September 21st, 2005

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Over on binky_betsy, your daily For Better Or For Worse snark, Liz "The Hottest Catch In Canada" Patterson's newest potential romantic interest is discussed. Along with suggestions involving shotguns and kerosene, an anonymous user has pegged the FBOFW writing style for once and for all:

Maybe she should skip the comics and just write the damn letters of the month for all she uses the medium itself to convey a story. I'm waiting for her simply to draw the cantilevers and crane for the deus ex machina and call it a day.
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So there's global warming on Mars. Apparently those little green men are as environmentally irresponsible as we are. Who knew?--from this entry

for some reason i found it hilarious. *shrug*
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eree 4 u.

autophanous presents a simple play regarding her consumer behavior test here. To quote:

ME: [sits down]
ME: [takes test; fails miserably]
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Pretty Soon He's Going to Demand We Call Him "The Artist Formerly Known As Steve"

saltyliquorice, in a f-locked post in stfugerard:

...and he'll sign all his autographs with a symbol that's an amalgam of an X, O and G.

YOU KNOW HOW HE ALWAYS SIGNS THINGS "xoxog"? gerard, it's not like you had throngs of rabid follows so intent on touching your man-flesh that you couldn't take the 5 extra seconds to actually SPELL out your damn name. i know, you're tired, there's a whole complimentary case of Little Debbie oatmeal pies back on the tour bus, and you desperately need to catch up on your Everquest gaming, but COME ON! i shelled out 20 bucks to see your sorry ass. the least you could do was throw some vowels in there somewhere. take a cue from frank, literary genius. he may be pocket sized, but at least his signature doesn't make you look like a brain-damaged down syndrome kid when you try to pronounce it.

(That would be Gerard from My Chemical Romance, by the way)
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Also, a while ago I remembered a song I wrote when I was six.

Mabel, Mabel, come set the table
Somebody wants to have tea with me
Mable, Mabel, don't set the table
Nobody wants to have tea with me.

It had a tune and everything. My music teacher made me teach it to the class, as I recall.
Nearly eleven years of moping later and it's still the most emo thing I've ever written. I mean, come on, "nobody wants to have tea with me"? It's like the first grade equivalent of OH WOE IS ME MY LIFE IS BLEAK I AM GOING TO GO LISTEN TO ELLIOTT SMITH AND CRY.

-- ishyface (Locked post, quoted with permission.)
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Nigerian scam boomerang

In this hilarious post, NOLA evacuee kellcrow7 gets her own back against one of those 'Afri-Spammers':

In reference to your proposal; as I have absolutely no access to
my bank account or any riches that I may have stashed in and
around my home, and the only funds of which I have access at the
moment is the emergency relief check I received from a
governmental benefactor; shall I just sign the entire thing over
to you now? Or would you prefer That I cash it here in the
states, and send you an anonymous money order? May I keep $25
bucks out of it, for food and bus fare? Or would that be
underhanded and selfish of me? I will wait for your reaction and
response by return email to STRICTLY ke******7@y*** and
then together we can jumpstart this project and nurture it to
reality. I await your urgent reaction.

Yours Sincerely,
K. Crow

I'm looking forward to the spammer's 'urgent reaction' myself...
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A lady of excellent taste, Imbeiaiel shares her ideas for improving the new Pride and Prejudice movie, here.

They should have gotten Gerard Butler to play Bingley. He'd have undercut all the daft romantic nonsense with a bit of singing and striding around in fancy outfits.