September 14th, 2005

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Package delivery woes

In reference to the habits of post offices everywhere (though in his case, in Britain), zanda_myrande had this to say:
I was dreading coming home tonight to find one of those cards on the doorstep. You know the ones..."This package has been returned to our depot in Glasgow, where it will be kept for one hour before being ritually burned. You may collect it from there on presentation of three passports and your first-born child."
His package arrived safely with no little card, and there was much rejoicing.


In comments to this post, starrypop mused "Just imagine if some satanistic religious group decided to adopt the circle as their symbol."

And active_apathy imagined. It's been too long since I took geometry, so I had to blink at it a little, but... wow:

The Prophetic Siblings Of The Round Thingy. *nods* They believe the circle is the holiest thing in all existence.

Behold the first five tenets of their religion:
1. All Prophetic Siblings of the Round Thingy are equidistant from the Centre Of All Existence.
2. Given the locations of any three Prophetic Siblings, you can find the Centre Of All Existence.
3. Whatever a Prophetic Sibling encounters that is tangential to the True Religion of the Round Thingy, shall be at a right angle to the True Path to the Centre Of All Existence.
4. Regardless of page counts, all tangential teachings from external sources are equally long.
5. Pairs of Prophetic Siblings equally far from one another shall come up with teachings equally distant from the Centre Of All Existence.
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Pinky Scumbag

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From an entry by parakleta. These are the opening lines of the post, so there's no real context.

I remember hearing once that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. I only just realised tonight that that could equally as well describe hope.
I kill with my heart.

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valarltd  says in a comment to a  fanficrants  about how some things oughtn't be fanficced:

Bible fanfiction started when the first Rabbi set down the myth of Lilith in what would later become the Talmud.

Paul perpetrated this tradition, and started the new one of writing about a show he'd never seen.
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There are some days that start out on a bad note. Then there are the days that forget the note and instead drag the whole orchestra of suck out at 4:30 in the morning and set up shop next to your bed.

That would be this morning.

--all_ephemera, here.
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zombiehamster has a modest proposal:
There's a misleading ad on my morning bus. I stared at the baby with nutrition facts stamped on its head for five minutes before I read the text. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad SEPTA isn't urging people to eat their young, but I was disappointed when it turned out to be an ad for childcare advice.
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Tivo Ex Machina

dudley_doright has an idea for a perfect new feature for TiVo:

my brothers and I have decided that the TiVo needs a button on the remote to make the character on screen go up in flames and die, so we could point it at Jean Paul. This was a while before the kidnapping, we were just annoyed with his snootiness, and having the temerity to date Zoey Bartlett when his name is not Charley Young. There also needs to be a Snog button, for Josh and Donna.

(from west_wing_fans)
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