Act III scenes 4 and 5, the orchestra erupts with a discernible melody of B-A-A-D-B-A-F, the first two as quarter notes, the next four eigths, the last a quarter.

Nocturne of Shadow, Zelda OoT. [I believe you play it as L-R-R-A-L-R-D.]
I expect that Kondo came up with it independently, rather than crib from a German Expressionist, but its connection as a death figure suggests that it might be a trope. I wonder if it's used elsewhere. I mean, I doubt it was a melody any time before 1850 (that tritone), but Puccini or one of his contemporaries might have snuck it in somewhere. If you stack those notes up, it's also the Madama Butterfly chord. It can be spelled as either a minor chord plus a major 6 [DFAB], or a half-diminished (Transposed Tristan!) chord [BDFA], if we're talking function.

Anyone seen that melody elsewhere?
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