September 17th, 2005

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Over at amused_library, betheliz posts an open letter to her patrons detailing what she does and does not control. Included was the following item:

The author you just mentioned is deceased, that means that once you have read the books we own, that is it. I can not tell you when the next book is coming out or place you on a wait list because, unlike Tupac, most people cease to produce new works after their death.

Quoted w/permission.
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sometimes you have to wonder if psychologists really know what they're on about:

Um. Saw the psychologist today... we're trying some shiny new thing that'll apparently leave me a) very poor and b) very confused. Can't wait.

- alanafish, quoted with permission.
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igotkooties wrote in bad_sex:

Here's bad sex.

First, she uses the grossest, stickest lube you can think of.
Second, her toys are cold and she's not very skilled with them.
Third, her fingering you is highly unpleasant, and more like a jab jab jab than anything else.
Fourth, when she's done, she's done. She tells you to put on your clothes and leaves. No cuddeling. She doesn't even tell you you're pretty.
Fifth, when you go to leave, she CHARGES you 50 bucks for the whole ordeal.
God, I hate the gynocologist.

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Over at binky_betsy, aprilp_katje fills us in on the (frequently excessive) exposition in the comic strip For Better Or For Worse:

Elly: This is a police station!

Officer: Uh-huh. Just finished building it last year. The old station was tragically destroyed when some ugly, cigar-smoking candle salespeople built a bonfire too close to the building during their quaint satanic rituals. We had to hold a huge fundraiser to get the funds together to build this new one. In fact, we had a benefit. I dressed up as a clown and juggled. Can you believe that? A cop who juggles? And clowns? The architecture firm we hired is Boozhoo Moohaalaaallaaaaa Bizzlesnazzle, a 100% native, Ojibway-speaking firm. You agree it's important to provide employment opportunities for our first-nation folks, don't you ma'am? Why, of course you do. So I sez to my Aunt Sylvia yesterday, I sez. . . .