September 18th, 2005

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And thus, in a discussion about fast-food restaurant manners, it was written by lexkixass in customers_suck:

Also, food goes in your mouth, not all over the table or all over the floor. You are, presumably, intelligent, though I've been accused of being much too optimistic.
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God DAMMIT, FanFiction.Net. I tolerate your subpar stories and out-of-character adventures and Minoru boning some chick he met in a graveyard while mourning his sister, but LEARN TO FUCKING SPELL. Nothing like a good kissing scene cemented by a little tognue play.

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Because it's been a while since we've heard from him

mike_smith continues his quest to recap Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, despite never having read the other books and counting on people reading his recaps to break things down for him. Here's his take on Chapter 14, the whole Ron/Hermoine ship and Harry's role in it:

You know, Ron's pretty much letting [Harry] live at his place, eating all his food, hanging out with his sister, and it's to the point where I think Mr. and Mrs. Weasley like him better than Ron. So maybe it's time to give something back and be a good wingman. I mean, geez, you're the damn Chosen One. You can make more friends, you thoughtless prick.

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silverbriar in a rant about the Bridal Industry

But I am drawing the fucking line at those sleeves. Put the puff back in the closet, ladies and gay gentlemen. The Artist formerly known as the Artist formerly known as Prince is the only one left on the planet with the right to sleeves that poofy. It was hideous then, and it's hideous now. And stop looking longingly at those cap sleeves- they went down with the Titanic. I do NOT want to have to have this conversation again next year when you get all Kate-Winslett wistful.
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From a locked post by osiris_06, QWP:

Oh my God. There is this crazed squirrel in the tree outside my window climbing up and down making duck noises. I kid you not. It's the funniest thing I've ever seen. It keeps flying between two trees, then racing up and down quacking. The neighbor's cat is just sitting on the porch staring at it with this "WTF is wrong with you?" look on its face.

It's now alternating between duck and crow noises. FEAR THE WRATH OF THE MUTANT SQUIRREL. IT WANTS YOUR SOUL.
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Time to pop the Metaquotes cherry...

My Sempai, the ever witty faithfulmoder has just started a new job as an English teacher for a Japanese school district. Her Japanese is quite good but little did she know that she needed a minor in Junior High School Geography.

The junior high kids, when they come to the English room, are usually allowed to sit where they like. So the eight rows of desks, within one minute of class, have morphed into little islands.

There are little islands of girls off to the left, an island of boys off to the right. But in the center back lies the Archipelago of Evil, five boys whose idea of fun is hanging desks off the doorframe in the middle of class and pretending to punch the Japanese teacher.

Fortunately, the ringleader, the Honshu of Evil, seems to have taken a liking to me.

And for those of you who are a few semesters from your last skipped geography class, Honshu is the biggest and most centrally located island in Japan.
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fighterjock_311, on his delightful breakfast at Ricky's Grill, and at the same time comments on so many of the things wrong in the world.

"Going for breakfast with my father today, I was subjected to the hovel of mediocrity that is Ricky's All Day Grill. Plastic, affected knickknacks strewn across the walls in a vain attempt to bring an air of uniqueness and authenticity to yet one more soulless and bland chain restaurant franchise, wherein greasy, fattening food is served to paunchy suburbanites and their degenerate offspring. Moronic small-talk and worthless banalities loudly falling like verbal droppings from their slackened jaws, revealing minds so dulled by reality TV and the drive to conspicuously consume that the last spark of lucid thought probably packed its bags and left their heads sometime in the mid-'90s. Breeders, well-accustomed to the "hands-off" approach to parenting so common these days, allowing their four children to run about in the aisles and constantly scream for no reason other than to hear their own voices. Geriatrics stumbling about, physical dementia displacing the willful ignorance of their younger peers, with only a certain brightness in their eyes bearing evidence to the drive and vigour now left in days past.

And, as my Freedom Toast and coffee was served up by an attractive, youngish waitress whose dead eyes belied the cheery, forced smile upon her lips, I too surrendered what pretenses of uniqueness I had and ate the manifestation of the disease of modern society with a generous serving of maple syrup and a side of bacon."