September 13th, 2005

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Tinderblast says:

The more I think about Taylor Hanson’s fly being down for the entire show, the more I think of an entire audience full of Hanson fans, beaming up at the stage with particularly charged smiles. They have a Stepford-like uniformity to their grins, and one hand behind their back with their fingers crossed (a la Veruca Salt), the other holds their mobile or digital camera. Any girl who tries to speak out is silenced, and it’s not pretty.

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From this long post I made in the sixesandfours cricket community, in a comment muffledsqueak perfectly sums up my frustration at the almost psychopathic obession that some people have with LJ cuts.

Could you please be considerate to those who don't have the time or energy to click hundreds of links every day, and remove that LJ cut? People are quite capable of scrolling if they need to, you know.
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Juggernaut pwns you all to hell. So does Magneto.

The mighty Juggernaut, kicker of ass, visits sages_of_chaos again, embittered by the lack of his favorite breakfast food. Chaos reigns.

In a brief yet oh-so-wonderful thread quoted here more for action than dialog, Deadpool is completely pwned by the unstoppable Jugs:

wadewilson: JUGHEAD! JUG-A-LUG! NAUTY NIGHTTIME NURSE! How you doin', you slobbery hunk of monkeyspunk?

cain_marko: *punt*

wadewilson: *sails, wide right*

cain_marko *watches, amused* Field goal!

Cain rules. Other touching reunions with friends and foes abound in the OP.

In another great post, with all threads being funny, Magneto wants to know once again why people can't pronounce his name. Flatscans are openly derided, Wolverine is bashed, and plastic packing peanuts are invoked.

It's "Mag-NEET-oh," people. Sayeth not "Mag-NET-oh" else you wish to incur the considerable wrath of the Master of Magnetism.
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Three in one

lederhosen notices a little glitch in his work, and cerebrate responds:
lederhosen: Mixing up variable names just caused my left eyeball to expand to roughly 8x10^3 kilometres in diameter. Now I'm kinda glad Nature doesn't make that sort of mistake.
cerebrate: Heh. "Evidence found for unintelligent design."

katrinb is doing exercises from a video for pregnant women:
And the one exercise that is designed specifically to "give you the mental discipline necessary to endure the pain of labor" is a damned good way of convincing me that The Epidural Is My Friend.
(Note: No flamewars on this, please, especially not in her journal.)
Finally, kierthos wonders how long it would be "before someone writes Johnny Horton's "Battle of New Orleans"..." and by the unbreakable laws of The Internet, his commenters comply. I really couldn't choose which bit to copy-paste here, it's all powerfully done. So this is a sample only; read the whole thing.
We asked for help and the FEMA said "it's coming"
We ain't seen any rescue though that was a week ago.
We asked for help and nobody came a-runnin
And now the levee's broken and we got nowhere to go...
Ol' Shrub'ry said "Well it took us by surprise!"
And continued to keep screw'n' 'em while he looked them in the eyes.
His mother said nothing 'til she heard their tales to tell,
Then she smiled at them and said that "it's really working well!"
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Many a time in the past six years I have bit my tongue so I wouldn't annoy people with the always obnoxious observation, "I told you so." But, dammit it all to hell, I did tell you, and I've been telling you since 1994, and I am so sick of this man and everything he represents -- all the sleazy, smug, self-righteous graft and corruption and "Christian" moralizing and cynicism and tax cuts for all his smug, rich buddies.

Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention.

from Molly Ivins' lj feed. the whole article is here:

not sure if this is a legitimate metaquote or not, but it was on molly's feed, and i just love that woman. if it were physically possible for either of us, i'd want to have her babies.
[ichigo] Compromising my will

Long time reader, first time poster

This is part of an Rp I was doing with a person on Sages of Chaos.

Vise: Apparently. Oh, and watch out for the fangirls.

Kratos: Fangirls? I'm afraid to ask.

Vise:...Actually, the sane ones will only squeel and say hello and get all blushy and a normal fan.

It's the rabid ones you have to be careful.

See, these girls know Glomp-Fu, the art of Cutneess, Sexy no Jutsu, Harem no Jutsu, the Summoning of Mary Sues that uses spells that makes Judgement seem like a little ass-poke, and the power of making two guys going at it, ignoring their history. Plus, they tend to be in packs and talk in uncomprenhensible languages such as leet, fangirl Japanese or a mix of both.

Kratos: ...I suddenly fear for my future now.
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kiwikat (from her post here) on American (or just Wisconsin?) eating habits:

maybe that's why so many people i meet seem like scary genetic mutants. too much day glo orange cheese and zinc bisodium triglycerides and high fructose corn syrup and all of a sudden one day *BAM* they were unsalvageable. their DNA bonded with the cheez molecules and they became a new species.

if i ever get deformed in an industrial accident i'm going to go to the grocery store and fill my cart with the scariest foods i can find. bologna and american cheese and cool whip, oh my! i won't purchase them because they are unfit for human consumption, but i WILL go around the store and recommend them to everyone, and proudly declare that they "made me what i am today."

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire post. Check it out.
i bit them

The letter "C" is un-American!

A bunch of right-wing bloggers get their panties in a twist over the shape of the Flight 93 Memorial and the obvious liberal conspiracy to dishonour American, Teresa Nielsen-Hayden makes with the funny on the Making Light LJ-feed:

What these nutbars are planning to do about the Bay of Naples, some of their gramma's quilt patterns, the insignia of airborne divisions, the letter "C", and the moon's twice-monthly display of Islamic sympathies, is anybody's guess.
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From legless123, who never fails to make me keel over in hysterical laughter.

(I was going to post something else, but this is heaps funnier:

Here there be profanity, poopage, and maiming.

When I lived in Manchester I shared a flat with a girl. Marie, who had a killer cat called Ziggy. Ziggy was a fucking huge marmalade tom cat. It's the biggest cat I've ever seen. And it used to chase dogs. Loads of times I've seen it attack, jumping out from ambush, dogs walking down the deck-access to our flats.

This one year we were all going away for Xmas so Marie asked a friend of hers, Vince to look after Ziggy. Now Vince was guy I couldn't stand. He was a screaming queen - the type who minced and he was one of the bitchiest, nastiest people I've ever come across. I'd have happily slit his throat. And so Ziggy went to stay with Vince for the Xmas festivities and we all went our various ways.

Collapse )

He's also made the best of page for many of b3ta's QOTW, where are many metaquotes style stories. I highly encourage the visit. (And I made the best of 'Ignorance'. It's the very last one.) (It's basically the UK's Something Awful, but different.)
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calculette (locked post, QWP) sees her school's production of Hiawatha:

It was all, "oh, and this dude gets born, and was henceforth known as Hiawatha, and hence he slayed the great grizzly of the Northeast, and killed the king of badgers, and he was really strong and stuff, and he slayed some more people, and for a Native American guy who was supposed to be all at peace with Nature he sure killed a lot of things, you know. But anyway! Insert two best bosom buddies, who are essentially living props, and a wife who dies tragically, and yea, he did roar most mightily when he saw her dead of winter, bla, bla, bla, and then he died."
o mighty bean
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Tasteless? Perhaps. Funny? I thought so.

ayelis muses in katamari_damacy ...

They should name these things after stuff that could really roll everything up into the sky... Like Hurricane Katamari.

"In the southeast, Hurricane Katamari has rolled up thousands of people and homes. On August 27, after Katamari crossed southern Florida and strengthened to Category 3, President Bush declared a state of emergency in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi two days before the Katamari made landfall. Katamari, which affected a very wide swath of land covering a large portion of eastern North America, was last seen in the eastern Great Lakes region on August 31."
Reinhard and Kirchies/LoGH/not suspiciou
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The internet is for porn?

bad_rpers_suck, talking about animated Dryad pr0n:

fickle_goddess: ....Who the HELL would make animated pr0n about Dryads? The mind boggles at that thought.
keohookalani: Probably the Japanese. They'll make animated porn about almost anything I'm told.
landhawk: I think it's their way of attacking the Western world without violating the post-WWII Peace Clause.

Thread in question.
The post, an amusing, if WTFish post in itself.
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