September 16th, 2005

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The website, Overheard at Western, is set up for submissions of the random things students hear fellow students saying around campus, at the university I attend. 

I like to check it out from time to time and it's usually good for a giggle...

Gentlemen: the plan is working!

A car full of young guys peels out of the parking lot at a high speed, with much revving of engine and squealing of tires.

Girl: (yelling after them) Oh my God, your penis must be huge!!!!!

-- Masonville SilverCity

 ...or a jaw dropper of just how stupid some people can sound.....

Aspiring MBAs - where the "M" stands for "misogyny"

Guy #1: What the hell can you do with a degree in women's studies anyway??
Guy #2: I have no clue. Teach it?
Guy #1: What would that look like on a resume anyway? "Oh, I see here on your resume that you're a bitch!"

-- Ivey, overheard by Louis
Eddie Izzard (French)


(from a friendslocked post, QWP. This is the entire post.)

Apparently my beret makes me look French. But that doesn't mean I want people to call "Voulez-vous coucher?" after me.

No siree. Pas du tout, monsieur.
All the News that's print to throw a fit

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schuyler on the U.N. and the latest arrival of Dubya this past Tuesday:

I guess in case of emergency, they can create a massive traffic jam. Which will be helpful. Oh, did I mention that the UN, being its own country, has its own fire and police? Because they do.

And now ... THE COAST GUARD HAS ARRIVED. A cutter just pulled up in the East River. I guess in case the UN is attacked by Brooklyn. This is endlessly fascinating. I think the firemen are bored. They just went up on the ladder and turned their hoses on some boulders.
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Morning Star

Poe Woe

Quoted from an F-locked post by believeitup who has just started her first days of graduate school from editting, publishing, and world domination:

Roderick Usher should have had an LJ. Can you even imagine? The teacher in this class is cool, very big on reading out loud, but my mind started to wander toward the end of the reading and this was where it went. Roderick Usher's LJ, xcracked_housex, home of incest angst, hypochondria and I TELL YOU NOW SHE STANDS WITHOUT THE DOOR! CAPSLOCK OF RAGE!

Then, comments:

livewire1007: Rrar. CAPSLOCK.

believeitup: It's even in ALL CAPS in the text. I'm telling you, he was LJ drama material. "OMG my house fell into the murky tarn and my sister died! Plz help!" with a PayPal link.

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In which leiden makes a culinary mistake:

I have come to understand McDonalds now as the peyote of fast food. I can feel the chemicals floating through my body and the experience is not entirely unlike waking up after a night of heavy drinking and promptly scarfing a handfull of mushrooms.
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